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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Three 7's and the Great Tribulation: A Hebrew Catholic Speculation

The Hebrew letter Zayin which is also the number 7 with three tagin on top

Pope John Paul II proclaimed the year 2000 as a "fullness of time" and a Jubilee year. He died on 2 April 2005.  Now let me speculate on one meaning of the triple 7's. The first of the triple 7 years began in 15 September 2004 (Rosh ha Shanah) or 10 April 2005 (Nisan 1). This period of 21 years is the period of the end of the times of special mercy for the Gentiles.

From 2005-2012 was the period of the first seven years represented by the first tag on the number/letter Zayin (which is the number 7). This was a time of lesser tribulation of warning preceded by the destruction of the Twin Towers in September 11 2001- a warning to America and Europe. This period ended with a crash in the markets and the rise of Obama.

This was followed by the second period of seven years from 2012-2019 which is a time of preparation for the Great Tribulation. This is represented by the second tag. This saw the rise of a resurgent Russia under Putin. Extreme Islamist terrorism and the rise of ISIS. Extremist Islam will continue to grow and spread. [It also saw the election of Donald Trump as American president.]

From 2019-2026 may come the period of the Great Tribulation of our times culminating in the appearance of Christ as a Thief in the Night (the Intermediate Coming of Christ spiritually through Eucharistic manifestations) in this fifth era of Sardis. The coming of the Messiah as a thief in the night refers to his hidden invisible coming not his glorious final coming in the flesh at the end of the World. One doesn't see a thief in the Night. This is represented by the third tag.

2019 may see the beginning of the rise of the Great Monarch who is represented by the rider on the White Horse.  He will be a new Arthur, Constantine, King St Louis and Charlemagne rolled into one. The letter Zayin is also seen as a crowned king or man and is also seen as a sword. The Great Monarch (called Henry by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and others) is the Ephraimite Messiah who is Anointed for War in Jewish writings. The polo stick is also in the form of a zayin. He is traditionally identified with the messenger in Revelations 10. He is called a knight, warrior, prince and Duke in many prophecies. It is only later that he is crowned as Holy Emperor by the Pope. Blessed Bartholomew Holzhauser alludes to the fact that he will be the son of an assassinated English King. Certain old Irish prophecies state that he will have Red hair (Ruadh) and be a son of the King of Saxon (meaning the Anglo-Saxon or English Kings).

2020 may see the rise of the Russian Communist Leader which will lead Russia to attack Europe. This is represented by the rider on the Red Horse. Zayin also is associated with the penis and sexual intercourse. Europe and the West will be punished by red communism due to its advocacy of inordinate sexuality and the murder of the unborn.

2021 may see the rise of the Muslim Mahdi represented by the rider on the Black Horse during a time of Economic Collapse. He will prepare for the rider on the pale horse who may be the final antichrist figure of this era of Sardis who could rise to public power in 2022. His reign could end at the end of 2025 or before May 2026 with the three days of darkness. After this will come the promised Philadelphian Era of Peace. Zayin can also represent 7000 which is the Sabbath Era of Peace. The Great Monarch will defeat the three other rulers with the support of the Pope. The Great Monarch may not rise to full power until after the Warning in 2022 which may be the cause of his religious conversion. The Miracle may occur on April 13 2023.

Zayin is also associated with the concept of "returning light" (or chozer). This returning light is the manifestation of King Messiah and his Sabbath Queen which is associated with the light of the Divine Will as "the woman of valour is the crown of her husband". Rabbi Ginsburg writes: "..."Who is a good [literally, "kosher"] woman? She who does her husband’s will." Chassidut explains that the word "does" also means "rectifies," as said in the completion of the account of Creation (the seal of the seventh day, Shabbat): "that which God created to do"-- "to do" in the sense of "to rectify" (thus implying that God has given us the task to consummate the rectification of His Creation), as explained by the Sages. Thus the "kosher woman" is she who rectifies her husband’s will by elevating him to ever new awareness of previously superconscious realms of soul..."

Note: (August 31 2016) Today is the anniversary of Princess Diana's death and we have seen the rise to prominence of Prince Harry especially with the Invictus Games in the world's consciousness. However in Judaism there is also another prophetic cycle in which 2017 is a Jubilee year based on 50 years. In this cycle the prophetic Shemitah year as opposed to the agricultural Shemitah year would be from September 2015- October 2016. Thus the Jubilee year would start on the evening of October 2 2016 and go to September 20 2017. It is possible that the cycle of three lots of seven years of tribulation in which the last 7 are the final tribulation years with the final Shemitah year September 2037-September 2038. This would fit with some old prophecies that alludes to the year 2038.There are other possibilities even though at this stage I still think the time scale 2019-2026 to be the correct one.

(September 11 2017 added) Today is the Yartzeit of my Mother according to the Jewish Calendar.  The events in regard to the Great Monarch will occur in the 2018-2019 period though he won't be a monarch then but an exiled Prince, knight and Duke. It is interesting that Prince Harry turns 33 this month. The King is in the Field. Thus it will be the Russian Communist leader that will rise to power in the 2019-2020 Jewish year (probably not Putin but a new leader). Then in 2020-2021 will see the rise of a Muslim Mahdi. Then 2021-2022 the rise of a Third Antichrist (but not Final) who will reign until 2026. In this period in the second half of the reign of Antichrist the Great Monarch now crowned as Holy Roman Emperor by an elderly Pope will throw off the power of the Third Antichrist. Some prophecies speak of a four year war by the Great Monarch and the Pope so that will probably begin in 2022.