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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

New Pope will be a Marian Prophet

In the latest locution from the "Locutions to the World" Jesus and Mary announced that the new Pope who will be elected will not only be Marian but he will be a Prophet as well. They also told of signs that would occur that many would label as "coincidences". 

Some of these "signs" or "coincidences" may include the lightning strikes on St Peter's Basilica hours after the Abdication announcement, then the two earthquakes- one on February 16 and the other yesterday (March 3) centred near Castel Gandolfo. The Huffington Post writes: "...Then, as now, some people speculated as to whether the act of nature was really a divine message. On Sunday, Italia Domani asked whether the earthquake wasn't a sign for the cardinals who will soon be choosing a new pope....".

In the latest message (Feb 27 2013)  titled "The Messenger Pope" Heaven reveals that the Pope will be a Prophet to the Nations.

How much time has been lost. The gifts of God set aside. So many times I have spoken to my servants, the prophets. I have given them heavenly messages for all the world to hear. I entrusted these messages to my Church, my bride. To whom else would I given them? She has come forth from my side. She is the new Eve. I would not give these messages to another. I want my bride to be exalted. Yet, how haltingly she accepts my words. Years go by and she does not see the treasure lying in her very bosom. She delays and delays. She keeps hidden what should be proclaimed on the housetops.
No more. The time is too short. The need for my prophetic word is too pressing. I can no longer just send messengers. I must send a pope who himself is the messenger. To him I will speak, directly, heart to heart, even face to face. All the world will know that this pope is a prophet to the nations.
For so long I have kept this future pope in my bosom, hidden from the nations, yet called to be their light. I have trained him in my word and he has frequently brought it forth. He is no stranger to prophecy. He understands the gift. He is familiar with my voice.
Know that I am raising up much more than just a pope. I am lifting up a prophet to the nations. All the world will listen because he will not just speak a word of wisdom but a clear prophetic word. He is not shy or bashful. He will not hide the gift. He will not be lifted up to place the lamp under a bushel basket. He knows where my word belongs.
Suddenly, a new light will shine forth, a surprise, a new help for my children who are so confused by the darkness of the world. I will raise up this pope and prophet for my little ones who believe that I can speak directly to them."

It is interesting to note that while these locutions speak of a true Marian Pope who is also a prophet other false visionaries are spreading locutions that say the next Pope will be an anti-Pope and the false prophet. We may see some Catholics led astray into a cultic Catholic organisation. Unless this election was invalid then it is not possible for the Pope they elect to be an antipope. Pope Benedict made it clear that he was stepping down of his own free will and thus the present Conclave is a valid one that has the support of Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus. So pray for those sincere and holy Catholics who are being misled by these sometimes sincere but mistaken locutionists and visionaries who confuse their prayer reflections with genuine locutions.