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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Garabandal Miracle 13 April 2017 ( Passover 5777): A Hebrew Catholic Speculation

Over the years many have speculated when the Warning and the Miracle promised at Garabandal by Our Lady would occur. Today I have been talking with a priest who has known Conchita since 1970 and he is convinced that the Miracle will be on a Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday). After intense discussion of all the different dates and information united to the Jewish roots we came to the same conclusion that the Miracle would most likely occur on Holy Thursday evening in Spain on  13 April 2017 (which is the eve of 18 Nisan 5777) and that the Warning may occur on Tuesday 18 October 2016. Of course this is only our own personal speculation and we may be totally wrong.

The two dates also both occur in the same Jewish year of 5777. 777 represents the Seal of God and the 5 represents the Hand of God which is the Hand of Miriam (Mary). The Muslims call this hand - the Hand of Fatima.  Thus the 18 October 2016 (16 Tishrei 5777)Warning would occur during the Jewish feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) in 5777 (2016) and the Miracle during the Jewish feast of Passover in 5777 (2017).  

The hundred years since the apparitions of Fatima began will occur on  Saturday 13 May 2017 on which the eve of the Jewish feast of Lag B'omer (Light of the 33rd Day of the counting of Omer) will occur. The one hundred years since the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima will occur on 13 October 2017 (5778) which is Simchat Torah (Rejoicing in the Torah) of 5778 which concludes the Feast of Tabernacles.

The Gematria of the word Chai (Life) in Hebrew is 18 and I believe that Jesus the Messiah was resurrected on Nisan 18. Chet=8 and yod =10. 13 represents the 13 aspects of Divine Mercy and is associated with the Book (Meggilah) Esther and Queen Esther (a type of Our Lady) who Jewish tradition calls a Redemptress. In 2017 (5777) the 13 March is on the Feast of Purim. Also that year 2017 (5777) the first day of Jewish Pentecost  (Shavuot) is on 31 May a day connected to the apparitions of Our Lady of all Nations. The 9th of Av 5777 is on 1 August 2017 and the 9th of Av 5776 is on 13 August 2016, these may be possible dates for the outbreak of a great war possibly with Russia. 

The feast day of Our Lady Help of Christians who is the Patroness of Australia and the Conqueror of Islam is on 24th of  May. In 2017 (5777) this feast day is on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) celebrating 50 years since Jerusalem became the capital of the New Israeli State. 

I also believe that Russia may be Consecrated to Mary's Immaculate Heart on 13 June 2016 during the Jewish Feast of Pentecost (Shavout). In 2016 the 13 June would be almost half-way between the Catholic Western Pentecost (15 May) and the Eastern Orthodox Pentecost (June 19). 

In 5766 (2005-6) during Hanukah Rav Kaduri (Israel's leading mystic believed by some to have been 113 years old) revealed that the Messiah had appeared to him and that he would leave his name to be revealed a year after his death. When the letter was opened in 2007 it had a Hebrew sentence in which the first letters of each word spelt out the name Yehoshua. Also throughout his mystical writings was found the sign of the Cross which Rav Kaduri told his son was the sign of the Angel who guided him.

Rav Kaduri also spoke of a manifestation or revelation of the Messiah after the death of Ariel Sharon (who is still in a Coma). It is said that Rav Kaduri whispered to some before he died the date of Av 5772 in regards to the Messiah which many believed meant that there would be some kind of public manifestation of the Messiah. However I believe he meant that after Av 5772 and after the death of Ariel Sharon there will be some kind of apparition or spiritual manifestation of the Messiah to many Jewish people in Israel. Rav Kaduri seemed to be saying that these Manifestations of the Messiah will be more readily accepted by the secular Israelis and that the more religious Jews will have great difficulty in accepting them at first. Besides the spiritual manifestation of the Heavenly Messiah Yehoshua to the Jewish people an earthly Davidic Messiah or Anointed King (Mashiach Ephraim) will also arise to leadership in the world guided by the heavenly Messiah. Rav Kaduri seems to confuse the two or at least those who report his words have confused what he said.

We already see the suffering of the Messiah in the poor people of Syria. Both Jewish and Christian websites are quoting Isaiah 17 in regards to the present situation in Syria. One might also refer to Zechariah 9 and Jeremiah 49. 

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Note 1: I was baptised in the Anglican Church on 24 May 1970 which was Lag B'omer (18 Iyyar 5730) when I was almost 7 years old.  This was a year of 13 months.  I was born on  Thursday 13 June 1963 (21 Sivan 5723). I became a Catholic on Monday 18 May 1987 the day after Lag B'omer in 5747. I also became a consecrated brother in a year of 13 months on Rosh Hodesh Adar I in 5771 ( Shabbat evening of 4 Feb 2011 Feast Day of St Gilbert). The Torah portion for that day was Parashat Terumah (Exodus 25) and the Haftarah was Isaiah 66:1-24.

Note 2: 8:30 in the Evening in Spain (Thursday 13 April) would be 2:30 AM in Perth (Friday 14 April) and 4:30 AM (14 April) in Sydney. Of course they would both occur on the same Jewish Day 18 Nisan 5777. However in New York it would be 2:30 on the Thursday afternoon (17 Nisan) and in Los Angeles it would be 11:30 in the morning (Nisan 17).

Note 3: Prince Harry of Wales was born on 18 Elul in 5744 (15 September 1984) which is known as Chai Elul and is a day of special light in Hasidism. This month of Elul is associated with "The King is in the Field". 

Note 4: In 2017 both the Western and Eastern Easters occur together on April 16 during the Jewish Passover week. Passover in 2017 is from Monday 10 April till Tuesday 18 April.