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Friday, December 30, 2016

St Januarius, Naples, Guilio Massa and Volcanic Eruption

Recently I read that the blood of St Januarius did not liquefy in Naples on December 16 which is the first time in 30 years that it hasn't done so. Italians believe that every time this happens it is bad news for the people of Naples. And a few days later it was reported that scientists were concerned that the super volcano Campi Flegrei near Naples was showing signs that it could erupt. I had just read also about an Italian stigmatist called Guilio Massa who earlier in March 2016 gave a message about the future eruption of Campi Flegei (Cuma) near Naples. We need to pray for Italy and for Naples.

On March 24 2016 the Virgin Mary allegedly said to Guilio Massa:  
"...The angel of Justice now with his sword will strike those continents dominated by evil, where the blood of the innocent has been shed unjustly. Pray, pray, pray. I the grieving mother suffer for this humanity that lives in evil. The world will have to live still many sufferings, everything will be terrible. The giant that dominates the land of Cuma will vomit fire and bring destruction and death. Pray, supplicate forgiveness and mercy of my son..."

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Lady, the Zohar and the Rosa Mystica: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

The "Sefer Zohar" is a book that records many of the Jewish mystical insights and traditions that I believe have their source in the mystical teachings of the early Jewish Christians that founded the Church (Kehilla). These mystical teachings were passed on in secrecy in the Jewish community by certain schools of mystics. They were veiled in order to preserve these mysteries and disguise their Jewish Christian meaning.

The beginning of the Sefer Zohar reveals that the book is concerned with the mysteries connected with Rosa Mystica (the Mystical Rose) which is identified with Our Lady and her Son the Jewish Mashiach. The feminine Rosa Mystica is Our Lady also called Kneset Yisrael, Matronita and Sabbath Queen. This spouse of the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) mirrors the mysteries of the Godhead as the Moon mirrors the Sun. She is the Woman (Isha) clothed with the Sun standing on the Moon of Apocalypse 12. Jewish traditions link Miriam the virginal sister of Moses with the name Zohar which alludes to the splendour of the noon-day sun. This Miriam is a template or icon of the ultimate Miriam who is more splendorous than the sun at noon-tide and the central figure of Sefer Zohar.
The  "Sefer Zohar" opens quoting the verse from the "Song of Songs" about one who is a ‘shoshanah’ among the thorns. Shoshanah is translated as a Lily or as a Rose. In Ladino it is translated as ‘roza’. The Zohar considers it to be a rose as well. Since ancient times the Rose has been the sign of Mystery. In Aramaic ‘mystery’ is ‘raza’ and the European word ‘roza’ derives from the Aramaic word Raza symbolised by the Rose. The rose was also a symbol of paradise for the early Christians coming from the Jewish concept of the Mystical world called Pardes to which the mystics ascend and descend.

“Rabbi Hezekiah opened, ‘Like a rose among thorns, so is my darling among the maidens’ (Song of Songs 2:2). Who is Rosa Mystica? Our Lady of Israel (Kneset Yisrael/ Matronita/ Sabbath Queen). For there is a Rose and then there is Rosa Mystica. Just as a rose among the thorns is coloured red and white, so Our Lady of Israel includes judgement and mercy. Just as a Rose has 13 petals, so Our Lady of Israel has 13 attributes of mercy surrounding her on every side. Similarly from the moment Elohim (God) is mentioned (in Genesis 1) he generates 13 words to surround Our Lady (in Eternity) and protect her. Then Elohim is mentioned again. Why again? To produce 5 sturdy leaves surrounding Rosa Mystica. These 5 are called Salvation (Yeshuot/Yeshua), they are 5 gates. Concerning this mystery (raza) it is written: I shall raise the Cup of Salvation (Psalm 116:13). This is the cup of Blessing, which should rest on 5 fingers and no more – like the Rose sitting on 5 sturdy leaves, paradigm of 5 fingers. This Rosa Mystica is the Cup of Blessing” Zohar 1:1a.

The "Sefer Zohar" then discusses this feminine Rosa Mystica who is the woman of Israel called Kneset Yisrael. Other traditions call her Matronita, the Heavenly warrior Queen of Israel. In the Catholic understanding this is Our Lady under her title of Rosa Mystica. This title is intricately linked with Our Lady’s title of Immaculate Conception.

The Zohar refers to this Rosa Mystica as connected with the 13 qualities or attributes of Mercy or loving-kindness (chesed). She is the mirror or created light that mirrors clearly and perfectly the 13 qualities of Mercy of the Divinity himself (seen as Divine Mercy). This is Our Lady of Fatima (as Our Lady of Mercy) who is connected with the number 13. This mystical Rose is red and white mirroring the Divine attributes of Judgement and Mercy. As a Rose has 13 petals so the Rosa Mystica has 13 qualities or paths of Mercy.

