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Thursday, October 04, 2012

The New Clericalism and Spirit Daily

Today "Spirit Daily" has an excellent article on the Church and where it is going. More and more Catholics who are Orthodox but spiritual, devotional and free in the Spirit rather than the new pseudo-orthodox who are clerical, political, legalistic and rigid control freaks, are saying the same things. 

Many of us are glad that all the structures of the Church are failing as they have become an obstacle to freedom in the Spirit and the mission of the Church to save souls. The Vatican is madly putting in so-called "orthodox" Bishops who are merely administrators and bureaucrats mouthing orthodox platitudes but not loving fathers and shepherds of the flock-they are harsh CEO's and Lords of their domains. They treat their priests as employees. They quench with officious little letters any new movements of the Spirit. They sit like weasels and moles in their offices seeking to control and dishearten those who are trying to be led by the Holy Spirit and Our Lady with these poisoned missives abusing their spiritual authority. They wring their hands in fear that their tax exempt status may be taken from them. They crush anyone that is not a yes man or team player. They loathe the individuals, eccentrics and fools for Christ. They stone the prophets who say Woe to your false structures. They rule by intimidation and a demand of  false obedience. 

Spirit Daily speaks as a prophet of our times: 

"...With all respect, it is urgent that our Church turn away from the snare of parochialism -- a focus that tends to confinement in a small world that blinds us and makes internal matters seem more important than they are (see the "butler" controversy) and that prevents a view of the entire spiritual landscape. Meanwhile, the temptation to be hip and cosmopolitan, along with the snare that causes us to speak in obscure sentences (laden with arcane polysyllabic words that bring our Church into a convoluted world of reflecting more on itself and its instruments -- its legalism, its canon laws, its decrees, its treatises, its motu proprios -- than on Heaven) do not tend toward evangelism. When that happens, the pews empty and the rectory becomes just one more office building. Let us pay attention to those who are most devout more than those who are the wealthiest.

The biggest problem is lack of prayer. Our priests do not have the time, training, or energy to pray enough. Had there been enough prayer, and screening at seminaries, there would not have been such an abuse crisis. When we compromise with worldliness, we emphasize political forays and dinners and awards and bingo and casino trips and press pronouncements and church councils and media appearances (and media watching) more than Adoration..."

Other pearlers are:
"...In our own time is the challenge of intellectualism -- idolatry of the human mind, a different form of worldliness but one that likewise thins the flock and confuses the faithful.

As we have noted before, too many of our diocesan offices present a sterile businesslike environment that not only doesn't encourage devotional spirituality and gifts of the spirit but often discourages them. We plead against it. In the hierarchy, there has been more focus on a tiny group of "Lefebvrites" than on healing...."


"...An important matter to address is how seminarians are formed. Currently, it is an extremely long process, one that in most cases takes eight (too) long years, can be extremely costly, and includes courses that at times seem to have little relationship with devotional Catholicism (particularly onerous: studies in philosophy, getting back to worldliness). In some dioceses a young man has to be close to a martyr in order to survive the process, for not only does he have to pass scrutiny of liberal screeners who often reject young men if they are openly opposed to things like homosexuality but also survive an avalanche of course work that too often is far more cerebral than spiritual. This must change..."

 A good sign of who these people are is that they are always on about money for buildings and structures to prop up rather than building up the flock spiritually. They are also merciless towards their priests and people who cross them. They do nothing about establishing Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in their parishes and persecute in open and often hidden ways those priests or laity who do promote Perpetual Adoration in accord with the desire of the Pope.

Well done to Michael Brown and Spirit Daily for proclaiming publicly what many devout Catholics are saying privately.

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