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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are the English-speaking Catholic Bishops Anti-semites? A Hebrew Catholic Opinion

Cheil and Soreg (Dividing Wall) in the Second Temple

It is rather shocking and disturbing when one tries to do the daily "Divine Office" of the Church when ones reads the translation of Ephesians 2:15 as "He abolished the Jewish Law with its commandments and rules". This would seem to destroy all the progress made in Jewish- Catholic dialogue over the last 40 years. It also would make Paul an antinomian and a denier of Jesus own words that he came not to abolish the Law. 

It was bad enough with the translation used in Missal and I discussed this in another article on this blog. "Recently I did the readings at Mass and I had to control myself from stopping and re-translating the version used in our missals from the New Revised Standard Version. If I could I would burn all these missals and all copies of the New Revised Standard Version. Fancy getting a Jew to read "He has abolished the law with its commandments and ordinances"   in Ephesians 2:15. This is a totally incorrect and anti-Jewish interpretation. The Douay-Rheims  Bible translates this as "Making void the law of commandments contained in decrees".  

These same decrees are mentioned in Colossians 2:14 where St Paul refers to "the handwritings in decrees". Paul uses the Greek word dogmasin to translate the Hebrew gezerot . The average Catholic reads this and gets the impression that the Torah (Law) is abolished by Jesus on the Cross in direct contradiction to the words of Jesus who said "I came not to abolish but to establish the Law". These gezerot are nothing to do with the Biblical Commandments of the Torah but are the Rabbinic 18 gezerot enacted by the House of Shammai to ensure a stricter separation between Jews and Gentiles. It is these man-made decrees of the Sanhedrin by a faction of the Pharisees (they were opposed by the House of Hillel) that Heaven revealed to St Peter had been made void or annulled by the death of Jesus on the Cross (see Acts 10).  St Paul is not making some radical antinomian statements but is following the ruling of St Peter who holds the Keys of the Kingdom. The orthodox Jews themselves annulled these stringent decrees of separation when Heaven spoke to the Sanhedrin that was gathered at Yavneh after the destruction of the Temple which now contained a majority of those from the House of Hillel..."

The version used in "The Divine Office" which has been approved by the Bishops of Australia and the other English speaking countries is even worse. Isn't it time that our Bishops took some action to remedy these anti-Jewish translations of the Bible that seem to be so popular with the Bishops? A return to the Douay-Rheims might be a step in the right direction.

When Ephesians 2 is read in its Jewish context one sees that Paul is alluding to the separation of Jews and Gentiles, men and women in the Temple worship. He uses this Jewish paradigm to demonstrate that in the Eucharist (flesh, blood of Messiah), which is the worship ceremony of the New Covenant, the dividing walls and partitions that separated people in the Temple and reinforced by the Rabbinic 18 gezerot has been spiritually made void in the Eucharistic Sacrifice. In the Eucharist we are all mystically one. Through the Eucharist those in the outer courts (far away) have now been mystically brought into the Eucharistic Holy of Holies (brought near). 

These 18 gezerot were seen by the House of Shammai as part of the Pharisee endeavour to bring Temple sanctity and  spirituality into the daily life and home of the Jewish family. An endeavour with which the House of Hillel also agreed and participated in. Thus using the Temple principle of distinguishing the holy from the unholy and the ritually clean from the ritually unclean they (the Shammaites) took it a step too far for the House of Hillel and the ordinary Jewish people. 

The House of Shammai took a principle which was part of an extra voluntary stringency popular in Judea at the time and gave it the force of law and then added even more stringencies that instead of increasing spirituality and sanctity caused hatred and division between peoples.

Paul was not really saying anything about the physical barriers observed in the Temple but of the barriers of the heart and mind. All he writes is in the context of the crucified Messiah in the Eucharist. All are equal in the domain of salvation- no-one is separated or excluded from the free gift of salvation offered by the Eucharistic Lord. 

We know that in the early Church men and women sat separately (and had different roles) and that there were separate Jewish and Gentile congregations. Thus we know that Paul was not speaking of outward modes of worship but of the mystical and inner world of the Spirit and Heart. He and the early Church were opposed to calling any man ritually unclean based on his nationality or ethnic group as in Baptism and the Eucharist (the Last Supper and Calvary as one event made present on the altars) all men were clean and any Rabbinic gezerot based on this false premise were void as they did not apply.

