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Monday, August 06, 2012

Gezerot and anti-Jewish Translations: A Hebrew Catholic Comment

Recently I did the readings at Mass and I had to control myself from stopping and re-translating the version used in our missals from the New Revised Standard Version. If I could I would burn all these missals and all copies of the New Revised Standard Version. Fancy getting a Jew to read "He has abolished the law with its commandments and ordinances"   in Ephesians 2:15. This is a totally incorrect and anti-Jewish interpretation. The Douay-Rheims  Bible translate this as "Making void the law of commandments contained in decrees".  

These same decrees are mentioned in Colossians 2:14 where St Paul refers to "the handwritings in decrees". Paul uses the Greek word dogmasin to translate the Hebrew gezerot . The average Catholic reads this and gets the impression that the Torah (Law) is abolished by Jesus on the Cross in direct contradiction to the words of Jesus who said "I came not to abolish but to establish the Law". These gezerot are nothing to do with the Biblical Commandments of the Torah but are the Rabbinic 18 gezerot enacted by the House of Shammai to ensure a stricter separation between Jews and Gentiles. It is these man-made decrees of the Sanhedrin by a faction of the Pharisees (they were opposed by the House of Hillel) that Heaven revealed to St Peter had been made void or annulled by the death of Jesus on the Cross (see Acts 10).  St Paul is not making some radical antinomian statements but is following the ruling of St Peter who holds the Keys of the Kingdom. The orthodox Jews themselves annulled these stringent decrees of separation when Heaven spoke to the Sanhedrin that was gathered at Yavneh after the destruction of the Temple which now contained a majority of those from the House of Hillel.

When will our Bishops get rid of these frightful modern translations (which are full of anti-Jewish and incorrect translations), out of the Mass, out of our missals and Breviaries. Give us back the Douay -Rheims or even let us use the King James Version which is much better than most of these modern versions.

The Encyclopaedia of Judaism discusses these gezerot in an article about the House of Shammai and the House of Hillel.  "...For all their differences, the two schools did not hesitate to intermarry, even though they disagreed about several of the marriage laws. This amicable relationship gave way, through external pressures, to acrimonious debate and even physical violence. Such pressures may well have stemmed from the increasingly oppressive Roman rule (c. 65 CE). Among the Shammaites, this evoked a sharp reaction and galvanized their wish to enact 18 prohibitive measures (gezerot) severely limiting contact between Jews and Gentiles. Outnumbering the School of Hillel, Shammai's followers triumphed and the measures were enacted. Some 40 years later, at Jabneh (Yavneh), it was finally resolved that the halakhah should always follow the opinion of Bet Hillel. The Talmud (Er. 13b) expresses the decision in this way: "For three years, the schools of Shammai and Hillel contended, each insisting that its opinion constituted the halakhah. Thereupon, a heavenly voice [Bat Kol] proclaimed: 'Both of them are the words of the living God, but the halakhah is according to Bet Hillel.' Why, then, should the Hillelites have been granted the decision?---Because they were pleasant and humble, teaching the opinion of both sides, and always stated Bet Shammai's view before their own.".." 

This Bat Kol is the feminine voice and is Our Lady in Eternity who hates all harshness and severity and always comes with a message of Divine Mercy and Love. She is the Heavenly voice or Bat Kol mentioned in the Talmud and in Acts 10. Bat Kol is translated into Greek as phone.

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