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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Different Worldview: Poking My Tongue Out at Conformist Evolutionists

As a sanguine choleric I am interested in the bigger picture of History and over the years I have developed a rather large and wide ranging insight into world history that differs from that accepted by modern academia. For me the Messiah Yeshua and his people the Jews or Israelites are at the centre of History but this is not an insular history but a world encompassing history. I am also sick of people who are believers in evolution being aghast that anyone but an Appalachian hill billy could question the evolutionary mythology. Get over it! There are plenty of well educated people who question this theory even if they don't do it publicly for fear of losing their jobs and positions. There is such elitism and pride in modern academia- maybe the Appalachian hill billies are right anyway.

History is not always what one has been taught to believe has happened in the past. Emmanuel Velikovsky demonstrated this point convincingly in his numerous works. Australia’s history before British colonisation is a case in point. Overcoming the blindness engendered by the scientific errors of uniformitarian and Darwinian evolution opens up a whole new way of looking at the past. The theories of uniformitarianism and Darwinian evolution masquerades as science, they are in reality science fantasies. Using the faculty dating methodologies based on evolutionary assumptions, that see change as very slow and gradual, causes problems of immense proportions. This has led to an overly critical approach to many literary and historical sources. Emmanuel Velikovsky’s writings have led to a revival in some quarters of the older form of understanding geology –that of Catastrophism.

Thus I do not accept the subjective and circular dating methodologies used by modernist scientists and historians. I have thus had to set out on a herculean task of dating archeological discoveries and genetic evidence using a different paradigm which is perceived through the idea that mankind and his history is no more than about 6,000 years and a population bottleneck occurred about 4,500 years ago with the Deluges of both Earth and Mars and the restarting of civilisation from almost scratch.

I was amazed to discover that the last great Catastrophe occurred about 500 years ago around 1530 and that the world and its populations were very different especially in the southern hemisphere before 1530. Also around 1606 certain Catastrophic geological events occurred in some portions of the earth. The evidence is there hidden in our histories and I discovered a whole new world when reading Marco Polo, Benjamin of Tudela, Friar Odoric, Sir John de Mandeville and others. I found past historians proved to be much more accurate than they had previously been credited by our modernist scholars.

I am still learning and discovering evidence hidden in plain sight about the true history of man and of the Israelites. It is an exciting journey and many are unable or unwilling to look at other possibilities. Some of the conclusions I have arrived at are indeed hard to believe unless one looks at the overall view which then fits together like a jigsaw. A new Catholic generation of scholars and scientists are needed that are ready to challenge the modernist academia of our times and look at history through the eyes of faith in the Messiah and the infallible nature of Scripture. Instead of doubting Scripture first, give the doubt to historical or scientific stories that differ from Scripture. It is not the "facts" or evidence that is the problem but the evolutionary and atheistic interpretations or stories that one creates from the evidence that has led moderns astray in their perception of the world and its history. Unfortunately we have had Catholics in recent decades bending over backwards to fit in and be accepted by modern academia rather than forging their own paths. Some of the most intolerant of evolutionists are Catholics. Believe in Darwinian evolution if you want but stop trying to force your viewpoint on others as the Catholic one. The Church actually leaves the individual Catholic to decide on what view they take on science and evolution within certain parameters outlined in Humani Generis. 

A new day will dawn when our present civilisation finally crashes and burns from its own decadence and rot from within and after a period of tribulation and chastisement a new way of thinking will occur and the sciences and the arts as well as theology and philosophy will reach a new and fresh summit that draws on the best and true of the past generations purified from the modernist errors of perception. So I gleefully poke my tongue out and bare my buttocks like a monkey at all those conformist evolutionists that can't stand anyone having a different worldview to them!


Note: I hold that man's history is no more than 6,000 years but that does not mean I interpret the seven days of Genesis 1 in a literalistic manner. However while I am fairly convinced that the earth and solar system is not much older than 10,000 years old, I am still open to the rest of the Universe to being a lot older than that. Nor am I opposed to some form of the Big Bang theory for the start of Creation. I also do not believe God waved a magic wand and popped Man's body or animals and plants out of the air but that he formed them from preexisting elements which had been previously created via ex nihilo. Whatever process the Creator used was according to his Divine Will hidden in all created things and was under God's watchful care. And yes I do believe in natural selection and environmental adaption within certain limits (kinds or families). Instead of evolution there is a kind of devolution as mutations are a loss of information and less adaptability over time. For example all cats today come from the common ancestors of the Felidae family who were preserved on Noah's Ark (end of the Permian). At the time of the catastrophic events of the Tower of Babel and the splitting of the Continents around 4,250 years ago (what evolutionists call the start of the Tertiary or Paleogene period which was probably synonymous with the Jurassic period) there was rapid speciation of Felidae into 8 different cat lineages according to recent genetic studies. Further rapid speciation occurred in the time of Abraham (Eocene) and Jacob (Pliocene). 

Geologic Time Scale From a Creationist Perspective

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