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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yeshua, Do you trust the Gentiles?

Yeshua, Do you trust the Gentiles?

Those who have crucified you again and again,

In the flesh of your Jewish brothers,

Pogroms, Inquisitions and the Shoah,

Holocausts of the wicked,

Are they beloved friends or evildoers,

Who consume your sacred flesh?

That flesh which is the flesh of your Holy Mother,

The crucified Woman of Israel,

A very sorrowful Rachel,

Weeping without break,

For her children no-more,

Gone into an Auschwitz oven,

Or forced assimilation of conversos to Gentile ways,

To keep quiet and sit at the back,

 of the monolithic Church bus,

No Shabbat light, no Bris, no Yiddishkeit,

Forced roast Pork and prawn cocktail,

A perversion of Shaul of Tarsus,

Ringing throughout their Cathedrals of uniformity,

More Temple of Zeus than Jewish House of worship,

A genocide by Gentile assimilation,

Yeshua did not your Jewess mother,

Faithfully light the Shabbas and festive candles?

And you and Joseph daily don Tefillin,

And pronounce brachot in workshop and Shul,

In the land of Israel in both the Galil and Yerushalim?

Yeshua Why do you bother with the Gentiles?

French Revolution, Goddess of Reason,

They spit once again in your face,

In time of Apostasy of Gentiles,

They ban you from the public space,

And enthrone themselves in your place,

When will the times of the Gentiles end?

And you open the eyes of those who belong,

To the flesh of your flesh,

To the heart of your heart,

Covered in your blood,

After two thousands years of Exile,

Walking the via dolorosa of history,

Becoming conformed to your likeness,

A crucified people for a crucified King,

A leper people for a Leper Messiah.

Despised by the Gentiles who rage so furiously,

Against the anointed and his Torah people,

Yeshua have you preserved a small remnant among the Gentiles,

Who have not bowed the knee to anti-Semitic mentality?

And love you in the fullness of your Jewish flesh and identity,

And long for a Church that is once again truly made up of Jews and Gentiles,

As brothers of the one Mother,

That Woman of Israel crowned with twelve stars,

Brighter is she than the noon-day Sun,

And crusher of that noon-day demon,

 of Gentile conformity and oppression,

The aborted child of Lilith,

 who arrays herself in the blood of your people,

In a final apocalyptic battle against the camp of the saints.

Yeshua! Mashiach! cries the Jewish Rebbes as they see the veil lifted from the Torah,

And behold their Jewish brother,

Not a Gentile God whose followers persecute in his Gentilised name.

But the one they have longed for,

Hidden in the outskirts of Rome among the Lepers,

The bite of Edom truly become a brotherly kiss,

And Joseph and Judah weeping in each others arms.

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