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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Garabandal, 2017, Rav Kaduri and Pope Francis: The coming Tsunami

Three years ago (August 18 2012) I wrote about my speculations about the Warning and Miracle of Garabandal in 2016-2017 and the prophecies of Rav Kaduri that there would be some kind of Messianic manifestation to the Jews some time soon after the death of Ariel Sharon.

"...Rav Kaduri also spoke of a manifestation or revelation of the Messiah after the death of Ariel Sharon (who is still in a Coma). It is said that Rav Kaduri whispered to some before he died the date of Av 5772 in regards to the Messiah which many believed meant that there would be some kind of public manifestation of the Messiah. However I believe he meant that after Av 5772 and after the death of Ariel Sharon there will be some kind of apparition or spiritual manifestation of the Messiah to many Jewish people in Israel. Rav Kaduri seemed to be saying that these Manifestations of the Messiah will be more readily accepted by the secular Israelis and that the more religious Jews will have great difficulty in accepting them at first. Besides the spiritual manifestation of the Heavenly Messiah Yehoshua to the Jewish people an earthly Davidic Messiah or Anointed King (Mashiach Ephraim) will also arise to leadership in the world guided by the heavenly Messiah. Rav Kaduri seems to confuse the two or at least those who report his words have confused what he said.

We already see the suffering of the Messiah in the poor people of Syria. Both Jewish and Christian websites are quoting Isaiah 17 in regards to the present situation in Syria. One might also refer to Zechariah 9 and Jeremiah 49..."
The Jewish year 5772 (2012) and Ariel Sharon's death on January 11, 2014 is now past and since then events in the world have sped up. Israel has realised how vulnerable it now is in the world since the US has under Obama virtually abandoned them. We have seen the terrible plight of the Syrian and Iraqi people and refugees and the rise of ISIS almost out of nowhere. My comments back in 2012 about Syria are even more apt now. These events are happening in a dizzying speed as the world rolls from one crisis to another. 

In 2013 we also saw the incredible events of the rise to the papacy of Pope Francis as a prophetic voice crying out in the wilderness of our times (which is the period known as the end of times before the great Era of Peace) challenging the entrenched powers in Church and State.  He has just begun his visit to the US as I type this. Many Catholics and other Christians are watching these events. One anonymous Catholic prophet or locutionist has predicted a major economic collapse to begin as a warning during the Pope's visit to the US. 

Prophecies can be rather tricky things. Does this mean his present visit or a future visit to the US? Is the great French or Frankish Pope of many older Catholic prophecies actually referring to a Francis Pope rather than a French Pope as the name Francis or Francisco means Frenchman? Or does this refer to a future Francis II as Pope or is it indeed actually a French born Pope or a Frankist (Jewish Catholic) Pope that will rise to power alongside the Great Monarch of Catholic prophecy? Is that Great Monarch Prince Harry (Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales) or King Phillipe of Spain or some other as yet unknown member of the European Royal families?

The locutionist states that this economic collapse will be the final warning given before the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart by the Pope after Francis. He (or She) also mentions a Pope who will die for and in Israel. Is this Pope Francis or a future Pope?  There is also the older Catholic prophecies of a Pope who flees Rome who many believe will be called Pius XIII? Some believe the times of special mercy to the Gentiles ended with Pope John Paul II and that Pope Benedict XVI was the first of the Popes of the period called the ''end of times'' (but not the end of the world) which will culminate in a Pope who will be the last Roman based Pope as the true papacy will be transferred back to Jerusalem. As prophecy is usually conditional on our response, the timing of events and personalities involved can be changed. A warning is meant as a wake up call and if the whole world woke up tomorrow and turned back to goodness and truth then we could enter the period of peace and the kingdom without going through all these chastisements. 

It seems significant to many that Pope Francis has called for a special Year of Mercy beginning on the feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8) in 2015 and ending on the feast of Christ the King (November 20 2016). This will prepare us for the hundred year anniversary in 2017 of the Fatima apparitions. Our Lady at Fatima gave a message about Russia on July 13 1917. Many think that the consecration of Russia will also occur on a July 13. Could this occur in 2016 or 2017? It will occur when Russia is of great threat to Western Europe and recent events in Russia in regard to Putin makes this seem more likely than it seemed to many a few years ago when it seemed that Russia and the West were allied after the fall of communism. The Garabandal messages spoke of communism returning in a new form and that France would be in the midst of a communist inspired civil war at the time of the events prophesied for Garabandal according to some commentators. These events are also connected to the visit by a Pope to Russia.

