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Thursday, March 14, 2013

White Pope and Black Pope: Benedict and Francis?

We have a new Pope. We are all still trying to absorb what the election of this Argentinian Jesuit  Pope Francis I means in the prophetic scheme. Is this the prophesied "Black Pope". There has always been speculation about whether this "Black Pope" would be a Jesuit due to the leader of the Jesuits traditionally being called the Black Pope. Others thought a "Black Pope" meant an African, others that it referred to an antipope. Many thought the "black Pope " must mean that he was an antipope as they could not understand how there could be two Popes alive at the same time- one called the White Pope and the other the Black Pope.

Now with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and his retaining of the tile Emeritus Pope Benedict we have two Popes- the resigned Pope who is the White Pope and the Jesuit Pope who is the Black Pope. It is now clear that the prophecies about an antipope and a black pope do not refer to the same person. The old prophecies do not call this Black Pope an antipope. As Pope Francis I has been validly elected he is the true Pope. Just like Pope John Paul I he seems to be a humble and holy man and we will continue to pray for him.

However we do know that the old Italian prophecy says: "When the White Pope and the Black Pope shall die during the same night then there will dawn for the Christian nations the Great White Day. Woe unto the City of Philosophers, woe unto Lombardy for thy towers of joy shall be broken down; All the tyrants shall be put out of God's Church, and there shall occur a general conversion to the faith of Christ under the Great Lion."". Is this a prophecy for our day when we have two Popes- one reigning the other in retirement? The Great Lion refers to the Great Monarch who would seem to rise to power sometime after the death of the two Popes. Is the City of Philosophers Paris or Rome or Athens or another city?

What of the "Locutions to the World" that we have been following with interest on this blog? They are either now shown to be only prayer reflections rather than genuine locutions and Monsignor Esseff was mistaken or they are still valid and this present Pope will die (possibly on the same night as Benedict XVI) and the Cardinals will have to gather again to elect the promised Marian Pope. One of the locutions seem to allude to some kind of upset and then the Cardinals having to settle again. Is this the death of their newly elected Pope similar to the events of John Paul I election and death after being Pope for just over a month? Our Lady said on January 1 2012:

"...Now I will come to the central point so there will be no mistake. The Cardinals will meet to elect a pope but an extraordinary intervention of God will occur that will alert the whole world to the special nature of this office. They will seek to discern this intervention, to grasp what is the will of God, but everything will not be clear at first. Some, however, will speak in divine wisdom and the search will begin to find the one whom God wants to raise up. He will not come forward at first, even though he knows that he is chosen by God. He will wait until the discussion is concluded and the Cardinals are settled. Then new manifestations will occur which will signal clearly the one whom the heavenly Father wants as his Pope. This will be a complete surprise to the world and to the Church but not to the one upon whom the mantle falls. This is my chosen son, the one whom I have picked. I want all of this to happen in a startling manner so the world and the Church know that this one was chosen by heaven, by God and not by men. He will be prepared because I will have prepared him. He will be the pope of Fatima and bring to fruition all of the gifts of Fatima, just in time to prepare the Church and the world for the Satanic onslaught...".

Is this extraordinary intervention the death of the Pope who was the Cardinals choice rather than Heavens? Are the locutions referring to the conclave that gathers for a further election? We will have to wait and pray and see what happens in the coming weeks and months. Some associate the death of the two Popes with the coming of the comet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brother G
The expression "black pope" is commonly used by the media to designate the Superior General of the Jesuits, because of the influence he was thought to have on the affairs of the Church (which is false, of course).
We now have a "White Pope" Emeritus and a "White Pope", bishop of Rome and leader of the Catholic Church.
The "black pope" would be Fr Adolfo Nicolás.
Elise B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother G!
I have been following the "Locutions to the World" for a little while now, since around the same time I consecrated myself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. When I saw the white smoke, I was shocked. I thought it would be a long conclave and thought the locutions do not seem to match the events. My mind was telling me the locutions must be wrong, but my heart was telling me otherwise. After rereading some of the locutions, and reading bios of Pope Francis, I believe the locutions are correct. Of course I know it is necessary to pray and ask God for help in discernment.

There are a few things that strike me. For example, in the locutions on January 18th, it says Mary states "... He always saw himself as one of many, and always tried to consider himself the least of all. Only as these years have gone by, has he realized who he was and what I had called him to be. Even now, he would gladly surrender these gifts to others, but I have not chosen another. He is well aware of that and knows that his ascending to the papacy in inevitable. Yet, he will make no move to promote himself and he will speak to no one about the revelations he has received..." One internet bio called "Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Profession: Servant of the Servants of God" say "he won´t lift a finger to advance his own campaign". (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/2996643/posts)

Additonally, On March 6th, according to Locutions to the World website, Jesus said "In so many ways, the Evil One has tried to destroy the new pope. In so many ways, he has blocked his ascendency. In so many ways, he had him set aside. Then, came what the Evil One thought was his final blow, but I miraculously preserved what was essential."
In the article "Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Profession: Servant of the Servants of God" it says "But Bergoglio has also had his difficulties with his ecclesiastical environment. He is a Jesuit of the old school, faithful to St. Ignatius. He became the provincial superior of the Society of Jesus in Argentina just when the dictatorship was in full furor and many of his confreres were tempted to take up the rifle and apply the teachings of Marx. Once removed from his position as superior, Bergoglio returned to obscurity. He came back into the public eye in 1992 when the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Antonio Quarracino, made him his auxiliary bishop."

This humble man would be just the man to move the Catholic Church to Jerusalem.

Also, you may already be aware of this but check out this video depicting The Muslim Brotherhood calling to take Jerusalem.
It was sent to me last year by an Egytian-American friend who is a devout Catholic, asking that we pray for her family and friends in Egypt who are being persecuted. As you may know, Christians have been crucified in Egypt.

God Bless!
Michelle Ann

Brother G said...

Thank you Michelle Ann for your insights- they are much appreciated. I will continue to watch and wait neither rejecting or accepting the validity of the locutions until things become clearer.

Anonymous said...

I feel in my heart of hearts that it will be Cardinal...let me just say that the term "black" may not refer to the Jesuit order at all.

No More NO said...

Regarding the Prophecy of the White Pope dying at the same time as the Black Pope.

This happened in 1914

Both the Pope in Rome Pius X and the Black Pope (Jesuit leader Franz Xavier Wernz ) died on the same night 20th August 1914 on the very day when German forces marched into Brussels.

Look at the section "Death and Burial on Pope Saint Pius X's Wiki page.