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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Joseph, the Cup of Blessing and Rosa Mystica: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

The Sefer Zohar states: "The Rose is the Cup of Blessing". This is part of the mystery of the Holy Grail. It is also the Eucharistic Cup of Blessing in the liturgy of the Mass. Thus the Rose in another sense refers to the Eucharist. This is the Cup of Salvation that has messianic significance (see Psalm 116:13). The Zohar associates this cup with the Holy Child who is Son of Joseph and associated with the fish (nuna in Aramaic). Every holy hour of Eucharistic Adoration is an entering into the rose and the Divine Attributes follow forth as a rose unfolding and blossoming. Rav Hamnuna Sava mentioned in the Sefer Zohar is a reference to the Fisherking of this period who is a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea the original guardian of the Holy Grail. This is the Rose as ‘Shoshan’ the male six petalled one. ‘Shoshanah’ is the female thirteen petalled Rose.

The six days of Creation are also the unfolding or blossoming of the Rose. On the first day of Creation the conceptual light of the Two Hearts was hidden in the textual well of Miriam. On the third day of Creation these two beautiful blossoming plants ‘appeared on earth’. This means that the concept of the Two Hearts was revealed to the angelic beings who, under God, ruled the Universe and the Earth. On the fourth day of Creation the imperfect lights (angelic beings who became demons) fell by rejecting the Divine Will and Light for these Two Hearts. 

These Two Hearts were the beautiful blossoming Mystical Rose Bush and the Mystical Apple Tree. They are the image and model for the Creation. They are the Eternal Blueprint and the Living Torah. The attributes called the blossoms are mirrored in the patriarchs. Like the Two hearts the Patriarchs and Matriarchs were in the mind of the Creator as a Blueprint before the actual spiritual and physical creation. In the Olam Haba (The World that is Coming) they were hidden with ‘the Two Hearts that beat as One’. The blossoming Mystical Rose Bush is also the Burning Bush of Exodus who Moses encountered and from which the Lord spoke from its midst.This also alludes to the mystery of the Immaculate Conception.

The Patriarch Joseph is a representative of the heavenly Joseph associated with the Divine Attribute of Righteousness. This heavenly Joseph is the Ultimate Tzadik (Righteous One). Joseph is the one who lives in Divine Will through being totally eclipsed or hidden in his spousal bride. The patriarch Joseph is also a type of Joseph, the husband of Our Lady, who is also called a Tzadik (rigteous or just man) in the New Testament. Joseph is the hidden Tzadik and Master of Prayer referred to in the teaching of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (see Likutey Moharan 67). Joseph is also a sign of the Messiah son of Joseph who is to come in the fullness of these attributes that are called the blossoms of the Patriarchs. 

The blossoms are the spiritual fruit of the Divinity. The Zohar hints that the coming of the two blossoming ones is connected to a Joseph –like figure with whom they would live in a hidden way in the Holy Land. The Zohar states that they will be revealed when the Rainbow herself appears. The feminine Rainbow is the symbol of Our Lady in Eternity (Olam Haba). When she comes to earth (‘appears on earth’), the full message of the Patriarchs and the Torah will be revealed about these two pure child-like ones (symbolised by the Cherubs on the ends of the Ark of the Covenant). Joseph's coat of many colours represents the male Rainbow or male array of sefirot (attributes). These two pure golden children of Adam and Eve will bring the full blossoming of the Torah to its deepest level of Messianic, Marian and Universal understanding. A level only the humble and child-like ones can fully comprehend. The Zohar is this way of the Rose, revealing the true blossoming of the Torah.

Rosa Mundi, the Divine Name, the Number 42 and the Cup of Salvations: A Hebrew Catholic Meditation

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