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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Welcome to Prince George of Cambridge the future King of Australia

We all welcome our new heir to the Throne Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. I thought all along that the baby would be a boy even though many seemed to think it was going to be a girl. I also picked that his first name would be George. George was the Queen's father and Prince Charles also has George as one of his names (Charles Arthur Phillip George) and the last Prince of Cambridge (who became the 2nd Duke of Cambridge) was also Prince George of Cambridge about 190 years ago. Louis is a middle name of William and also the name of Lord Mountbatten. I was surprised that he only had three names and not the usual four and that Arthur was not included. May God bless our future King of Australia (God willing) and his family. 

The Bible states that the earthly Davidic Royal House would endure while the sun and moon endures and it is exciting when a new heir to this ancient Davidic Monarchy is born.  The British Monarchs are the last of the European Davidic monarchs to be anointed in the ancient Davidic ceremonial. The only other monarchy in the world that continues with the holy anointing of the Monarch is Tonga who based their ceremonial on that of Britain. The Eastern Orthodox Church once criticised the Western Catholic Church as Judaisers because of the Western Catholic custom of Davidic anointing and ceremonial of monarchs. It is rather sad that the remaining Catholic monarchies no longer anoint their kings and queens. King David himself would not harm King Saul when he had him in his power "I will not lay my hand upon the Lord's anointed". When a nation is ruled by an anointed Sovereign then that nation has a special protection while they honour their Sovereign. The first Pope Peter tells us in the Bible to "Honour the King". If this is true for a non-Christian King then how much more should it be for a Christian king. 

Today I watched a movie about Bonnie Prince Charlie who was the Stuart King in exile as Charles III. It is interesting that little Prince George of Cambridge is a descendant of both Charles II and James II the last Stuart Catholic Kings to reign in Britain. Charles II converted to Catholic on his deathbed and James II became a Catholic while still Duke of York. Prince George is descended from these two Stuart Kings through their illegitimate offspring via Diana Princess of Wales. While the Queen (and Prince Phillip for that matter) and Prince Charles descend from the Stuart King James I. Prince William and his son Prince George descend from the later Stuart kings Charles II and James II. One could see that when William becomes King it will be a kind of Royal Stuart restoration.

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