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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Temple Theology, Kiss the Son and Joseph: A Hebrew Catholic Reflection

In recent years many scholars such as Mark Kinzer and Andre Villeneuve and others have written about the Temple or Tabernacle theology found in the Gospel of John and the New Testament. A Jewish writer Leonora Leet writes that the inner secret of the Temple cult of Second Temple Judaism is concerned with the mystery of the "Divine Son"or "Son of Man". Others have revealed that the whole physical structure of the Temple is built in the image of the "Divine Man". This "Divine Man" or "Adam Kadmon" is also at the heart of Jewish mystical thought. This Temple Theology is also a Theology of the Body of the Divine Son or Messiah.

The Church of the Circumcision's whole spirituality is based on this Temple or Tabernacle Theology understood as a Theology of the Body. The reclining sleeping man of the Temple represents the sleeping Jacob (Israel) and the prophetic dreams of the reclining sleeping Joseph. Leonora Leet writes that the Divine Son is the embodiment of Israel. However this mystery of the Temple revolves also around the mystery of the words from the Psalms of David "Kiss the Son". This alludes to Jacob "falling on the neck" or kissing of his son Joseph. Pope Francis' loves the image of the reclining sleeping St Joseph.

When the Patriarch Joseph had his dream of his father and mother as the sun and moon and stars which bowed down to him, who was Joseph? He was the earth- the yesod (foundation). The mystery of the Father kissing the Son represents Heaven and Earth uniting through the person of the Divine Son or Son of Man. It is a mystery of the Divine Will (Ratzon). It is also the mystery of Abraham and Isaac and the binding which also happened in the same place as Jacob's dream  of the staircase to Heaven according to Jewish tradition. This spiral staircase may also represent the spiral dna of Man. 

This priestly Tabernacle sanctity which was part of the mystery of the dwelling presence and Glory in the Temple was extended to the laity by the Pharisees. The best of Pharisee teaching was bringing of the kedushah (holiness/sanctity) of the temple to the homes and lives of the ordinary Jews. Due to Jesus' clash with the leaven (hametz) of the five hypocritical groups of Pharisee we often forget the two good groups of the moderate Essenes (mystics) and the Hillelites (practitioners of mercy and loving kindness). 

Thus the best of Catholic and Jewish spirituality is based on this focus on the presence and glory of God as central in the life of the believer and his family. When we focus more on the outward forms and rules and regulations instead of the inner light that leads us to communion and adoration (kissing the Son) then we are following the hypocrites not the true believers. The Song of Songs further conceals the deeper mysteries. "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth..." cries out the soul of the true believer who is represented or embodied by the mystical Bride who is Lady Shekhinah and Lady Wisdom.

When we do Eucharistic Adoration we are sitting on or embracing the knees of the Divine Son and kissing him. With the revival of the movement for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in the Church in recent decades Heaven is starting to Kiss the Earth in order to lead us to the fulfilment of the Lord's Prayer that the Divine Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. As fruit of this Temple or Tabernacle theology, expressed in our time, a new appreciation of the role of the Father and St Joseph will occur in which there will be a turning of the hearts of the children to the fathers and the fathers to the children which will restore the family to its rightful place as a place in which the Divine Presence dwells. 

The Father will Kiss the Son and the Father will dance at the feast of his Son as the Father in the story of the prodigal son must have done. The Father races to greet his Son and to kiss him and embrace him. The Father sees each person as the image of his Son who he is desiring to kiss and embrace into the new and divine holiness of dwelling in his Divine Will as Son and not Servant only. This icon of the dancing Father is alive today in the Hasidic Jewish tradition of the Rebbe or Tzaddik dancing. The Father is rushing right now to kiss and embrace you even with the smell of the pig sty still upon you. He longs for you to dance in his Will in the great feast of the Lamb who is the Lion of Judah.

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