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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Order of Sion, Calabria and the Jewish Christian Church

In the 12th century there was a papally approved Catholic community known as the Order of Sion with houses on Mt Zion, Mt Carmel and Calabria. Some modern writers have tried to connect this Order of Sion with the Priory of Sion mentioned in the book "Holy Blood and Holy Grail". However this is highly speculative and doesn't seem to hold water when examined more closely. The mother house of this Order of Sion was the Church of St Mary of Sion which included the Cenacle during the time of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. 


 This Cenacle was to become the mother house or Messianic Synagogue of the early Jewish Church of the circumcision. This was the place called Zion from which the mystery of the Eucharist would radiate out to the four corners of the earth. At the time of Constantine the Jewish Church broke with the Pope and Rome after the visit of eight Jewish Christian Bishops (all belonging to the descendants of the Holy Family) to Pope Sylvester I around 318. For a number of years the mother Church on Mt Zion was not in unity with the Gentile Church in Jerusalem and St Cyril of Jerusalem was unable to preach from there in 348 (see Bargil Pixner "Church of the Apostles Found on Mt Zion"). However in 394 under the guidance of St Porphyrius, a Jewish Christian from Thessalonica, the Jewish Community on Zion was reconciled with the Gentile Bishop of Jerusalem John II. Pixner states:

The reconciliation was finalized when the bishop of Jerusalem, John II (served 387-419 A.D.), blessed the altar of the Judeo-Christians (propitiatory, Hebrew kapporet), now in the Theodosian church, on the feast of Yom Kippur (September 15), possibly 394 A.D. On that occasion Bishop John gave a most astonishing sermon full of Judeo-Christian symbolism. In it he praised again and again the great merits of Porphyrius the Israelite.
It would seem this was when the Jewish Christian community and congregation  who would seem to be run along the lines similar to those found in the Celtic Church as a monastic community with a lay or clerical Abbot (Abba/ Abouna) of Davidic ancestry as the head with monks, clergy and laypeople as members. This when integrated with the wider Church was known as the community or Order of Zion (Sion). The early monks of Mt Carmel also belonged to the Order of Sion and it was to Mt Carmel that the Jewish Christian 'Order of Sion' retreated when the Persians invaded Jerusalem in 614. It is the hermit monks of the Order of Sion community on Mt Carmel that are the spiritual ancestors of the Carmelite order which was formally established in the 13th century. Some of the Order of Sion retreated to the lands in the Indian Ocean and were known as the 'Mourners of Zion' when Benjamin of Tudela visited them in the 12th century. Some from this branch of the Order of Sion (who had maintained more Jewish forms and observances) settled among the Jewish communities in Spain and Poland beginning in the 13th century.

When Jerusalem was retaken by the crusaders in 1099 the Order was able to reestablish the house on Mt Zion with the support of Godfrey du Bouillon. In the 8th century the Order of Sion was also able to establish a community in Calabria in Italy where they followed a version of the Byzantine rite. The Order of Sion endeavoured to be among the poor and to remain hidden from sight. The remnant of the 'Order of Zion' is thought to have come under the protection of the Jesuits in Calabria and Sicily. It was this Jewish Christian influence among the Jesuits that allowed the Jesuits to support the Frankists who entered the Church in 1760. Some of the descendants are to found among both the Latin-rite Catholics and Italo-Albanian Byzantine Catholics of southern Italy. It is interesting that two Jesuit priests of Jewish background in the 19th century founded the two congregations with a Jewish apostolate named for Our Lady of Sion. Could the Order of Sion be revived today as the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Sion with its centre on Mt Zion in Jerusalem? Could this future Ordinariate of Our Lady of Sion be open to the descendants of the hidden Jews who feel called back to their Jewish heritage such as the crypto-Jews of Calabria and Italy, as well as those in Spain and Mexico and the Spanish speaking world, as well as those in Portugal and Brazil and those in many countries who are feeling this mystical call to their Jewish ancestral roots and practices?



VolTua said...