The original Temple and Tabernacle provided for a court of the Gentiles but with the growing fanaticism of the priests influenced by Sadducees the Court of the Gentiles was enclosed with a dividing Wall to separate them from the Jews. This wall was called "mesotoichon" which is referred to in Ephesians 2 and also by the Jewish historian Josephus. 

The Hebrew for this dividing wall was "Soreg". There was a small stone wall (Cheil or Hel) about half a cubit high and then surmounted by a ten handbreath high lattice work screen or fence (soreg). The area between the wall and the Couryard of the Women was 10 cubits was also known as Cheil. In the cheil area 4 cubits were level and then in the remaining 6 cubits were 12 steps up to the Courtyard gates and wall. The Norse term for the underworld as Hel or Hell may come from this origin as a place of exclusion. The Norse expression "go to Hel" meant to die. On the Wall of Cheil in the Temple were signs warning that the penalty for Gentiles or the ritually unclean people going past this wall was the death penalty.

The word "nomon"  or "nomos" in Greek could be a translation of the word "Torah" or it could be a translation of the Hebrew word "chok" or "chok u mishpat" which means  Divine law, ordinance or decree.  "Dat" is also another word that can mean law or custom and could be translated by "nomon" or "nomos" in the Greek. 

"Dogmasin" also is the Greek for decree  or ordinance (gezerah or takanah). A gezerah is a  Rabbinic prohibition whereas a takanah is a Rabbinic postive command- thus we know that Paul is referring to gezerot (decrees) and not takanot (ordinances).Thus the Hebrew of Ephesians 2:15 may refer to the dati mitzvot b'gezerot (law of commandments in decrees). 

Yanki Tauber writing on the teachings of Rebbe Menachem Sneersohn states: "...Nevertheless, Halachah (Torah law) distinguishes between biblical and rabbinical laws, applying a different set of standards to each of the two categories. One of these differences is that, according to many halachic authorities, biblical laws define the nature of their object, while rabbinical degrees are only prohibitions upon the person. For example, if biblical law forbids a certain food, this indicates that the very substance of the food is intrinsically negative and profane; on the other hand, rabbinical proscription of a certain food is strictly a prohibition upon the person not to eat it.
At first glance, this seems to indicate that rabbinical mitzvot are less "real" than biblical ones; that while the biblical law affects the very nature of its subject, the rabbinical law is superimposed over human life, having the authority to command and instruct but not to define reality. On a deeper level, however, this alludes to the fact that the rabbinical law is the more profound expression of the essence of the mitzvah as divine will.
The biblical mitzvot define the nature of our world, expressing the fact that their predominant element is the mitzvah's role as molder and illuminator of the created reality. Not so the rabbinical commandment, which is concerned only with what man should or should not do, not with how this affects him or his world. Thus it asserts the "decree" element of the mitzvah: the mitzvah as it transcends all relation to physical life, its sole purpose being the fulfillment of a divine desire."

Another reason that the 18 gezerot of the House of Shammai were anulled by Heaven, through the Sanhedrin in Yavneh and St Peter in Acts 10, was because they were based on a wrong premise and a confusion of biblical law (chok u mishpat) and rabbinic law (gezerot and takanot). The House of Shammai were enacting these 18 gezerot because they had judged that Gentiles were unclean and evil in themselves and could not attain to the World to Come unless they converted to Rabbinic Judaism. The House of Hillel disagreed- they saw that Gentiles could be righteous if they obeyed the seven laws of Noah and attain to the World to Come without needing to observe the Torah in the same manner as the Jews. In a sense it was impossible for Gentiles to be ritually unclean (only a Jewish person could be) as they were not commanded to be ritually clean.

Even in the time of Noah we know that animals were classified as ritually clean or unclean. This meant that certain animals were suitable for sacrifice to God, others were not. Noah and his sons were permitted to eat all animals those ritually clean and those ritually unclean. It is only with the giving of the Torah at Sinai that a new discipline or stringency was made law for Israelites. That new Discipline was for Israelites to refrain from eating ritually unclean animals and only eat from the category of ritually clean animals. The animals in themselves were not clean or unclean (kosher or non-kosher, suitable or unsuitable) but clean or unclean for ritual purposes. Thus a horse is ritually unsuitable for eating by Jews but not for riding.

For the believer in Jesus a new paradigm falls into place where all Catholic canon laws (the gezerot and takanot of the New Covenant) must be evaluated through an Eucharistic focus on the Salvation of souls as Paul demonstrates in Ephesians 2. If the translation in our Breviaries is correct then no Jew would become a Catholic and Paul would be considered rightly as an apostate for holding to antinomianism. This translation makes St Paul seem schizophrenic as in Romans 3:31 he says: "Do we, then, destroy the law (Torah) through faith? God forbid: but we establish the law (Torah)." We can't at the same time establish or build up the Torah if at the same time we are abolishing it.