The older Catholic prophecies make it clear that the threat of the Muslims especially those of North Africa, Turkey and Iran (Persia); civil wars in France, England and Italy; Russia and Prussia as a threat to Europe; are all part of the scenario which will lead to the rise of the Great Pope and Great Monarch who will lead the world into an era of peace.  These prophecies also speak of sad events from England and of the assassination of the English king. Many Catholics have also taken note of Father Amorth's message to Father Gruner ( written about in his last letter before he died) that if the consecration of Russia had not happened by October 2015 then great events connected with the predictions of Fatima would begin soon after.

Many Australians are now worried that now that our third sitting Prime Minister in their first term has been treacherously been removed by their party colleagues in the last five years, has now made Australia weaker. There is a strong push for homosexual marriages and to open the floodgates to refugees which many Australians fear are hidden ISIS and other fundamentalist Muslims who wish to disrupt Australia like they have in many other places around the world. Australians are happy to take genuine refugees from the Christian and other persecuted minorities such as the Yezidis in Syria and the middle east but they are worried about Muslim ones, especially the single young men. Two nights ago I had a dream of two Tsunami waves hitting Sydney. Is this a prophetic warning? Are the Tsunamis literal or are they more symbolic for something else of a spiritual nature? As Padre Pio said, "Pray, Hope and Don't Worry", pray your Rosary and try to discern the sign of the times as advocated by Pope Paul VI.

The Three 7's and the Great Tribulation: A Hebrew Catholic Speculation

Added on 25 September 2015: I today saw this article published yesterday.

Nobody Likes a Stock Market Crash, but This Is Why We Need One

 Added 26 September 2015: No obvious crash of the New York stockmarket on Friday and the Pope leaves America on Sunday evening so it would seem at this stage that the locutions mentioned above may turn out to be mistaken.
Added on 29 September: It would seem the locutions mentioned above (Locutions to the World) are indeed not true locutions. The locutionist and the spiritual director while probably sincere have mistaken prayer thoughts, imaginings and meditations for authentic locutions. The website seems to have been removed. God can speak through charismatic words of knowledge and wisdom and prophecy but these are more open to human and demonic input and twists. Locutions are a higher level in which an interior voice speaks in the heart and genuine ones are without error. Apparitions is an even higher form in which Heaven in some form appears to the visionary and the visionary hears and sees them with their exterior senses as well as perceiving them interiorly.  However no matter how true the message the visionary and others often misinterpret the meaning of such messages. Time and the fulfillment of them is often different to people's expectations.


Lisa said...

Maybe, Brother, but I don't think she actually called it a stock market crash, but an economic collapse; as such, does it have to happen on a weekday? I'm not sure. The Holy Father is here for another 24 hours - we will see.

The locutions have also said pretty clearly that she has already prepared her "son", which seems to refer to the next pope, who will consecrate Russia by the 100th anniversary. He also will be the one to die in Jerusalem.

Pardon me, but I have read and re-read these locutions; they seem so motherly, so convincing to me. When I read them, I feel convinced of their veracity, but I'm waiting for this thing to happen, and wondering. As for the Warning after the Pope flees Rome - in these locutions she says that ISIS will move in on Italy. This could certainly be a reason for the Pope to flee, especially if they try to move on the Vatican, which is something that I've read they would like to take over.

God bless you!

Catholic Jew said...

You are correct. The alleged locutionist does say an economic collapse not a stock market crash. Unless something dramatic happens tomorrow in this regards then I think the locutionist will have proved to not truly be receiving locutions but confusing them with their own fallible prayer thoughts and meditations like John Leary did. Prophecies and their timing can be tricky and even canonized saints have misinterpreted their insights or messages from God at times. That is why we place our faith in Jesus and the teachings of the Church not any one particular visionary or locutionist.

jotham said...

Thanks for bringing several prophetic threads together.

Do you think we can really understand prophecies without hindsight? These are, after all, prophetic warnings. Think of poor Jonah, stomping off to die in the desert because the things he warned of failed to materialise. Sometimes I wonder if the "sign of Jonah" is not simply emergence from the tomb on the third day, but the whole conundrum of the action of free-will on the created world, without which there can be no love.

Although the world is very much in turmoil, people are praying and doing penance. People are suffering martyrdom as never before. How is the balance tipping? On this earth, we might never know.

