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Monday, March 09, 2015

Benedictine Monks of Divine Will

A male branch of the Benedictine Sisters of Divine Will in Italy is now up and running called the Benedictine Monks of Divine Will. They have a charism similar to the Little Eucharistic Brothers of Divine Will except the Little Eucharistic Brothers of Divine Will are more like friars than monks or maybe a cross between friars and monks. Maybe a new name of Miars or Fronks should be coined.

In the December 2014 Newsletter of the Benedictine Sisters of Divine Will they report on the monks.
Another little house of Nazareth...at least with God’s grace, that’s the goal. Thanks to your prayers and the generosity of our bishop, Msgr. Andrea Turazzi, the Benedictine Monks of Divine Will have been provided with a monastery to set up their own little house of Nazareth in our diocese –La Pieve di Carpegna, translated as
the rural church of Carpegna. Striving to model their lives after the Holy Family, our brothers, like us, seek to accomplish nothing “big” on the outside. Our greatest ambition involves simply learning to love God and neighbor as Jesus, Mary and Joseph did in Nazareth, fulfilling God’s Most Holy Will in all things.
“The guys”, as we affectionately like to call them, officially began their “little” mission with an entrance mass celebrated by Father Elijah Joseph on the evening of October 6th, feast day of St. Bruno, founder of the Carthusian order.

The millennia-old church, now entrusted to Fr. Elijah and his community, was packed with both old and new friends, including three priests from the diocese who concelebrated the mass and wished to offer their prayers and fraternal support. Two young men, Ander Andreani and Michele Magini, received the Benedictine crucifix as a sign of their commitment to the community, said good-bye to their family and friends, and started on their monastic adventure together.

Since then, Fr. Elijah has been able to bring daily mass and
Eucharistic Adoration back to the country church as well as introduce weekly Divine Will prayer meetings, all while forming the two new monks under his care. If you feel the Lord may be calling you to be a part of their family or just want more information about the Benedictine Monks, you can contact Father Elijah Joseph at padreelijah@gmail.com

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