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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Father Michel-Marie Sorkine-Zanotti moves to Paris

I have written in the past about the wonderful French Hebrew-Catholic priest Father Michel-Marie Sorkine-Zanotti of Marseille. He has announced on June 8 that he will step down as the parish priest of his St Vincent de Paul parish after 10 years. In September he will move to the Rue de Bac in Paris. His parish in Marseille will receive three new young priests in their 30's from the charismatic Emmanuel Community to build on the wonderful foundations established by Father Michel-Marie. 

The Rue de Bac is the famous pilgrimage site of St Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal. This is good news for international pilgrims who will be able to take advantage of the gifts of this holy priest. Let us keep Father Michel-Marie in our prayers for the success of his move and for the work of the three new priests in Marseille.

Note: In the end he didn't go to Paris but to the shrine of Our Lady of Laus in the French Alps.