Hello G.J,,
I am Joseph’s Father - we met at DW Tassie.
Noting your blogs about things Jewish, Catholic and DW the following may be of interest and you may be able to follow up far better than me if God wills.
Vilnius ties many things Jewish, DW, Divine Mercy, Catholic end times together.
BACKGROUND : Vilnius about 1800s to 1927 to 1936 or so.
First, 1927 Our Lady of the Gate of dawn (respected by ALL faiths in Vilnius) is canonically DOUBLE CROWNED “Mother of Mercy” – all documentation as to the request and the official “Bull” I cannot find. What are the 2 crowns – is one Queen of the DW?? Watch the you tube of 1927 crowning – remember half of Lithuania was brutally occupied by Poland 1922-1938 – at the crowning there were 10000 Polish Police to keep the Lithuanians away from the shrine (Our Lady’s displeasure was evident with a 1 in 100 years or so summer torrential down pour on proceedings. The Pope disallowed Poland’s request to name Our Lady Queen of Poland there.
The man (Bishop of Vilnius 1918-1925), Blessed George (Jurgis) Matulaitis is surely the instigator and prime mover. Who is he? – read his journal – he is the renovator of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception who …. took the Divine Mercy to the world!
1933-36 Following the preparations of "His Mother of Mercy” Jesus appears as … “Jesus of Mercy” = where? At the chapel/shrine of the “Mother of Mercy” - Her miraculous image hangs there. Where was the first Homily preached etc – same place Bl Michael Sopocko.
Vilnius was called the Jerusalem of the North in this period with about 40% of the population Jewish. A near famine was there in early 1920s and the Polish (in-charge) authorities said no food to the Jews – Bishop Matulaitis fought hard with them and arranged for all emergency food drops to be given to “all God’s children”.
Vilnius has strong historical connections with Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, tartars, orthodox and Jewish etc…..
Lithuania is the “first to fall” in any Russian Europe conflict and has been too often the “Eastern front” of fighting as compared the “Western front” of France.
What has God in store here?

The following is just one prophecy that recently RE-surfaced. What do you think – is it worth following a bit more?
There is too much to follow – only God’s inspiration as to what is His Will is obviously worthwhile.
Quote ”The Baltic Times”
Lithuanian diplomat's novel in Estonian
2010-03-25 By Rokas M. Tracevskis
(my emphasis using CAPITALS)
Klimas is mostly known to the wider Lithuanian public due to prophecies by Oskaras Milasius, another Lithuanian diplomat in Paris and colleague of Klimas. Milasius is known in France as French-language poet OSCAR MILOSZ. He was born the son of a Jewish mother and Polish-speaking nobility father in what is now known as Belarus. Due to the fact that it was historically a part of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy, he learned Lithuanian and was a devoted Lithuanian patriot. This chain-smoking CATHOLIC MYSTIC, who died on the eve of WWII, was known for his public comments and FRIGHTENING PROPHECIES IN THE 1930S in the Lithuanian embassy in Paris: he described the future life of his colleague Klimas, including Klimas’ future sufferings in many prisons.
Milasius also gave a description of the approaching WWII, the post-WWII situation of the city of Berlin, the future fate of Lithuania and its capital Vilnius, CREATION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL, the word for word quote “HALF OF MY HEART IS IN LITHUANIA” BY “A HIGH POLISH PRIEST” (JOHN PAUL II SAID IT IN 1978) and the possibility for Vilnius to become the center of world’s civilization after apocalyptic cataclysms when the U.S. and the UK will be devastated by disasters, while Russia would suffer from the fall of “the one-third of the Moon,” as Milasius puts it. (Now, this diplomat-poet would be considered as politically incorrect due to his negative stance towards homosexuality and his PROPHECY ABOUT THE CONVERSION OF ISRAEL TO CHRISTIANITY).
In Our Lady’s arms,
Let us not hurt Her any more,
John S.

John marshal said...

"The early monks of Mt Carmel also belonged to the Order of Sion and it was to Mt Carmel that the Jewish Christian 'Order of Sion' retreated when the Persians invaded Jerusalem in 614. It is the hermit monks of the Order of Sion community on Mt Carmel that are the spiritual ancestors of the Carmelite order which was formally established in the 13th century. "

Interesting. Will you please kindly cite an evidence for the descent of early carmelites from Order of Sion.? It'd be much helpful for my research on carmelites....thank you....
[and happy to say that i myself , a hebrew catholic....(not jewish..may be distantly related..hehe from India).....]