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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monacelli Movement: Little Monks and Little Nuns of Divine Will

 The Little Eucharsitic Brothers of Divine Will a monacelli community

For some time we have been looking for the right word to describe those who feel called to live out a Divine Will or Luisan vocation of poverty, chastity and obedience in the Divine Will. In English the term Little Brothers or Little Sisters seemed the best choice as a cross between friars and monks. We thought of the terms miars or fronks but they didn't seem right. Then in reading the new Vatican approved biography of Luisa Picarretta I found the Italian term that Jesus used for Luisa being his little nun as monacella. The masculine would be monacello and in the plural monacelli.

Blessed Charles de Foucauld
These monacelli would live the evangelical counsels but not have the complete stability of monks nor the wandering nature of friars. I feel that there is a new way in consecrated life that will focus on the message of Divine Will through a consecrated and eucharistic prism or paradigm. Like Blessed Charles de Foucauld and the servant of God Luisa Picarretta this vocation of being a monacello or monacella can be lived out by oneself or in small community houses modeled on the Holy House of Nazareth. The aim is not to establish new orders or religious institutes with public solemn vows but for individuals or communities to take private vows or promises to the Lord. The communities may need to be private or public associations of Christ's faithful depending on their ministries. 

These monacelli would have the mystical focus of the early Carmelites and the freedom of the spirit and trust in Divine Providence of the early Franciscans. They would be a mix of the contemplative and active ways but inclining more towards the contemplative. They would not be like the traditional houses of silence but have silence mixed with active discussion of the writings and teachings of Divine Will as revealed to Luisa and its inter-reaction with the spiritual and mystical teachings of the broader Church and Judaism. 


Richard X said...

Hello. I just discovered your blog and am delighted to read about your monacelli and the focus on Luisa Picarretta's writings on the Divine Will! I live in the state of Minnesota located in the northern midwest of the United States of America. I am also living the life of a somewhat, modern-day hermit, contemplative/active... working 1.5 jobs, attending daily mass,... doing my best to fight the good fight! I was brought to your blog Googling "garabandal april 13". I am also a Catholic Jew. April 13th is also the feast day of Saint Hermenegild, a martyr of the eucharist and a Spanish saint. I believe the Garabandal messages mentioned that the miracle would occur on the feast of a martyr of the eucharist. If that is so, then the miracle could occur within one year prior to that date, right?


Catholic Jew said...

Dear Richard X, Lovely to hear from a fellow monacello and Catholic Jew. I think you mean the warning occurring within a year before the miracle. If the the miracle does occur on April 13 2017 then the warning could occur anytime from April 13 2016 onwards. Today i read on Spirit Daily that a well known Australian visionary mentions a major event that sounds like it may be referring to the warning happening in 2016. I don't know if this visionary is genuine but I keep an open mind. I suspect if it does occur this year it will be in the last quarter of the year sometime after September 1. If it hasn't occurred by April 1 2017 then I would say that the date for the miracle is wrong.