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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Future Marian Pope: Ennio Antonelli ???

In the "Locutions to the World" the Catholic visionary speaks of the Election of a new Pope after Pope Benedict who will eventually leave Rome and go to Jerusalem and be martyr there on behalf of the Jewish people.  There is much speculation about who this Pope might be. I now offer this as a personal speculation on a possible candidate for the coming Election.

I remembered reading that there would be a Sabine Pope (Nostradamus has a famous quatrain on this). Also that the Pope would come from beyond the Apeninne Mountains north-east of Rome. Some believe that is this Sabine Pope who will be Peter Romanus of the prophecy of St Malachy.

Using this information and looking among the Italian Cardinals I have come up with a possible candidate Cardinal Ennio Antonelli. He was made a Cardinal by Blessed Pope John Paul II in 2003. He was a great admirer of John Paul II and his Marian focus. He is also said to have been close to Pope Benedict XVI sitting next to him and conversing intimately at a conference last year. In June last year his resignation on turning 75 was accepted, which at the time was seen as unusual and eyebrows were raised. Did the present Cabal who is now in control of much of the Vatican want to get rid of him because of this loyalty to the Pope?

It is also interesting for us Hebrew Catholics that he is also the Cardinal-priest of the Church of St Andrea del Fratte where the famous apparition of Our Lady of the Miracle who is the Lady of Sion occurred in 1842 converting miraculously the Jewish banker Alphonse Ratisbonne. Alphonse Ratisbonne with his brother Theodore went on to become priests and they founded the two orders of The Fathers of Our Lady of Sion and the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion.  

I also found some strange and mysterious prophecies about Ennio Antonelli by an Italian prophet Marcello Ciai back in 1995 that speaks of some kind of role for him in an apocalyptic senario. Under the heading of "Monsignor Antonelli" Marcello sings this prophetic song.

By day a pain in my heart
at night a sirene.
My heart stood still
At the weight of the mantle
Twice visited upon me.
I try with my eyes to look upwards.
The sky is dark,
There aren’t even any stars,
And the moon is far away.
All the sufferings of the world
Did not succeed in entering my heart,
which has burst.
My tent has been pulled off.
What will happen to the sheep ?
On them all the evil rests.
The moon turns red,
The sun turns pale,
The earth staggers like a drunk.
I cry like a swallow
and trill like a dove.
My eyes are weary of looking up.
I say to my doctor :
“Each one  of us has a vocation,
You, for the healing of bodies,
Me, for the healing of souls.
You find the body in
The silence of a room;
The soul, I look for it
In the uproar ……….
Where they slaughter the oxen
And they cut the throats of the herd.
They eat meat
and get drunk on wine.
I look for it, I look for it
But I don’t find it.
And when I find it
I lose it.
My heart beats strongly.
Then it stops”.

Marcello and his community was for many years considered suspect by the Bishop and condemned until 2006 when they were cleared by the same Bishop. In this prophetic utterance for 1995 Marcello sees Antonelli as a prophet in a Church which does not recognise prophets and prophecy.

"...The Spirit guided me in a  vision to the Cathedral of Perugia.
There was a large crowd.
The air was full of mystery, it was a solemn day. I heard the turmoil of the many souls present and I saw the figure of the Archbishop Monsignor Antonelli rising above all the people.
I stood indoors, towards the entrance of the Church, before the barriers which control the crowd.
Here the Vicar arrives, he embraces me; the embrace was one of a deep love. The Vicar was worried about asking me forgiveness, because he told me that he had not given me back two earrings which I had left with him some time ago...
Monsignor Antonelli in the meantime had started His sermon and you could hear his voice all over the Cathedral.  I desired to listen in silence, therefore I did not want to talk.  But the Vicar continued to apologize while he was looking for those two earrings under his cassock.  I was quivering. It was so important not to interrupt the attention of the congregation towards the words of Monsignor Antonelli. 
Finally, the Vicar, started taking out the earrings, and I saw between his fingers a small  tube of lipstick which was cut. 
Something was going wrong.
Therefore I invited him, in a low voice, to keep the lipstick to remind him to fill his lips with fervour and to pray for me.
The Spirit expressly says: “With the earrings, let the Vicar lengthen the ears of the Church to the voice of the prophets of the present century; with the cut lipstick let him reduce the vanity in believing that which is coming out of the lips of the Church is prophecy without prophets. So pray, pray now Vicar, for your prophet.""..."

