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Friday, February 17, 2017

Garabandal Miracle 2017 or 2018 and the Sapphire Jubilee

There is discussion on the internet about the most likely dates for the Miracle of Garabandal. In a past blog I have given the reasons that it could be in 2017. Here I will give points in favour of 2018.

Both 13.04.2017 and 12.04.2018 add up to the number 18 which is significant in regards to Garabandal. 2018 would be 101 years after Fatima. The number 101 is significant in the number of tears shed by Our Lady's statue at Akita as well the number of tears shed by Sarah in beholding the Binding of Isaac in mystic vision as well as the number of tears of the mother of Sisera and the number of blasts of the shofar on Rosh ha Shanah. It is also the gematria for Michael the Archangel who is significant in the apparitions of Garabandal. The Gematria of the word Chai (Life) in Hebrew is 18 and I believe that Jesus the Messiah was resurrected on Nisan 18. Chet=8 and yod =10. 18 is also the minutes before the Jewish Sabbath allowed for candle lighting.

While the miracle if it occurred in  2018 would be on Thursday evening 12th April it would be on April 13 in many other places including Australia. This will be also the 13th Day of the Counting of the Omer. In my opinion the 13th April 2017 or the 12th April 2018 are thus good possibilities for the Miracle of Garabandal. 

In the case of 2018 then the events of Revelation 12 of the Woman crowned with the sun on September 23 2017 in regards to the election of a new Pope and of the Sign of the Dragon on December 13 2017 as the start of a persecution lasting three and a half years as proposed by some commentators may come before the Warning and Miracle if this scenario plays out.

Our Sapphire Queen

 I saw a young American who has prophetic dreams on the internet, who rather puzzled why this was so, he understood that the death of Queen Elizabeth II had an important place in the prophetic timetable. The royal anointing of our Queen gives those nations under her rule a certain protection and some years ago I had an insight that the next major stage of prophecy would happen when Pope Benedict and the Queen are gone to their reward. The Queen's anointing and Pope Benedict's prayers are providing the world a layer of protection that once removed will allow the forces of evil to move to their next stage. 

A period to watch would be if both Popes Francis and Benedict (the white and the black Popes) would die and the Queen as well. The forces of evil in England will move after the Queen's death and before the new King Charles can be crowned and anointed. If there is no anointed Monarch and no elected Pope at the same time this will be a dangerous time. Beginning on Feb 6 2017 the Queen celebrates her Sapphire Jubilee Year of 65 years on the throne. Will the Warning and Miracle of Garabandal occur after the death of the Queen and the finish of the Sapphire Jubilee?

The lawful institutions of the Holy Roman Emperor, the British Monarchy, the French Monarchy, the Russian Autocracy and the Papal See were all institutions that the Masonic movement needed to change or destroy in order to further their plans. The only two institutions that are left are the British monarchy and the Papal See who have now become their target. The British monarchy according to prophecy will be destroyed and the king assassinated by evil forces in the near future and the Papacy will be vacant for 25 months according to prophecy-the evil forces will rise to their fullest when there is no anointed monarch and no reigning Pope. However God will rise up a Great Monarch called Henry as a new Holy Roman Emperor and a Great Pope (possibly called Francis (II) rather than a French Pope) and the anointed monarchies of Russia, Britain and France will be restored as well as nine other chief monarchies in Europe who will return to the practice of anointing. China will also become a Catholic monarchy. The Great Monarch (who all the other monarch's will swear allegiance to) and possibly all the other 12 monarch's will belong to the Davidic dynasty either on a male or female lineage.

The world may be ruled by one Great Davidic Monarch who will reign in Jerusalem and will be the overlord of all the other Catholic monarchs. A new enlarged Holy Land (greater Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile) may be divided into 12 Tribal areas with Jerusalem and Judah being under the direct rule of the Great Monarch. The Monarchs of the 12 Tribes may have a residence or palace in the tribal area associated with them.
 1. The future Russian Monarch (Tsar or Tsarina) will rule over the Slavic nations who belong mainly to the birth-right Tribe of Ephraim (R1b Z83). 2. The British monarch will rule over the English speaking Empire with its core population in Britain of the Davidic House of Nathan (of the Tribe of Judah of R1b L21) and will be restored as Emperor or Empress of India and the King or Queen of the Antipodes (Australia and NZ) and of North America (Canada and USA). 3.The Austrian Monarch will rule over the Germanic and Dutch peoples of the Tribe of Zebulon R1b U106 and R1b L38). 4. A northern (Scandinavian or Danish) monarch will rule over the Tribe of Naphtali. (N ydna) 5. A Spanish monarch will rule over the Spanish speaking Empire with its core population of the Tribe of Simeon. (R1b DF27)  6. A Portuguese Monarch will rule over the Portuguese speaking Empire including Brazil as the King of the Tribe of Benjamin. (One group of eastern Benjamin is Q ydna and another clan of western Benjamin belongs to R1b3*) 7. A Belgian King will be the ruler of the Tribe of Issachar (Saxons of R1b DF19). 8. The French monarch will rule over the Tribe of Reuben (R1b U152). 9. The Chinese Emperor or Empress will be the ruler of the Tribe of Gad (clans of O ydna). 10. A Greek or Italian monarch will be the ruler of the Tribe of Levi (R1b L23*). (The present Duke of Aosta's grandchildren descend from both the Italian and Greek Royal Houses.) 11. A Japanese or Thai monarch as the ruler of the Tribe of Asher (clans of O ydna). 12. A Croatian/Serbian/Balkan Emperor as the ruler of the Tribe of Dan (P*). 13. A Catholic Turkish Sultan as the ruler of the reformed Ottoman Empire representing the Tribe of Manasseh (R1a Z93). 14. An Ethiopian Emperor of the Levite House of Moses and Africa (R1b V88). These fourteen Catholic monarchs may be known as Emperors and their may be other lesser Kings and Princes under their overlordship. 

Garabandal Warning in 2022: Two Stars Colliding: Miracle April 13 2023?



EYK NYC said...

Not sure anymore about Garabandal anymore....I guess we'll just see how this year advances, but this is the 100th anniversary of Fatima, after all....Incidentally, I went to Medjugorje for the first time towards the last week of October 2016 and returned back to NY in early November....I was impressed by the religious fervor I witnessed, but not so much by claims that the Marian visitations are "authentic."

EYK NYC said...

I think 2018 cannot be the year of the Garabandal miracle....The prophecy states specifically that it is to occur on the feast day of a saint of the Holy Eucharist on a Thursday between the 8th or the 16th of the month (March, April, or May), but not on either of those dates ....April 13, 2017 (Thurs) is the feast day of St. Hermenegild who can validly qualify for that status....So unless there is a saint for April 14 who similarly qualifies, I doubt 2018 will be that year....I'd more prefer to say that April 13, 2022-the next time April 13 again falls on a Thursday, will be the day of the Warning, but that is still five years away.....

Bernadette MacRae said...

EYK NYC: I believe if you check your dates again, you will find that April 13, 2022 does not fall on a Thursday, but on a Wednesday. The next time that April 13 occurs on a Thursday (aside from this year) is 2028. You stated that April 13, 2022 will be the day of the Warning but I think you may have meant to say the day of the Great Miracle. We don't have a date for the Warning, only that it occurs within a year before the great miracle.