“Like a rose (shoshanah) among thorns, so is my darling among the maidens” (Song of Songs 2:2).This first section of the Zohar speaks of the Immaculate Conception using this verse from the Song of Songs to show that Our Lady the Rosa Mystica is saved, by Yeshua through his 5 wounds (gates), from the demonic forces that have ruled men since the Fall. The thorns represent sin and the demons. The 5 leaves that surround the rose are connected here with Salvation. Salvation is Yeshua (Jesus) in Hebrew. Salvation’s five gates (y'shuot) are the five wounds of Yeshua in his hands, feet and heart. These five gates are also linked to the five books of the Torah.

As we dance and rejoice at Simchat Torah so Our Lady Miriam ha Kedosha the rejoicing Daughter of Zion danced at Cana when the living waters of the Torah were transformed into the the new wine of the kingdom. This new wine is the full blossoming of the Rosa Mystica that was first revealed (eyes opened) in Bereshit (read at the Marian level as Bat Reshit/ First Daughter or Daughter of the Beginning) who as the Mediatrix of all Graces will, in union with St Joseph and the servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, usher in the era of the Divine Will reigning on earth as it is in Heaven.


Our Lady Danced at Cana: A Hebrew Catholic Poem

Our Lady danced at Cana,
At a wedding feast of new wine,
But as the Lady Wisdom,
She dances through all time,
She dances with the Spirit,
In the midst of the Light,
On the first day of Creation,
Of that ancient Primordial Time,
As the face upon the waters,
United and hovering in the mystical dance,
Upon the wings of the Spirit,
She the celestial Rose bride,
Circles in wedding triumph,
The face of the Bridegroom
That face upon the deep,
 Deep calling to deeper,
In a vibrant tango clasp,
Within the Immaculate Heart,
God’s perfect sapphire mirror,
The spiritual waters of her womb,
Deep in the hidden Well of Miriam,
Then later in time her presence,
 At one with Miriam and the women spiral dancing,
As living Icon of faith at the way of the sea,
She sheds salty and bitter tears of a sorrowful mother,
Our Lady of Seven Dolours,
Filling the seven seas,
Leaving room for the “place”,
Of the solid foundation,
Her beloved Joseph- the gathering one,
Pillar of the Earth,
And face of the Heavenly Expanse,
Master of God’s House of Prayer,
He the six-petalled Davidic lily-rose,
Of God’s work over six creative days,
Culminating with the glorious Sabbath Queen,
As a thirteen-petalled Rose day dance,
An ‘Our Father, ten ‘Hail Marys’,
A ‘Glory be’ and “O my Jesus’,
The thirteen step choreography,
A Heavenly Rose Garden,
Found on Eden’s height,
Amidst the apple orchard,
Of the tree of life,
In her Shekhinah glory,
She dances in Eden’s light.
In the downward dance of death,
She follows them to the East,
Our first parents-
Who once danced with her in the Divine Volition-
They descend to greenest slime,
The filth of disobedience,
Opposed to the Creator’s Will,
Causing all to decay,
Until the Resurrection Day,
When the Father will dance in joy,
In high Celestial marriage feast,
With his beloved prodigal sons and daughters,
In honour of Our Lady,
Mankind’s Hope and Heavenly Wisdom,
Shone through all Creation.
The dance goes on and on,
In an ever increasing crescendo,
Of leaps and bounds of joy,
Through all Eternity,
The perpetual Wedding Feast,
That is the Lamb’s great Supper.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Churning of the Advent Butter: A Poem

My mind churns with apocalyptic
And dark images
Of war and geo-physical trauma,
Terror bomb attacks,
And political chaos,
As I incessantly tap, tap, tap.
On lap-top key,
Is it symbol for Adam’s forbidden fig turned bitter?
News and more news,
Fake news abounding,
Information and more information,
A modern Tree of Knowledge.
Yet when my eyes deign
To leave that deadly screen,
And my ears gain freedom
From perpetual noise-filled headphones,
I hear peaceful sounds of birds a-twitter
And crickets playing,
In sunlight delighting,
In the midst of my Hidden Valley.
On the Apple Isle of St Joseph,
I am far from the horrors,
Of Syrian nightmare migration,
And the Northern Hemisphere showdown,
Will it be Putin and Obama in high-noon gunfight,
Or brothers in military arms?
Why do I bring these terrors,
Into my sweet, green and lush glen,
Populated more with sheep and cows than my fellow man?
Why? I am human, I share my brothers’ sorrows.
I turn to my watchtower of prayer,
And Eucharistic gateway,
Channeling the Light of our Hidden Messiah,
Into my beautiful Valley,
Out into the darkness,
Turning all the churning,
To light and creamy butter,
Soothing and healing butter-
Our Mother’s sweet milk of Mercy divine,
In this Advent Season of the Refiner’s fire.