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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

St Joseph:Quasi-Incarnation of the Father

Recently, our parish priest on Trinity Sunday spoke of his dislike of those pictures or icons that presented God the Father as an old man. Today I was speaking to a Catholic hermitess of Jewish ancestry who shared her thoughts with me about how the humanity of the God-man Yeshua connects in his humanity with the Father and the Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Kadosh). She spoke about how St Maximilian Kolbe called Our Lady the quasi-incarnation of the Holy Spirit (see Baruch 3:37) and thus we could perhaps refer to St Joseph as the quasi-incarnation (shadow) of the Father. It is through Joseph's humanity that the Father sheds tears for his son. Was it St Joseph in Eternity that appeared as the Angel of Consolation to Yeshua in the Garden of Gethsemane?

Reflecting on this I realised that the best created and living icon of God the Father is in fact St Joseph. I have never liked the images of St Joseph as a balding old man, much like my parish priest doesn't like the images of God the Father as an old man. One Catholic tradition states that Yeshua and St Joseph looked physically alike so there would be no scandal about his paternity. Thus a painted icon of God the Trinity could have three identical young men representing the Trinity. 

In a sense, the Church (Kehilla / Ekklesia) is a triune manifestation of Divine Wisdom or Intelligence  (Sekhel) as House of God, Bride of Mashiach and Body of Mashiach. St Joseph as the created icon or shadow (quasi-incarnation) of God the Father is the Father or Master of the House. He represents the Divine Wisdom or Intelligence (Sekhel) as Hokhmah (wisdom) and Abba (Daddy/ Papa). Our Lady as the created icon and quasi-incarnation of God the Holy Spirit and of the ousia (essence/ atzmut) of the Divinity is the Mother of the Bride. She represents the Divine Wisdom as Binah (understanding) and Imma (Mummy/ Mama). Yeshua in his humanity as the created visible icon and incarnation of the Divinity of God the Son and of the invisible Triune God is the Head of the Body. He represents the Divine Wisdom as Daat (knowledge), Keter (crown) and the hidden Ratzon (Divine Will). The Jewish tradition calls the Messiah the Ish ha-Daat (the man of knowledge).

The triune nature of the soul as intellect, memory and will is in Plato's teaching known as intellect, affections (feelings /emotions) and volitional will. In Hebrew this is called sekhel, regesh and ratzon. In a sense sekhel represents the role of the hidden Father, regesh represents the loving Mother who ponders all in her heart, and ratzon represents the volitional will which puts the Father's will into act. The brain or head is the bodily vessel of sekhel, the heart is the bodily vessel of regesh, and the hands and feets are the bodily vessels of ratzon. Using 1 John 5:7-8 as our template we can say that there are three (partzufim/ persons) that testify in Heaven- the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit and these three are one (echad) and on earth there are three (partzufim) who testify - Yeshua, Miriam and Joseph and these three agree as one. 

It was the incarnated and resurrected Yeshua as the God and prince of the Torah that manifested on Sinai out of Eternity united with the mystical quasi-incarnational presence of the Holy Spirit in Miriam ha Kedosha as the fire and the mystical quasi-incarnational presence of the Father in St Joseph as the Cloud. These are three hearts that beat as one. In the same manner the incarnated and resurrected God-Messiah as Divine Word burst forth into time at the beginning (bereshit) out of Eternity united with the Will of the Father and the power of the Spirit and created the universe in the Template of these three human hearts that beat as one.The Pirkei de Rabbi Eliezer states: "The world was created by 10 sayings and they are included in three, in wisdom, understanding and knowledge."

see Partzufim:A Hebrew Catholic Understanding

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