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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The New Crusade and Just War: A Hebrew Catholic Opinion

 St Lawrence of Brindisi leading the Catholic soldiers

Recently I was watching the movie about Blessed Macro d'Aviano and the Siege of Vienna in 1683. This incredible saint, who was a Franciscan friar, worked incredible miracles of healing and was known to bilocate and at the same time he rallied the forces of Catholic Europe to resist the Muslim advance into Europe. Watching this movie reminded me of an earlier saint who is also a doctor of the Church and Franciscan friar who led the armies of the Holy Roman Empire riding on a donkey or horse and holding up the crucifix with no other weapons against the Muslim invaders in 1601. 18,000 Christian soldiers defeated 80,000 Muslim troops. This saint was St Lawrence of Brindisi who has written some of the deepest insights of Marian theology.

It would seem to many that it is inconceivable that God would rise up holy Franciscans of such stature in spirituality to lead Catholic soldiers in battle against an unjust aggressor. But he did! The official teaching of the Church does indeed allow for participation in a just war. St Francis of Paola also prophesied that a holy hermit would inspire a future Catholic Duke to establish an order of military monks for the defense of Europe against the Muslims like in the days of the Crusades in Medieval times. This idea upsets many Catholic pacificists or those who think fighting a war in defense of one's faith or country is somehow wrong. 

At one stage of my life I seriously considered whether being a pacificist was the right Christian position to hold. However coming from a Jewish background I knew that I would have had to fight in World War II and could not have justified to myself not doing so against such a great evil as Nazism and its policies of genocide. Today with the rise of the evil of ISIS and Islamic terrorism I could also not justify supporting Christian pacificist ideas while respecting those who were sincere conscientious objectors. However while I could support the first Gulf War in defense of Kuwait, I could not support the Western invasions of Iraq or the interventions against the government of Assad in Syria. The fruit of these last two have led to the destruction of once flourishing Christian communities in Iraq and Syria. The West should have as it first priority the rescue and defense of these Christians. 

It has often been the Virgin Mary that has inspired those who rallied to the defense of Christendom such as the defeat of the Muslim fleet at Lepanto in 1571 especially under her title of Our Lady Help of Christians. I was baptised on the feast day of Our Lady Help of Christians on 24th May and Our Lady is the Patroness of Australia under this title too. Does this mean that Australia is in need of protection by Our Lady against a Muslim attack on Australia in the future? St Louis de Montfort taught that the Muslims would be conquered and converted under the direction of Our Lady. Will she do this once again through a holy monk, friar or hermit and a Great Monarch and Great Pope as prophesied in so many Catholic prophecies? Will we once again hear the cries of Deus Vult! Mater Maria! Santiago Matamoros! Cry God for Harry, England and St George! The Crusade! The Crusade! Vivo Christo Rey! Ave Christus Rex! Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu V'Rabbeinu. Melech HaMashiach L'Olam Vaed!

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