An interesting translation of Ephesians 2:11-22

"...Therefore, have zikaron (remembrance) that formerly you, the Goyim in the flesh, who are called "arelim" (uncircumcised ones) by the ones being called "nimolim" (circumcised ones) which is a Bris Milah performed in the flesh by human hands 12Have zikaron(remembrance) that you were at that time bazunder (unrelated and separate) from Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, having been alienated from the torat haEzrakhut (the citizenship) in the Am Brit, from Yisroel, being zarim (strangers) to the Beritot HaHavtacha, farfoiren (lost)and having no tikvah (hope) and without G-d in the Olam Hazeh. [YESHAYAH 14:1; 65:1] 13But now in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua, you, who formerly were in the outermost courts, have been brought near by the kapporah of the dahm of Moshiach. 14For Moshiach himself is our shalom, who made the Shnaym into Echad, having broken down in the basar of Moshiach the barrier of the Mechitzah (the dividing partition), the Soreg (barrier of the holy precinct in the Beis HaMikdash between Jews and non-Jews), the Eyvah(Enmity), 15By annulling the chok (decree, law) of mishpatim in ordinances that the Shnaym He might create in Himself into Adam Chadash Echad (One New Humanity), arbitrating shalom, 16And that Moshiach might bring the ritztzuy (reconciliation, cessation of enmity), reconciling to Hashem the Shnaym into one guf (body) [BERESHIS 47:18; TEHILLIM 16:9-10; IYOV 19:25-27; YESHAYAH 53:11]through the Moshiach's Etz, having put to death the Eyvah by it. 17And having come, Moshiach preached shalom to you, the ones in the outermost courts, and shalom to the ones near; [TEHILLIM 148:14; YESHAYAH 57:19] 18Because through Moshiach we both have HaSha'ar laHashem (gate to approach G-d's presence, access of the tzaddikim TEHILLIM 118:20) by one Ruach Hakodesh to Elohim HaAv. 19Therefore, then, no longer are you zarim and aliens, but you are fellow citizens of the Kadoshim and bnei bayit members of the household of G-d, 20Having been built upon the yesod (foundation) of the Shlichim and Nevi'im, Moshiach Yehoshua himself being the ROSH PINAH (TEHILLIM 118:22), 21In whom all the binyan (edifice), being fitly joined together, grows into a Heikhal Kadosh b'Hashem;22In whom also you are being built together into a Mishkan of Hashem in the Ruach Hakodesh. [T.N. IN THIS CHAPTER RAV SHA'UL USES THE COURTS OF THE BEIS HAMIKDASH TO TEACH THE SAVING WORK OF MOSHIACH.]..." (Orthodox Jewish Bible)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hebrew Catholic Priest in Marseille: Father Michel Marie

Father Michel Marie in his famous black Cassock

Recently "Chiesa" website carried an article about a French priest who was Jewish through his mother and the wonderful renewal he is leading in his parish in Marseille a city full of Muslims. He is focused on the Eucharist and Our Lady and wears the traditional black cassock. However he is not of the new rigidly orthodox but is one of those who is spiritual and orthodox with a heart for the broken and poor. Recently our Archbishop Emeritus  Barry James Hickey of Perth mentioned him in a recent talk as a great hope for the future of the faith in Europe.

Father Michel Marie with some of his flock

Father Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine states:  "..."Even the prostitutes. I give them communion. What should I say? Become honest, before you enter here? Christ came for sinners, and I have the anxiety, in withholding a sacrament, that he could bring me to account for it one day. But do we still know the power of the sacraments? I have the misgiving that we have excessively bureaucratized the admission to baptism". ...". This insight is important in a Church that seems to be returning to an unhealthy legalism in regard to rules and regulations, and a deliberate blindness to the final words of the 1983 Code of Canon Law: Salute animarum, quae in Ecclesia suprema semper lex esse debet.  "...the salvation of souls, which must always be the supreme law in the Church, is to be kept before one's eyes." (Canon 1752).

Father Michel Marie preaching

Marina Corradi writes: "That black tunic fluttering along Rue Canabière, among a crowd more Maghrebi than French, makes you turn around. Check it out, a priest, and dressed like once upon a time, on the streets of Marseille. A dark-haired man, smiling, and yet with something reserved and monastic about him. And what a story behind him: he sang in the nightclubs in Paris, was ordained only eight years ago and since then has been pastor here, at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul..."

