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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Zohar and the Mystery of Seven Voices: A Hebrew Catholic Reflection

The Zohar is a work of deepest meditation and contemplation on the text of the Torah. This dark, hidden and mystical reflection on the Divine truths and mysteries is a feminine act at the deepest level of Marian interpretation of the Torah. This is the mystery of the seven voices of the Torah or the Seven (Sheva) who is the voices (oral dimension) of the Torah (see Exodus 20:15). The people of Israel saw this (zot) Voices as a being of flame and fire. As the lady or woman (Isha) of fire (aish) manifested in the burning bush to Moses so she was manifested to the people of Israel on Sinai. This is the fire of the Torah which engraves the letters of the commandments in our heart. "Who is she (mi zot?) that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array? " (Song 6:10).

The Zohar discusses this mystery of Seven (sheva) in Zohar Hukkotai 3:115a-b. There is a triune dimension to Seven. As uncreated Seven she is Holy Spirit, as created and unfallen she is Our Lady Miriam (united to the Holy Spirit) and as created, fallen and redeemed she is the very little Soul of Divine Will (Luisa (Nukvah) united to Our Lady and each soul who lives in divine will united to her). We can contemplate the mystery of seven (sheva) at the level of the three mothers as aleph (Holy Spirit), mem (Miriam) and shin (Luisa).

This mystery of the Seven is the mystery of redemption and sanctification connected to the mystery of the Red Heifer. This is the mystery of purifying fire that appears as punishment, judgement and chastisement when it is actually, cleansing, purifying and restoration. Seven sorrows, seven sins and seven levels of Sheol are transformed into Seven joys, seven gifts and the seven heavens.

 Zohar 3:115 links Seven with the concept of 40 minus 1 strokes which alludes to the Messiah's 39 stripes in the mystery of the Scourging at the Pillar. Our Lady is also El Pilar (God's Pillar). The Messiah receives 39 scourges but in a sense the more intense stripes are received by the maternal gaze of his Mother - these stripes are burnt in fire on her soul and heart. Is there any sorrow like unto her sorrow? Her seven sorrows makes reparation for our sevenfold sins (see Leviticus 26:18).

This passage of Zohar speaks of Sheva as Shemittah (release), Sheva (seven) heself and Bat Sheva (daughter of seven)- the three together are Beer Sheva (Well of Seven). 

" Rather what does Scripture mean by saying sheva. Behold, Sheva is confronting you! Who is She? (Mi zot). Shemittah (Sabbatical) who is seven, called Seven, as it is written: at the end of seven years you shall make shemittah (release)... She is called Sheva (Seven) and also Bat Sheva (Daughter of Seven). What is the difference between one and the other? Well, seven - by herself, to make shemittah (a release), to execute or destroy judgements, to liberate or free completely. Daughter of Seven- joined to another, to illumine, to reign in dominion, to reveal the kingdom on earth. In all ways she is called Sheva as is written...Be'er Sheva (Well of Seven) is the Well of Isaac, and all is one entity."
 In a sense we can say that the Holy Spirit  releases the soul, Our Lady as co-redemptrix destroys the judgements against us and Luisa helps complete the process of sanctification that leads to the kingdom of the Divine Will on earth reigning in souls. This section of the Zohar is layered with deep mystical meanings of the mystical Womb- both the uncreated, eternal Womb or Well (or Depth) that is the very essence and Divine Will of the Divinity and its created icon the Immaculate Womb or Well of the Mystical, Celestial and yet Earth-born Mother, perceived through 70 faces of mystical contemplation and meaning. In a sense the Immaculate Womb of the Mother is the Well within the Well and Deep calling to Deep.

Luisa (who is Nukvah/ Female and lower or earthly mother) is the mouth of the Seven (Sheva) voices of the maternal and mystical Well called Miriam (bitter seas). The 70 becomes multiplied by 7 which is the power of the forgiveness of the Messiah leading to Teshuvah (return) to Eden and beyond. 70x7 or 490 is the gematria of tamim (perfection/ completion) which is when the Divine Will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that you posted this! Thank you so very much! I have been struggling as of late and my mind has been eased by your post. God Bless you and peace upon you Brother G. You remain in my prayers as always.

Catholic Jew said...

Dear Liam, My prayers are with you and I am glad you found this blog post helpful. One doesn't often get feedback so I appreciate it.