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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Medjugorje, Garabandal and 18 March 2017: A Hebrew Catholic Opinion

Today is August 31 2016 and the anniversary of Princess Diana's death and the feast day of St Joseph of Arimathea and St Nicodemus in the calendar of the Latin Patriarchy of the Holy Land. Today I also received an email saying that Mirjana of Medjugorje has seen some significance in regards to the secrets with the date 18 March 2017. In fact it would seem that Mirjana did some years ago talk about the significance of March 18 but no year was given-this is just one man's speculation that we should watch March 18 next year as the possible date that Mirjana was referring to in her answer to a pilgrim.
“Great people were born on the 18th of March. But I never have my birthday because that is the day of the apparition. And many people have the wrong opinion about it. They feel that Our Lady comes to me on the 18th of March because it is my birthday. She doesn’t come for sure for that reason because she never said to me Happy Birthday. When everything starts happening, then you will be able to understand why the 18th of March, why every second of the month, why Wednesdays and Fridays are days of fasting, everything will be clear.”
The number 18 has a lot of significance with the apparitions of Garabandal. It is interesting that in the Jewish world speculation from Jewish prophecies speak of an event connected with a comet (Star of Jacob) to occur on the 25th Day of the sixth Jewish month by the 16th century Jewish mystical Rabbi Moses Cordovero. There is some disagreement about whether that month is Adar or Elul. The 25th of Adar 5777 (2017) next year is on March 23 which is 5 days after March 18 (Adar 20). Could this March 18 date be connected to the Warning of Garabandal? Time will only tell.

Some have claimed that the warning and miracle of Garanbandal will occur in the same calendar year rather than within a year of each other. If the miracle occurs on April 13 2017 then the warning may also occur in 2017. Some claim that one of the visionaries mentioned it would be either about 3 weeks or 3 months before the Warning. Thus the warning could happen anytime between January 13th and 23rd of March. It is interesting that the three weeks before date of March 23rd matches the Jewish date of the 25th of Adar in 2017. Is the coming of the comet or asteroid and the warning connected? Could March 18 be the day when Mirjana's priest announces the first of the secrets. If he did this on the evening of March 18 then that would be the 21st of Adar in the Jewish calendar, then three days follow until the 24th of Adar and then the prophesied event on the 25th of Adar (sundown of March 22 to sundown of March 23).

Whatever the result, next year is the 100th year Jubilee since the apparitions of Fatima occurred in 1917 and is also a Jubilee year in the prophetic Jewish calendar of the Jewish mystics as referred to by Rabbi Judah ha Chasid ben Samuel of Speyer who died in 1217 (a prophetic Jubilee year). Also 2017 will be the 50th Jubilee anniversary of the return of Jerusalem to Jewish control and the 100th year Jubilee of the signing of the Balfour declaration and the end of exactly 400 years of Turkish rule over Jerusalem. Some have predicted that the events of the warning and miracle would impact on the Jewish people in a deep way. (see Garabandal and the Synagogue). It will also be the 500th anniversary of the period known as the Church of Sardis which began with the Great Catholic Monarch the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and the Protestant Revolt and will conclude with the rise of the Great Catholic Monarch Henry leading into the era of the Church of Philadelphia. 


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Halakhic Measuring Rod and the Israel of God: Galatians 6:16

Due to a long tradition of replacement theology found in the Gentile Church, Scripture has been and is translated in a way to support the concept that the Church has replaced Israel. One of the texts used to support this idea is found in Galatians 6:16. 

"...And whosoever shall follow this rule, peace on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God..."
Different versions translate the Greek slightly differently. Christian theologians also give their own slant on the translation. Paul has just been vigorously discussing that Gentile believers don't need to become circumcised in order to be saved and that Jewish believers don't need to deny their circumcision and its value in order to be saved and is summing up the discussion. 

In Gal 6:16 he is saying that he places peace (shalom) upon those Christians who obey his ruling or Halakah. However many translate the last part of the sentence that refers to mercy (rachamim) and the Israel of God as if he is still speaking of those who received his "shalom". However if the peace and mercy apply to those believers who follow his halakah, it would have been clearer to just say ἐρηνη και ἐλεος (peace and mercy). However it makes more sense that peace is associated with Jewish and Gentile believers being reconciled and that the mercy refers to the Israel of God. The και (and) after mercy is most likely to be translated as the explicative (even) rather than the additive (and). It is the Israel of God (the Jewish people and authorities who haven't accepted Yeshua as the Messiah yet) that has stumbled and is in need of God's mercy or salvation.