Father Michel Marie Zanotti-Sorkine with Pope John Paul II

Marina Corradi then discusses his ancestry and reveals that this priest is in fact Halakically Jewish through his mother. "But in reality the story is even more complicated: Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine, 53, is descended from a Russian Jewish grandfather who immigrated into France and had his daughters baptized before the war. One of these daughters, who escaped from the Holocaust, brought into the world Fr. Michel-Marie, who on his father's side is half Corsican and half Italian. (What a bizarre mix, you think: and you look with amazement at his face, trying to understand what a man is like who has such a tangle of roots behind him). But if one Sunday you enter his packed church and listen to how he speaks of Christ with simple everyday words, and if you observe the religious slowness of the elevation of the host, in an absolute silence, you ask yourself who this priest is, and what it is in him that draws people, bringing back those who are far away..."

Father Michel Marie a Jewish Catholic with his Jewish Eucharistic Lord

for the whole article on Chiesa click here

Father Michel-Marie has also written many songs and books. In his book "Homme et Pretre" (Man and Priest) and other writings he outlines his idea of the ideal priest of the future. According to him the priest must be a free man, consecrated to Our Lady, wearing a cassock and apostolic in the very depths of his heart. While living fully among the people of the world the priest must use all the deep resources of his personality in their service. Keeping himself far from all forms of clericalism and rigid bureaucratic systems, he should be totally focused on the single desire of loving Jesus and Mary and the baptism of the entire world. (see Wikipedia). 

It would seem that he has been influenced by St Louis de Montfort who saw the Apostles of the Latter Days as free servants of God totally consecrated to Our Lady. Father Michel-Marie firstly studied for four years as a Dominican but then due to his love for Our Lady (influenced by the Marian teachings of St Maximillian Kolbe) he switched to the Franciscans and then finally to the diocesan priesthood where his present ministry is flourishing in a city that not only has a large Muslim population but also a large Jewish population.

Could this be the future Pope of my dream that I discussed on a previous blog? The Pope in my dream looked very like Father Michel-Marie but older and wearing glasses when I met him in the underground Cavern in Russia. Is he the prophesied French Jewish Pope? Could he be the next Pope after Benedict XVI who will move the Papacy to Jerusalem (last of the Roman Pope's and first of the restored Jerusalem Popes) or the Pope after that who will usher in the Era of Peace with the Great Catholic Monarch. These are speculative matters and time will reveal all.

Above is a song by Father Michel Marie about Father Marie Do

Added January 26 2013: The Radicality of Father Michel-Marie

Another article in French

Prayer For the Queen and Royal Family at Synagogue

East Melbourne Synagogue

The first time I attended synagogue was in 1985 in Melbourne at the old East Melbourne Synagogue when I was 21. At Melbourne University I had become friends with a young Jewish man who had become a Baali Teshuvah and returned to the practice of Orthodox Judaism. He invited me to come with him to a Jewish wedding at the East Melbourne Synagogue.

 As an avid royalist I was very impressed to see the Prayer for the Queen and the Royal Family on marble tablets near the Ark.  If my memory is correct the prayer for the Royalty was in English on one side of the Ark and in Hebrew on the other side. I was equally pleased later when I attended the Sabbath service and the only prayer read in English in the Shul was the prayer for the Queen and the Royal Family. In this very Anglo-Jewish synagogue where the rabbi ( Rabbi Mattus Honig) wore long black robes and a black pill box hat I felt very much at home. I recently came across some photos on Flickr of the East Melbourne Synagogue including the English prayer for the Queen and Royal Family.

I have very fond memories of Rabbi Honig and the way he led the Hebrew Synagogue service in a sedate Anglican-style way in his black  priest-like robe. He seemed so graceful as he approached the Ark as if he was about to unveil the Holy of Holies itself. The congregants were Orthodox but in the English way rather than the strict Eastern European manner. The women did not wear wigs but had their natural grey hair which they covered with a hat during the services. The women also shook ones hands unlike the more frum Jews who I was to become involved with later that year (1985) through the Melbourne University Rabbi Michael Katz. The men carried their umbrellas and prayer books to Shul on the Sabbath and some of them caught the tram there. Rabbi Honig died in 1996 and was the last of the old-style Anglo-Jewish rabbis.

