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Friday, August 05, 2016

Three Gilberts: The Gathering of Eagles

Brother Gilbert high in Eucharistic look-out tower

Beholds the Hidden Valley behind the seat of God

Covered in thick mist of salvation history

And in its midst the soaring of eagles

In Divine Will he redos all Creation

in very little Luisan perfection

In the bonds of the brotherhood of the South

as foretold in Zohar splendour

Encircling the world with a new direction

As he soars in Spirit in mystic vision

He beholds Childe Gilbert and Childe Roland

In the Valley of Decision a renewed Jezreel

And then he descends to the time

Of dear saint Gilbert of Sempringham fame

United with prayerful Sisters and Canons

In powerful Eucharistic contemplation

While surviving on that bland pottage

In time of the clash of Eagles

Sweet Thomas a Becket and Lion-like Henry

Church and State and rights of priests

Martyr of the altar

Back to reality jolted by modern day priestly martyr

Holy old priest dear Jacques Hamel

a new French Santiago

With throat slit in Jihadi terror in the midst of France

With its ancient prophecy of the holy Great Monarch

In time of the gathering of Eagles

The militia of the Holy Spirit

Holy Cross-bearers of the Crucified Body

In Rouen seat of ancient Kings

Sanctified now with funeral of Hamel

Soon to see crowning of Henry the Eagle and the Lion

Of Europe’s expectation after Paris' firery destruction

Hordes of new Saracen hosts

Pouring through Europe’s gates

Unchecked by political correct swaying

Gather O Eagles Gather

Bind all the evil spirits

Fly in new expectation

In the wings of the Woman and the Female

Let Jerusalem and Rome unite

With the eternal bonds of Corato

In the hidden strong arms of Joseph

Icon of a loving father

Shadow of the Eternal Most High

In a last days blaze of Glory

As the eagles soar and gather

With lightning flash then thunder

As silence envelops all

And reveals Nachman’s hidden melody

Of the Kingdom that is here and coming.


Trump of Salvation: Childe Gilbert's Crucifixion

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