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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Dark Tower: Childe Gilbert's Lament

What is that Dark tower?
Is it false or true path?
Is it the four grey walls and towers 
of a dystopian Lady of Shalott?
Or does it hide the mystery of the Grail
woven into that Dark Mirror beholding...
Childe Harold and Childe Roland,
Childe Gilbert of Narbonne,
by Saracens crucified but surviving,
Lancelot and Song of Roland,
blowing of horn?
-all is pilgrimage into Dark Night
Is it path to meet Joe Black,
or misty dark road to Avalon,
where singing of Jerusalem,
echoes over murky black waters through the ages,
 to that "Countenance Divine",
 among those "Dark Satanic Mills"?
Or is the Beast skulking once more to be born,
 as in a Yeatesque apocalyptic vision,
 in a  technological Ragnarok,
stealing all the human children,
in a matrix-like web of deception?
Come away, genderless fairy child,
before the false light,
of newspeak political correctness,
of the Dark doubleplusgood,
comes to take you to an Orwellian room,
and beastly farmer kingdom.

Where is the Luddite when we need him,
in this twilight of the gods?
A Great romantic Monarch, Duke and Red-Cross Knight,
-who will free the digitalised and burdened Earth,
panting in end-time pangs and wails,
- in that image of Him that was nailed.
Beyond the Tower-is the Chalice and the Lattice glimpsed,
Hidden in the darkness of the Womb,
the Womb that encloses and encompasses All
 - waiting for the final push,
That will bring All to new birth,
Beyond the shades of Night's Dark Light,
walking in her Black Madonna Beauty,
from Dark Radiance into the Brilliant Brightness,
of She more radiant than the Noon-day Sun,
Czestochowa's God-like icon. 

Note: Childe Gilbert is the youngest son of Machir Theodoric of Narbonne (Aimeri d'Narbonne in the French Chansons) the Jewish King of Septimania, who was crucified by the Saracens but survived the ordeal in the 8th century in southern France. He was also known as Guibelin, Guibert, Gui Alberic, Alberic, Gunderland and Yakar bar Makhir Todros. He was known as Count Gilbert of Narbonne and later as Count Gilbert of Rouergue.


Trump of Salvation: Childe Gilbert's Crucifixion


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