Coat of Arms

One meaning of the name Ennio is "predestined or favourite of God". It is also interesting that the surname Antonelli is an old Roman one that goes back to Marc Antony. It is also of interest that the last lay Cardinal in the Catholic church was Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli who served Pius IX. 

The Cardinal's crest as Cardinal links him to "Divine Will". His motto is "Voluntas Dei Pax Nostra" which means "Divine Will is Our Peace". The Sun represents the "Sun of the Divine Will" and the Olive Tree alludes to Romans 11 when the Jews will be grafted into the Olive Tree through a mystical Resurrection of the Dead- which is the deepest level of Living in Divine Will. The Sun and the Olive Tree may also refer to Ennio Antonelli's devotion to John Paul II (The Labour of the Sun) and Benedict XVI (The Glory of the Olive).

Ennio Antonelli's Cardinal's Emblem

Cardinal Ennio Antonelli was born on 18 November 1936 which was the Feast Day of St Romanus who was a martyr. The Latin motto of the next Pope according to St Malachy is "Petrus Romanus".  November 18 304 is the date when the old St Peter's Basilica was consecrated and the new St Peter's Basilica was consecrated on November 18 1626.

 He may also take the name Pius XIII. The Pope who flees Rome seems to bear the name Pius according to St Pope Pius X before his death in 1914. "I have seen one of my successors, of the same name, who was fleeing over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in some hiding place; but after a brief respite he will die a cruel death." It is interesting that Cardinal Antonelli receives his main line of Apostolic Succession through both Pius XII and Pius X.

Nostradamus' prophecy about the Sabine Pope speaks of a time when quarrels and new Schisms will be caused in the Catholic Church by the Cardinals (red hats) and an attack on Rome by the Albanian Muslims. After the martyrdom of this Pope will come the first of the Jerusalem Popes who will be a French Jew who will work with the great Catholic Monarch to restore the Catholic Faith in Europe and the World. 

John Allen writes about Cardinal Ennio Antonelli: "...a smiling, humble, pastoral Italian completely extraneous to the world of Vatican power and intrigue. Antontelli was the bishop of Gubbio, in Umbria, and then the archbishop of Perugia before becoming secretary of the Italian bishops' conference in 1995. He is a patron of the arts and was the driving force behind a well-received adult catechism. He has a reputation for terrific relations with his people, and lukewarm relations with the Roman curia. He is generally seen as a moderate, with a strong interest in social justice and peace issues. His lack of interest in cracking heads over doctrinal issues became clear during Italian political campaigns in the 1990s, when some people wanted church leaders to condemn Catholic politicians who are divorced. Antonelli took the view that personal morality belongs to the private sphere, and that in terms of politics, the church should be more concerned with a politician's voting record...".  Cardinal Antonelli said before entering the 2005 conclave: "The new pope has already been chosen by the Lord. We just have to pray to understand who he is!"

Note: Today (23rd Feb 2013) I came across this very interesting story from 2005 about Massimo Coppo who met Cardinal Antonelli entitled "I met the Pope" . "...That very meeting in itself was a real prodigy, of great significance, not just for me and my community, I believe. Maybe I’d been wrong in saying that I was going to meet a Cardinal: perhaps the one I  had been waiting to meet was a…Pontiff ! This synonym with which the Pope is also called, literally means “one who makes bridges” (from the latin :” pontes facere”). And really in that occasion Cardinal Antonelli did his best, with loving care, to "lay a bridge" between marginalised people - as our community is in Assisi - and  God. Yes, in that very special occasion I’m sure to have met a real “Pontiff”. The new Pontiff, maybe."

Note 2: (April 26 2013) We have seen the election of Pope Francis I but it is possible that Ennio may be the next Pope as Pius XIII who some prophecies say will be very old when elected Pope. If so I think he may be the Pope elected in the underground Church after there is 25 months without a Pope after the death of Francis. Or he may be the Pope who flees Rome.

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