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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Black Pope and the Black AntiPope

The idea of a Black Pope is not a recent idea as the picture above demonstrates. Artists since the Middle Ages (13-14th century) have been depicting their interpretation of what the prophecy of the Black Pope means. It would seem that in a time when Rome is attacked by Muslims and a persecution of white and black priests and laity is underway a Black Pope (which may mean a Jesuit Pope) will lead the Church.

If a visionary in the Middle Ages beheld a Pope dressed in the Black robes of the Jesuits he would describe him as a Black Pope especially if he also beheld another Pope dressed in White alive at the same time. Nostradamus also spoke of a young black cardinal (also possibly a Jesuit or a black man) who would seize the Fisherman's Ring from the valid Pope. Nostradamus does not refer to this young black Cardinal (young red back one) who will seize the leadership of the Church in Rome as a Pope. 

It would seem that Pope Francis is not the famous Pope who flees Rome but this fleeing Pope may be Pope Francis' successor who will be the Sabine Pope called Pius XIII followed eventually by the Great French Pope in the time of the Great Monarch. It is in the time of Pius XIII [the Great Marian Pope who will consecrate Russia] that the British Monarchy will be overthrown (possibly in 2014) and later restored by the Great Monarch in the time of the Great French Pope. 

With the death of Pope John Paul the Great a period of 17 years began in which 5 Popes would reign. There may be another Pope elected between the Sabine Pope and the Great French Pope (elected around 2018-2019). Pius XI reigned for 17 years and then followed 5 Popes (Pius XII to John Paul II), then the second group of 5 Popes (beginning with Benedict XVI) during 17 years (taking us to 2022).

The gap in the manuscript of the prophecy of St Malachy between the Glory of the Olive and the last Roman Pope (but not the last Pope as the Papacy may be transferred back to Jerusalem) may refer to Pope Francis. He is the Pope that fills the small gap between Pope Benedict XVI and Petrus Romanus (Pius XIII).  

This is of course a speculative interpretation of many Prophecies and it may turn out very different to what I expect. If the Esseff "Locutions to the World" are valid then Pope Francis would not seem to be Pope for long and the Conclave will have to reconvene very soon after the first one. I hope that I am wrong and that the locutions are wrong as Pope Francis seems to be a wonderful holy and humble man and Pope. However not my will but the Divine Will reign.

We also must be careful that we didn't interpret the "Locutions to the World" incorrectly possibly helped by Monsignor Esseff headings and comments which are not part of the actual locutions. Heaven may have been speaking of another conclave after this one but we and Monsignor Esseff assumed it was the next one after Benedict XVI. Or these locutions may not have been true locutions but only prayer thoughts and imaginings and we were mistaken that they were locutions. 

Speculation: Benedict XVI 2005-2013 dies 2017, Francis I 2013-2017, Pius XIII 2019-2020, Francis II 2020-2021, John Paul III 2021-2021Followed by the Great French Pope Francis III who will crown the Great Monarch as Emperor. Bergoglio may be read as Ber Goglio (Guglio) -Guglio is a diminutive of William and ber is "son of" in Aramaic- the Bergoglio may be a Catholic family of Jewish ancestry. 

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paolo said...

Doubtless this man - holy or not - isn't 'Petrus Romanus'