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Friday, August 03, 2012

Karrakatta Cemetery Deception

Many Western Australians are upset with the authorities who are deceiving the people about their relatives graves. They are planning to redevelop areas of the cemetery by removing the grave stones over people's loved ones. This is of great offense to people in general and to religious people in particular who believe it is a biblical commandment to mark the graves of the dead. People spend years trying to find the bodies of their lost loved one from wars etc in order to at last bury them and mark their graves.

When I today found out that the grave containing my brother Dean who died in 1972, my father (a Korean War veteran) who died in 1994 and my mother who died in 2005 have expired this month I rang the Karrakatta Cemetery. [By the way I was not contacted nor was anyone contacted that the grant was about to expire.] At first I was encouraged to not bother renewing the grant as the grave was not going to be used for any more burials. After getting upset and asking more questions I found out that while the section of my family's graves is not part of the present development, it was alongside the present development (whatever that means) and would probably be included in the next development in a few years time. This section also includes two of my maternal great grandparents and other relatives whose grants have also expired. My cousin asked about her sister and father's grave whose grant expired last year and was talked out of renewing the grant saying that it wasn't necessary because it is not scheduled as part of the present development. She was not told that their grave was most likely part of the next redevelopment.

These people are using deceptive language so that they will control most of the graves and the families will have no say when their loved ones gravestones will be removed and they will lie in unmarked graves.  They state after getting some very bad PR :  "Statements made within the public arena that remains will be disturbed and bodies will be dug-up are after July 2 2012 are incorrect, completely misleading and have caused undue distress to families across the state".  This they state without going on to say that they will be removing the tombstones (which we have paid thousands of dollars erecting) and leaving them without markings.

Those politicians who have let this happen should be ashamed of themselves that they are causing such distress to people. On top of this one has to then pay 1900 odd dollars to renew the grant. Many people can't afford this and so they have to let their family graves fall into the hands of these deceptive people who run our cemeteries. Many others are being assured that it won't affect them at the present time. Ah but in a few years time when you no longer own the plot then watch out. Most people have always believed that the graves of the dead are sacred and should never be disturbed and now all in the name of money and development our government is ready to defile the graves of the dead. Shame on Karrakatta and Shame on our politicians who have allowed this to happen against the wishes of most of the people whose loved ones are buried at Karrakatta.

Note: After checking on the graves of my four great -grandparents (and other relatives) who were buried at Karrakatta on my father's side of the family I find that their graves have already been "renewed" (removed and open for business for new people). It makes me so sad and sick at heart. We are too late to save their graves. I also learnt that the grave that my nephew Zade who tragically died at 24 years of age is also approaching renewal which means ready to be defiled and removed.  All this without anyone in the family being informed. We always imagined that these graves would be there for future generations to visit and pray at just as we do. My paternal grandfather who was a veteran of World War One (and mustard gassed in the trenches of France) with my paternal grandmother is also buried at Karakatta. I just thank God that my maternal grandparents and other relatives are buried at Dumbleyung at the Nippering Cemetery. For those of us from the older families of Western Australia this is a sad day to see our loved ones graves being destroyed to make way for people who most likely have no real attachment to Karrakatta and could have just as easily been buried in a new cemetery.


Kayleen Arnold said...

I hope you’re not saying prior to 2012 the bodies were removed..☹️

Catholic Jew said...

Kayleen do you work for the Cemetery board? Because if you had actually read the article you would know the answer to that. I make it clear that it is the gravestones that are being cleared and leaving our loved ones i unmarked graves. It is totally disgusting!!!! Our dead disrepected all to make money.

Anonymous said...

The whole programme is despicable. We have trusted the MCB with our loved ones for perpetuity and they have let us down.
I call for a halt in the programme until a fair consultation is done with the public of WA
The CEO of karrakatta is on record saying, if the people don't want it, we will stop it.
I'm here to show them we don't
Say NO to the redevelopment of karrakatta
Carol trigwell saving family headstones st karrakatta

Pat Saltmarsh said...

thank you for sharing, you exress what a lot of us are feeling and fighting against.A grave is sacred land regardless of what religion or belief.

Tangled Silk said...

I agree with this article, it is totally disgusting, and soul destroying.