Anonymous said...

I have 50 years of studying Catholic prophecy. I just want to point
out a few things:
1. The Catholic "monarch" that was predicted was Henry V of France
who returned from exile to France and restored the Catholic nature of France. This occurred in the late 1800s. There will be no more catholic "monarchs" (worthy or note). Monarchies have been relegated to small countries and are generally just figureheads.

2. Yes, an economic collapse is looming. U don't need to be a prophet, just an economist, to know that.

3. The warning will occur around 2033 and the chastisement around 2037. The dates may be delayed via prayer and fasting. I probably will be dead before then. Too bad, I really wanted to be around to see a miracle of biblical proportions.


Catholic Jew said...

Thanks for your insights. However I cannot agree with you about the Great Monarch or Henry V. Henry the Count of Chambord was called Henry V by some but he never reigned as King of France and fulfilled none of the prophecies. I also do not believe your timings for the Warning and Chastisement are correct but my dates may also be incorrect. We will have to wait and see.

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Hi, saw this post and thought that anyone here who is interested in the Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff prophecies might like to read my article about the mystic and stigmatist from Brittany France, Marie-Julie Jahenny, who was approved by her local bishop in Nantes 1875.

She was given the most detailed visions and information about the Angelic Pontiff, and also the Great Monarch, who is indeed named Henry V. Her revelations also reveal that yes, Henry the Count of Chambord was and IS the future Great Monarch.

He was still king even if only for a few days, but not by corontion, for French tradition does not work the same way as with other monarchies of Europe. The legitimate heir becomes king by bloodright and 'makes' the crown so to speak, the crown does not make the king. According to Catholic tradition the royal house of France descends from the House of David, the French monarchy was the only one that was recognised by the descent of the Holy Ghost upon King Clovis I similar to Christ at His baptism and therefore this royal house was appointed by Heaven to defend the Catholic Faith of Rome and the Pontiff ever since the defeat of Arianism. So technically the Count was KING Henry V of France for several days before he went into exile.

During his lifetime the Count of Chambord did fulfill several of the conditions / prophecies that display he was the king, and he will RETURN to fufill the rest, but you'll have to read the article to understand. When I discovered Marie-Julie, it was a Eureka moment! You may read the article here:


Lisa Whytock said...

The church in Jerusalem is there....Orthodox as it has been. Rome needs to repent and return to true church from Pentecost.

Catholic Jew said...

Lisa whytock, We are all in need of repentance for our intolerance, arrogance, and elitism including Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox especially for the way they have treated their fellow Christians and the Jewish people both those who are not Christians and the way they treated the original mother Jewish church that founded the Christian faith.

Catholic Jew said...

EA, while I every respect for Marie-Julie Jahenny I do not for one minute accept your interpretation of her prophecies to mean that the Count of Chambord will rise from the dead to be the Great Monarch. As for French (and English)Kings they may technically succeed immediately but they do not truly receive their divine mandate until they are anointed during their coronation ceremony.

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Fair enough, prophecies are not dogmas, neither are interpretations of them: but Heaven through Marie-Julie Jahenny declared Henry V the one called the 'Miracle Child' was the chosen Great Catholic Monarch,(Henry V the Count of Chambord) and even before the Count's death Marie-Julie was told that 'ALL' of the prophecies given to her were about this exiled 'Miracle Child' and that he would be 'RETURNED' to his subjects, for he is 'reserved for future epochs'. Those are the words used in the prophecies.

Through her prophecies, there are constant images of the 'Lily' resurrecting, France resurrecting and rising from a tomb, and since the King is also described as the 'Lily' in places, the concept of Henry V resurrecting is not so far fetched, especially as Jesus told her the people would see resurrections in those days -- the miracles will need to be great because unbelief will become so great. Already, polls are showing Christians are losing faith in the idea of the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of the dead! That's the whole cornerstone of the Christian faith, it looks like Arianism is on the ascendancy again, the 'faith like that of Mohammed' which Our Lord warned her about, so something drastic is about to happen to waken the lukewarm followers of Christianity. Even now God gives powerful gifts to His priests such as healing the sick, casting out demons and raising the dead, if only they would use them.

Either Marie-Julie Jahenny is a false prophet, or, we're about to see things as Our Lord promised, miracles the like of which will not happen again until the Day of Judgement, which includes resurrections, which Our Lord said to her. Her prophecies have been coming true over the years, so we can only wait and see what happens next.