The Synagogue today

Jewish Prayer For the Royal Family

May he who dispenseth salvation unto kings, and dominion unto princes; whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, who delivered his servant David from the destructive sword, who maketh a way in the sea, and a path through the mighty waters; may he bless, preserve, guard, assist, exalt, and highly aggrandize, our most gracious Sovereign Lady, QUEEN ELIZABETH; ELIZABETH, THE QUEEN MOTHER; PHILLIP DUKE OF EDINBURGH: CHARLES PRINCE OF WALES, and all the royal family. May the supreme King of kings, through his infinite mercy, preserve them, grant them life, and deliver them from all manner of trouble and danger. May the supreme King of kings, exalt and highly aggrandize her, and grant her long and prosperous to reign. May the supreme King of kings through his infinite mercy, inspire her, and all her councillors and nobles with benevolence towards us, and all Israel our brethren. In her days and in ours, may Judah be saved, Israel dwell in safety, and the Redeemer come unto Zion; may such be the divine will, and let us say, Amen. 

Father Pat in the Record

Fr Pat file photo

Father Patrick Barry (APA)

There was an article on our priest Father Patrick Barry in the Perth Archdiocesan newspaper last year on my birthday. Father Patrick is an amazing man and no article could do justice to him and his mission of spreading Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration around the world. As a young man he worked for many years in Melbourne and Perth doing street ministry to the poor, homeless kids and prostitutes with a Catholic lay community. This is when I first met him in Melbourne when he was about 19 and I was 23 years old. At this time he was a worker with Open Family in Melbourne.  After meeting a Christian Brother Frank Feain who also joined Open Family Patrick felt called to a more spiritual ministry of reaching out to Street people than was offered within Open Family. He and Frank and a few others including myself began the Spirit of Freedom Community as a Catholic Charismatic lay Community that served the poorest of the poor on the streets. 

On that first meeting I knew that Patrick was someone special and he had a certain anointing of goodness and divine favour about him. 27 years later I have no reason to question my first impression. His trust in Divine Providence and the miracles of provision that God works for him would equal any lives of the saints.  At times he has been assisted by angels.

I remember us meeting and chatting with a group of secular Israelis at the Bangkok airport when I was off to Jerusalem to open a chapel of Perpetual Adoration with three others and he was going to Sri Lanka. After Father Patrick left the Israelis asked me who he was as they felt he was someone very special and they sensed his holiness. Father Patrick had been in civilian clothing and they had no idea he was a priest. He has proved over many years to be a kind and loyal friend.

Mark Reidy in the Record writes: "Despite the daily challenges of time zones, languages, cultural adaptations and Church politics, Fr Pat Barry wouldn’t live any other way, he tells The Record’s Mark Reidy.

You only need to look at Father Pat Barry’s passport to know that he takes Jesus’ words, “Go forth and make disciples of all nations …”, very seriously. He has endured many hardships over the past 16 years as he has taken the Blessed Eucharist to all corners of the earth, but he is determined to continue until every parish in the world has a chapel of Perpetual Adoration.
From believing he would be beaten and abandoned in treacherous mountain terrain on the Kazakhstan–Kyrgyzstan border to hiding in the back seat of a car entering into prohibited zones in Burma to being robbed at machete point in Guatemala, Fr Pat is prepared to lay his life on the line to introduce the 24-hour availability of the Eucharist to churches across the globe...".(click here for the rest of the article in the Record)

see Crucified Bishop of Thailand

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013, Fires and Jerusalem

There have been a number of newer messages posted on Monsignor John Esseff's website "Locutions to the World". These messages speak about fires being lit and how Jerusalem will be at the centre and solutions of things.

Do not wait until it is too late. The fires will spread quickly, from one place to another. These are the fires of hatred and destruction. The oil of anger is everywhere and as soon as the flame is lit, there will be no walls that can keep it contained. Many who think themselves secure will suddenly find the fire at their doorstep and themselves locked in a house that they thought would keep them safe.
No one will be able to claim an untouchable piece of ground. The flames will sweep so quickly. Why do I say this now? So all will know that I have spoken ahead of time, when all seemed calm and no one would suspect what is ahead.
My message is always the same. Turn to me now. Do not delay. Later, will be too late.

