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Friday, February 01, 2013

Miriam Queen of the Jews Calling to her People

Our Lady Miriam ha Kedosha the Queen of Zion and Jerusalem is reaching out to her own people the Jews. In the locutions to the visionary promoted by Monsignor Esseff, her message of concern about Israel and the Jewish people are getting more urgent. 
On January 4 2013 she said:
"I will protect Jerusalem. How much I suffered there, watching my Son, Jesus, shed his blood. We both paid the greatest price to save that city and to redeem the world. God’s saving grace went forth from Jerusalem. That grace is still here – like a hidden spring whose waters can still flow out.
Yes, Jerusalem is filled with water, not just the natural water placed there by the Creator, but the supernatural living water of the Holy Spirit, placed there by Jesus. Other places in the world are holy because the living water has been placed there also. However, no other city has the deep springs of Jerusalem.
Living water can go out from a holy city to the people of that nation, but only the living waters of Jerusalem can reach the whole world. That is why Jerusalem is the prize."
And then again on January 5 2013 Miriam Ha Kedosha says:
"Her enemies encircle Jerusalem once again, just as before. She stands high on the hills, prominent in every way, but what good is that when those more powerful are closing in on every side?
Israel sees all too clearly what is taking place. She knows who her enemies are, the size of their armies and the weapons that are aimed at her. Oh, Israel, the land of my birth, I am coming for you. I am hurrying toward you. Someday, I will clasp you at my breasts and you will suck with delight. The breasts that you scorned when you rejected my son, Jesus, still hold their milk of consolation. Yes, I have not forgotten you. Can a mother forget the child of her womb?
Even though you have said, “Jesus is not our prophet. He is not our Messiah”, I have not accepted your rejection. I am not your spouse. You cannot divorce me. I am your mother and you cannot renounce the woman who gave you birth.
You do not know me but someday I will rejoice when you proclaim, “Mary is our mother”. That will be your day of festival."
And then on January 7 2013 she addresses the Jews and the Israeli State directly:
"The armies are all around. The darkness gathers but who can defend the walls of Israel? I speak now to those who dwell in Jerusalem and all the cities that surround her. Call upon my name. Do not wait for the full manifestation of my love for you. You know me. I am Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. At least you know my name, even though all that I will do for you is not yet revealed. This you do not need to know. You can begin now. You know my name, Mary. You know that I gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem, the City of David. That is enough. Call upon me and I will come."

On the day after Christmas 26 January 2012 Our Lady spoke of 2013 as the year connected with the rise of her most important leader. Is this her future Marian Pope or someone else? Our Lady reveals to us:

"The year draws to a close but the problems carry over. So soon, man will awaken to all the harm that has been caused this year. However, the Father refuses to take away man’s free will or a nation’s free will. He will attack the problems in his own way, by raising up those who hearts are firmly committed to the spread of his kingdom. This coming year will be a time for raising up the most important of all leaders."

Monsignor John Esseff Monsignor Esseff with his spiritual directee Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Monsignor John Esseff has added the following note to the locutions:

"Summary of World Events Locutions

(Note: Over these two years, I did not publish some locutions which have spoken of world events. Now, a picture has emerged which is best described by the following summary. I use the verb “would” to mean a prophecy that is already fulfilled, and the verb “will” to refer to some future event.

The Beginning Sign

In December 2010, a clear sign was prophesized. After this, the locutions would begin. “A country will go from light into darkness overnight”. This was fulfilled two weeks later with the Egyptian revolution. Since then the locutions have said the following:

1. The Egyptian Revolution was caused by Satan, who always uses the desires of people (even legitimate ones) for his goals. In other words, Satan used the legitimate desires to be freed of a dictator for his goal of destabilizing Egypt.

2. Satan’s true goal is revealed only later, when it is too late to reverse the events.

3. His goal was to establish the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt.

4. In this way, a ring of protection around Israel would be stripped away (namely, Egypt would no longer be friendly to Israel).

5. The Egyptian and Libyan revolutions were not the tipping point. They were fires contained within their own countries.

6. The important revolution would be in Syria. This revolution would be more violent and would last much longer. Because of its length and violence many walls against evil would be removed.

7. Although the Middle East had many groups of evil, this evil power was limited because the groups were not connected.

8. The Syrian revolt was a new stage. With the walls taken down, the different forces of Muslim terrorists would coalesce. In this way, national boundaries would have less meaning and less force. Terrorism would be united all across the Middle East.

9. Because President Obama has deliberately altered America’s role in the area, everyone involved in terrorism would know that they did not need to worry about American intervention.

10. These terrorists would experience a great wave of enthusiasm, believing that every stable government can be toppled.

11. Revolutions and destruction are Satan’s means to disrupt any kind of a stable government.

12. These terrorists, emboldened by their successes in Syria, will look to do the same in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

13. President Obama’s failure to respond means that Satan’s timetable is moved up. His planned events will happen sooner than expected. The terrorists realize that their goals, which seemed far away, are much closer.

14. The purpose of this Satanic violence in the Middle East is to destroy Jerusalem.

15. Jerusalem is the center of God’s plan. He will use that city venerated by Israel, Catholicism and Protestantism, to unite all three faiths and initiate a special era of religious unity and worldwide evangelism.

16. The important event will be the killing of the Pope in Jerusalem, just as the important event was the crucifixion of Jesus in Jerusalem.

17. This martyrdom is the fulfillment of the third secret of Fatima (as outlined in the earliest locutions – January 2011).

Monsignor Esseff "

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