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Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013, Fires and Jerusalem

There have been a number of newer messages posted on Monsignor John Esseff's website "Locutions to the World". These messages speak about fires being lit and how Jerusalem will be at the centre and solutions of things.

Do not wait until it is too late. The fires will spread quickly, from one place to another. These are the fires of hatred and destruction. The oil of anger is everywhere and as soon as the flame is lit, there will be no walls that can keep it contained. Many who think themselves secure will suddenly find the fire at their doorstep and themselves locked in a house that they thought would keep them safe.
No one will be able to claim an untouchable piece of ground. The flames will sweep so quickly. Why do I say this now? So all will know that I have spoken ahead of time, when all seemed calm and no one would suspect what is ahead.
My message is always the same. Turn to me now. Do not delay. Later, will be too late.

I sound the alarm, an alarm that must be heard around the world, both in the hearts of people and in the places of power. Wake up! See what is about to occur. What you thought was at peace, is not at peace. What you thought could never be touched, will quickly fall. O world, you are not ready. You have no idea. My words asking you to repent, to turn back to the Lord, have gone unheard. So, I can only gather those who come to me. I can only protect those who call on my name. These I will save." (Given December 5 2012)

I speak from a heart that is broken. The very places from which the great message of peace should go forth have become the places of greatest violence. All of this is to destroy the plan of the heavenly Father who wants peace to begin in Jerusalem. That is the sacred, the holy city, the city that I entered on an animal of peace.
No one sees this mystery, nor the great importance of Jerusalem. Someday, Jerusalem will be exalted. When Jerusalem is exalted and the nations come to Jerusalem, peace will reign throughout the world. In those days, the world will bow to Jerusalem saying, “The Lord of Lord was crucified here. The Sacred Blood was shed here. This is the true way of peace”. Mankind has lost its way because it has set aside my death. Let my crucified body be lifted up once more in men’s hearts and peace will come.
The plan of God comes forth so slowly. It takes so many tortuous roads because man does not perceive and is not ready to put into action. Yet, this plan cannot be set aside. Even as the human race hurtles down fruitless paths and careens out of control, the plan of God moves to fulfillment. His plan is for peace not bloodshed, for harmony, not contention.
It must be God’s plan, established with all of its wisdom. Otherwise, peace will not remain. The time is coming. All of the turmoil is like the pangs of birth. The tremors are the pains themselves. In all of the shedding of blood, something new will be brought forth.
It was not meant to be this way. The pangs of childbirth were not part of the original creation. Peace could have come so much more quickly if mankind had only accepted my Son, Jesus. That is the ultimate goal, that all the world will proclaim Jesus as the Lord. This will take place first in Jerusalem. From Jerusalem will go forth the saving word to all the nations." (Given December 9 2012)
In earlier messages the locutionist stresses the importance of Jerusalem and of the Pope (after Benedict) who will go to Jerusalem and die for the Jewish people and State. This Pope is hidden in Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. On November 9 2012 she mentions this hidden one again. Jesus also speaks of the result of the recent American Election.

Now the path has been chosen and the leader once more put into power, but not for long. I will strip him of his power and I will reduce him to a helpless and severely flawed leader. Many who supported him will walk away. Others will turn on him. I cannot allow someone who has so openly violated my commandments and taught others to do so to go unpunished. The punishment must take place for all to see because his sins and his sinful decisions have been seen by all. How can I roll back this massive darkness of evil? Only by coming against those who have brought it about. The election is over but the accountability to my justice is just beginning. I will begin quickly to reduce his popularity and power.
I will restrain my tongue no longer. I will pour out the words of my heart. My children have gone astray, led into the deepest darkness. They do not realize the peril or where they have been led. It is darkness but they think it is light. They cannot see what is ahead. I weep until there are no more tears in my eyes. Yet, in my heart is one whom I will use as a light to the nations. He will be my surprising light. He will release the light of Fatima and mankind will again have reasons to hope." (Given November 9 2012)

On December 3 2012 Our Lady also said:


The time is at hand, no longer able to be postponed. Those that are prepared by faith will survive. Those without faith will not be able to reconcile all that happens. There will not just be one event, but a series of events, one preparing for the next. One removes the restraints and the next event takes advantage that no power exists to restrain its evil force. The events begin in one area of society but quickly have effects in other areas. All the parts of human structures are weak and vulnerable. Sin has done this, weakening powerful structures that should be able to withstand the impact. However, they are not built on the rocky ground of truth but on the sand of greed and selfishness. All of mankind is like paper ready to go up in flames. However, I will not allow this. I will raise up my special son who will have the light of Fatima. This is the light that will save the world from the coming darkness. How long must I wait until my Church exalts my light?"

And she continues her warning on December 4 2012:

Slowly, ever so slowly all this evil has been put into place, first in the hearts of men and then in the weapons man has built. Both elements are present. There are weapons and the deepest desires to use the weapons. There are cravings to wipe out the enemy, Israel, and the goal of reclaiming the land and all it now contains.
This goal is so much more in reach as the protection around Israel, especially Egypt, has been stripped away. So, the virgin daughter Israel lies almost naked before her enemies. Even with all her weapons, she is like a lamb that can easily be slain. Only a great intervention of God will save her and guarantee her a future existence, even a glorious future existence. This is the great challenge of faith, to believe that Israel will be saved, that Jerusalem will finally fulfill its task as the mother of both Israel and Christianity, when a union will occur because the Catholic Church has seen God’s plan for Jerusalem and has believed. These are the events which lie ahead, soon to be fulfilled."

On the physical level Australia is being tormented by extremely hot weather and bush fires while Jerusalem is bathed in snow.

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