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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump of Salvation: Childe Gilbert's Crucifixion

Childe Gilbert the crucified one

Forerunner of the victims of Islamic terror

Jews and Christians targeted together

you a Jewish son of Jewish Septimanian King

Reigning in the citadel of Narbonne

 Sweet child of David’s seed

A later icon of a Crucified One

That pale Galilean that conquered.

Your father Machir Theodoric

The Aimeri of Chansonic legend

 in union with the great Martel

delivered  cocky France from the Saracen scourge

Narbonne for period of seven years

Clear of Sharia oppression.

Machir to canny Aberdeen did go

In order to wed a second bride

Leaving his youngest child by the first

That pure and innocent Childe Gilbert

To face the second beastly pestilence that descended

On peaceful Jewish Septimania

Upon a cross they did crucify

The young circumcised Jewish prince

Who survived this holocaust of the wicked

With the help of his mamzer cousin

The fabulous and charming Milo

Scion of the dynasty called Grail

Do we see his latter day image

in the fake blonde Yiannopoulos?

Childe Gilbert after return of bold Machir

From Caledonian darkness

 now Lord of Toulousan Rouergue

Becomes hidden in the mists of legend

A lost song of the middle ages

Once again in time of clash of civilizations

A revived Carolingian alliance

of Jew, Converso and Christian

To holt the Beast system

To bring forth the Kingdom

Through holy hours of battle

In Eucharistic intercession.

Once more is lifted high

The all conquering

Sign of Contradiction

Gathering as Ensign to the Nations

Warriors and Knights

To fight that good fight

In this Darkest of Nights

When all the Lights

Are rapidly blown out

By jihadist bombs

And fifth columnist media devastation.

All paused before the Void

We await the Trump of salvation,

Is it false hope with bad blonde hairdo

Or has a new Cyrus of the Far West

Arisen in the Manasseh nation?


The Dark Tower: Childe Gilbert's Lament

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