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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ayn Rand and Emmanuel Levinas

Emmanuel Levinas

For a number of years I have known a number of people who have been fans of Ayn Rand and her novels. Certain aspects of what they told me seemed attractive but it was only when last year I actually read and listened to her ideas on altruism that I saw how demonic and diabolical her philosophy (if one can dignify it with such a name) truly was. For truly this was not the Wisdom associated with Sophia/ Shekhinah but the lies and false teachings of Lilith.

Listening to her speak I heard the voice of the serpent in Eden. When she states that altruism of looking to and serving the Other is the greatest evil, I was horrified. That a Jewish woman should bring such damage to the World affected me deeply. How could one do a tikkun haOlam (repair of the world) for such perversion of truth. 

Then I found another Jew who like me is a Catholic. I was told how wonderful the classes of this young Jewish Catholic Professor Glenn Morrison are and how much a mensch he was. So I decided to look up his writings on the internet. He introduced me to Emmanuel Levinas and his philosophy focused on the "Other" (Alterity) and the Biblical concept of Face to Face encounter. I realised almost immediately that here was the antidote to the philosophy of Ayn Rand. This Jew who was not only a great French philosopher but a learned Talmudist had the exact opposite philosophy to Ayn Rand. This was the tikkun (reparation) that was needed along with much prayer and Adoration.

Glenn Morrison

So now I am doing a Master of Arts in Theological Studies with Glenn Morrison among my teachers and I am hoping to learn more about Levinas from someone who is connecting the Jewish and phenomenological philosophy of Levinas with Christian Theology. I have ordered Glenn Morrison's book "A Theology of Alterity: Levinas, von Balthasar and Trinitarian Praxis" and I am looking forward to reading it and learning more. 

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