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Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Great French Pope and Prophetic Interpretation: A Hebrew Catholic Opinion

Prophecy is not always as clear cut as we think it is and its interpretation is difficult until after the events have occurred. For example there are many Catholic prophecies by seers and saints over the centuries of the rise of a Great French Pope and a Great Monarch. What does the word translated as French in English really refer to?

The original prophecies spoke of a Frankish or Frank Pope. There are a number of ways one could interpret this word. Frankish can refer to the Frankish Empire of Charlemagne which includes modern France, Germany and Italy and a number of other places in Western Europe. The prophecy could mean this Angelic Pope comes from one of the countries of Western Europe.

In the time of the Crusades the Muslims referred to all Western Christians of Europe as Franks and so this Pope could be a European Pope. Some groups of Jews were also referred to as Franks. It came to be a name for Jews of European origin living in the Ottoman Empire especially in Turkey. The term Frankist refers to those Jews who became Catholics under the leadership of Jacob Frank. Thus the term could mean the future Pope is to be a Jew or a Catholic of Jewish ancestry.

The name Francis also means Frank or Frenchman so the prophecies may refer to a Pope called Francis. Our present Pope is the first Pope to ever be called Francis. However the prophecy may not refer to our present Pope but to a future Pope called Francis. Now that we have our first Pope called Francis it is very likely a future Pope will also take that name in the near future. Another interpretation is the future Pope may have been a Franciscan.

Thus this Great Frank or French Pope could come from any of these origins. It is also possible that he could fulfill all these meanings if he is a Western European French born Catholic of Jewish  ancestry who takes the name Francis. Time will only make this clearer. I personally think this Great Pope will not arise until after we have a Pope probably called Pius XIII who goes into exile and hiding. However prophecies are tricky and they will probably be fulfilled in ways that surprise us all.

The media is reporting that one man is interpreting the unique stellar alignment on 23 September 2017 as the end of the world, which is obviously nonsense. Others believe it will be the Protestant rapture and others the arrival of Nibiru or some other celestial object. This alignment may indeed signal a certain Marian period as described in Apoc. 12 will begin. On the actual day nothing unusual may happen on the earthly level at all but the stellar alignment of the Virgin crowned may begin a new phase of her mission to save mankind and to usher in a kingdom of peace according to God's Will.

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