Many read this "Israel of God" as referring to the new Church made up of Jews and Gentiles. However this may possibly be the case if it had said the "Israel of Christ" or some such expression. If we refer to Romans 9-11 then we see Paul's greatest desire is for the full salvation of the Jewish people and their attaining to God's mercy in the Messiah. Another way of translating Galatians 6:16 is:

"...And peace be upon those who measure according to this halakah and mercy even upon the Israel of God (the still chosen Jewish people)..."
The Greek word στοιχήσουσιν (they will walk) refers to the Rabbinic term Halakah (the way one walks). The Douai Rheims Bible uses the word "follow" in English. The Greek word κανόνι means a rule or measure or level and translates the hebrew קְנֵח (kaneh) (a measuring rod). This evokes the imagery of a well balanced or level scales between Jews and Gentiles in Messiah. Unfortunately the Gentile believers gradually decided to place everything on the Gentile side of the scale and ignore the Halakah as taught by Paul and the early Church. Not only did they want Jews in the Church to deny the value of their circumcision and all Jewish observances, they then decided to nullify the Jewish people by replacing themselves as the Israel of God and taking the special mercy and role reserved for the Jewish people to themselves.

Many today and in the past read Paul in a literalistic and Gentile manner. Rabbi Sha'ul of Tarsus is a great Rabbinic Jewish mystic and has trained as a master of the Torah both written and oral under the tutelage of Hillel's grandson Gamaliel.  Paul uses a Jewish midrashic approach including the seven rules of Hillel for biblical exegesis and their expansion by the great mystic master Rabbi Nechunya ha Kanah. This is why Peter, the down-to-earth fisherman reflected in Mark's Gospel, warns us that Paul can be difficult for some to understand. 2 Peter 3:15-16:

 "15 Consider also that our Lord’s patience brings salvation, just as our beloved brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom God gave him. 16 He writes this way in all his letters, speaking in them about such matters. Some parts of his letters are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction. "

When the divine peace and measure between Jews and Gentiles in the Church is restored will the special saving mercy of God touch the Jewish people when the Halakah of Paul and the early Church is restored? Will we have a new and fresh Hebraic penetration of Paul's teaching when the future ingrafted Rabbis and mystics of Judaism are reconciled with their Gentile brothers and sisters in the Church? Will this be part of the resurrection or life from the dead that will bless the Church and the world mentioned by Paul in Romans 11?

Enoch a Gentile ancestor of both Jews and Gentiles and Elijah a Jewish prophet coming again to preach repentance to the Jews and Gentiles as the two Olive Trees and to be martyred by the Antichrist or Beast like a Leopard (the Third Beast of  Daniel). This Antichrist will have the oratory power of the Beast like an Eagle or Lion (Hitler) and the ruthlessness of the Beast like a Bear (Stalin).
Note: The Peshitta text in Aramaic or Syriac states:                          ואילין דלהנא שׁבילא שׁלמין שׁלמא נהוא עליהון 
 ורחמא ועל איסריל דאלהא .
This also demonstrates that the peace is for those who follow the path (Halakah) and the compassionate mercy is for the Israel of God

see St Thomas Aquinas and New Law: A Hebrew Catholic Opinion

Friday, August 05, 2016

Three Gilberts: The Gathering of Eagles

Brother Gilbert high in Eucharistic look-out tower

Beholds the Hidden Valley behind the seat of God

Covered in thick mist of salvation history

And in its midst the soaring of eagles

In Divine Will he redos all Creation

in very little Luisan perfection

In the bonds of the brotherhood of the South

as foretold in Zohar splendour

Encircling the world with a new direction

As he soars in Spirit in mystic vision

He beholds Childe Gilbert and Childe Roland

In the Valley of Decision a renewed Jezreel

And then he descends to the time

Of dear saint Gilbert of Sempringham fame

United with prayerful Sisters and Canons

In powerful Eucharistic contemplation

While surviving on that bland pottage

In time of the clash of Eagles

Sweet Thomas a Becket and Lion-like Henry

Church and State and rights of priests

Martyr of the altar

Back to reality jolted by modern day priestly martyr

Holy old priest dear Jacques Hamel

a new French Santiago

With throat slit in Jihadi terror in the midst of France

With its ancient prophecy of the holy Great Monarch

In time of the gathering of Eagles

The militia of the Holy Spirit

Holy Cross-bearers of the Crucified Body

In Rouen seat of ancient Kings

Sanctified now with funeral of Hamel

Soon to see crowning of Henry the Eagle and the Lion

Of Europe’s expectation after Paris' firery destruction

Hordes of new Saracen hosts

Pouring through Europe’s gates

Unchecked by political correct swaying

Gather O Eagles Gather

Bind all the evil spirits

Fly in new expectation

In the wings of the Woman and the Female

Let Jerusalem and Rome unite

With the eternal bonds of Corato

In the hidden strong arms of Joseph

Icon of a loving father

Shadow of the Eternal Most High

In a last days blaze of Glory

As the eagles soar and gather

With lightning flash then thunder

As silence envelops all

And reveals Nachman’s hidden melody

Of the Kingdom that is here and coming.


Trump of Salvation: Childe Gilbert's Crucifixion