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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Lady Danced at Cana: A Hebrew Catholic Poem

Our Lady danced at Cana,
At a wedding feast of new wine,
But as the Lady Wisdom,
She dances through all time,
She dances with the Spirit,
In the midst of the Light,
On the first day of Creation,
Of that ancient Primordial Time,
As the face upon the waters,
United and hovering in the mystical dance,
Upon the wings of the Spirit,
She the celestial Rose bride,
Circles in wedding triumph,
The face of the Bridegroom
That face upon the deep,
 Deep calling to deeper,
In a vibrant tango clasp,
Within the Immaculate Heart,
God’s perfect sapphire mirror,
The spiritual waters of her womb,
Deep in the hidden Well of Miriam,
Then later in time her presence,
 At one with Miriam and the women spiral dancing,
As living Icon of faith at the way of the sea,
She sheds salty and bitter tears of a sorrowful mother,
Our Lady of Seven Dolours,
Filling the seven seas,
Leaving room for the “place”,
Of the solid foundation,
Her beloved Joseph- the gathering one,
Pillar of the Earth,
And face of the Heavenly Expanse,
Master of God’s House of Prayer,
He the six-petalled Davidic lily-rose,
Of God’s work over six creative days,
Culminating with the glorious Sabbath Queen,
As a thirteen-petalled Rose day dance,
An ‘Our Father, ten ‘Hail Marys’,
A ‘Glory be’ and “O my Jesus’,
The thirteen step choreography,
A Heavenly Rose Garden,
Found on Eden’s height,
Amidst the apple orchard,
Of the tree of life,
In her Shekhinah glory,
She dances in Eden’s light.
In the downward dance of death,
She follows them to the East,
Our first parents-
Who once danced with her in the Divine Volition-
They descend to greenest slime,
The filth of disobedience,
Opposed to the Creator’s Will,
Causing all to decay,
Until the Resurrection Day,
When the Father will dance in joy,
In high Celestial marriage feast,
With his beloved prodigal sons and daughters,
In honour of Our Lady,
Mankind’s Hope and Heavenly Wisdom,
Shone through all Creation.
The dance goes on and on,
In an ever increasing crescendo,
Of leaps and bounds of joy,
Through all Eternity,
The perpetual Wedding Feast,
That is the Lamb’s great Supper.

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