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Friday, December 30, 2016

St Januarius, Naples, Guilio Massa and Volcanic Eruption

Recently I read that the blood of St Januarius did not liquefy in Naples on December 16 which is the first time in 30 years that it hasn't done so. Italians believe that every time this happens it is bad news for the people of Naples. And a few days later it was reported that scientists were concerned that the super volcano Campi Flegrei near Naples was showing signs that it could erupt. I had just read also about an Italian stigmatist called Guilio Massa who earlier in March 2016 gave a message about the future eruption of Campi Flegei (Cuma) near Naples. We need to pray for Italy and for Naples.

On March 24 2016 the Virgin Mary allegedly said to Guilio Massa:  
"...The angel of Justice now with his sword will strike those continents dominated by evil, where the blood of the innocent has been shed unjustly. Pray, pray, pray. I the grieving mother suffer for this humanity that lives in evil. The world will have to live still many sufferings, everything will be terrible. The giant that dominates the land of Cuma will vomit fire and bring destruction and death. Pray, supplicate forgiveness and mercy of my son..."

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