I sound the alarm, an alarm that must be heard around the world, both in the hearts of people and in the places of power. Wake up! See what is about to occur. What you thought was at peace, is not at peace. What you thought could never be touched, will quickly fall. O world, you are not ready. You have no idea. My words asking you to repent, to turn back to the Lord, have gone unheard. So, I can only gather those who come to me. I can only protect those who call on my name. These I will save." (Given December 5 2012)

I speak from a heart that is broken. The very places from which the great message of peace should go forth have become the places of greatest violence. All of this is to destroy the plan of the heavenly Father who wants peace to begin in Jerusalem. That is the sacred, the holy city, the city that I entered on an animal of peace.
No one sees this mystery, nor the great importance of Jerusalem. Someday, Jerusalem will be exalted. When Jerusalem is exalted and the nations come to Jerusalem, peace will reign throughout the world. In those days, the world will bow to Jerusalem saying, “The Lord of Lord was crucified here. The Sacred Blood was shed here. This is the true way of peace”. Mankind has lost its way because it has set aside my death. Let my crucified body be lifted up once more in men’s hearts and peace will come.
The plan of God comes forth so slowly. It takes so many tortuous roads because man does not perceive and is not ready to put into action. Yet, this plan cannot be set aside. Even as the human race hurtles down fruitless paths and careens out of control, the plan of God moves to fulfillment. His plan is for peace not bloodshed, for harmony, not contention.
It must be God’s plan, established with all of its wisdom. Otherwise, peace will not remain. The time is coming. All of the turmoil is like the pangs of birth. The tremors are the pains themselves. In all of the shedding of blood, something new will be brought forth.
It was not meant to be this way. The pangs of childbirth were not part of the original creation. Peace could have come so much more quickly if mankind had only accepted my Son, Jesus. That is the ultimate goal, that all the world will proclaim Jesus as the Lord. This will take place first in Jerusalem. From Jerusalem will go forth the saving word to all the nations." (Given December 9 2012)
In earlier messages the locutionist stresses the importance of Jerusalem and of the Pope (after Benedict) who will go to Jerusalem and die for the Jewish people and State. This Pope is hidden in Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. On November 9 2012 she mentions this hidden one again. Jesus also speaks of the result of the recent American Election.

Now the path has been chosen and the leader once more put into power, but not for long. I will strip him of his power and I will reduce him to a helpless and severely flawed leader. Many who supported him will walk away. Others will turn on him. I cannot allow someone who has so openly violated my commandments and taught others to do so to go unpunished. The punishment must take place for all to see because his sins and his sinful decisions have been seen by all. How can I roll back this massive darkness of evil? Only by coming against those who have brought it about. The election is over but the accountability to my justice is just beginning. I will begin quickly to reduce his popularity and power.
I will restrain my tongue no longer. I will pour out the words of my heart. My children have gone astray, led into the deepest darkness. They do not realize the peril or where they have been led. It is darkness but they think it is light. They cannot see what is ahead. I weep until there are no more tears in my eyes. Yet, in my heart is one whom I will use as a light to the nations. He will be my surprising light. He will release the light of Fatima and mankind will again have reasons to hope." (Given November 9 2012)

On December 3 2012 Our Lady also said:


The time is at hand, no longer able to be postponed. Those that are prepared by faith will survive. Those without faith will not be able to reconcile all that happens. There will not just be one event, but a series of events, one preparing for the next. One removes the restraints and the next event takes advantage that no power exists to restrain its evil force. The events begin in one area of society but quickly have effects in other areas. All the parts of human structures are weak and vulnerable. Sin has done this, weakening powerful structures that should be able to withstand the impact. However, they are not built on the rocky ground of truth but on the sand of greed and selfishness. All of mankind is like paper ready to go up in flames. However, I will not allow this. I will raise up my special son who will have the light of Fatima. This is the light that will save the world from the coming darkness. How long must I wait until my Church exalts my light?"

And she continues her warning on December 4 2012:

Slowly, ever so slowly all this evil has been put into place, first in the hearts of men and then in the weapons man has built. Both elements are present. There are weapons and the deepest desires to use the weapons. There are cravings to wipe out the enemy, Israel, and the goal of reclaiming the land and all it now contains.
This goal is so much more in reach as the protection around Israel, especially Egypt, has been stripped away. So, the virgin daughter Israel lies almost naked before her enemies. Even with all her weapons, she is like a lamb that can easily be slain. Only a great intervention of God will save her and guarantee her a future existence, even a glorious future existence. This is the great challenge of faith, to believe that Israel will be saved, that Jerusalem will finally fulfill its task as the mother of both Israel and Christianity, when a union will occur because the Catholic Church has seen God’s plan for Jerusalem and has believed. These are the events which lie ahead, soon to be fulfilled."

On the physical level Australia is being tormented by extremely hot weather and bush fires while Jerusalem is bathed in snow.