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Monday, October 02, 2017

Divine Will, 36 and the Mothers:A Hebrew Catholic Insight

"...The length of the rod is six cubits. Each cubit is six handbreadths. See, therefore, how all the lights are bound together in this light, which is called "All," since all are contained within it. There are six directions [the six ketzavot, alluding to the six sefirot from Chesed to Yesod, all of which are included in Yesod], and when they are all connected to one another, they make thirty-six, corresponding to the length of this rod [36 handbreadths]. (see the writings of Rabbi Moshe Hayyim Luzzato (Ramchal) in "The Future Temple" ).

The "All" (Kol) represent the 10th sefirah of Malchut (Kingdom) and Shekhinah (feminine Presence). This light that unites all the sefirot (emanations/ attributes and mentalities) from Keter (Crown of the Divine Will) till Malchut (kingdom) is called the Kingdom of the Divine Will and the Kingdom of Holiness. This is the primordial light of Genesis 1:2 according to Rabbi Dovid Brown that he connects with the 36 hours that Adam lived in Divine Will in the Garden of Eden on the sixth day until the Sabbath. 

The Jerusalem Talmud in Brachot 8:5 states, in regard to the light of the 36 hours, that with this light created on the first day Adam could see from one end of the world to the other. When he fell on the Sabbath day he experienced darkness for the first time and was terrified that the Serpent would bite him in the darkness. God then gave him two flints in order to create fire. These two flints or helps represent Our Lady and Luisa who will help enkindle the light of the Divine Will in fallen mankind. Thus Adam's blessing "Blessed art thou, O Lord our God, who creates lights of fire" alludes to Our Lady and Luisa.

Just as the Primordial Light of the hidden Kingdom of the Divine Will manifested in the 36 hours of dwelling or living in Divine Will on the sixth day of Creation so the light of the Divine Will in the 36 volumes of heaven through Luisa Piccarreta was manifested in the sixth millennium since the fall of Adam. This primordial light of the kingdom of the Divine Will was hidden in Miriam's well at the twilight between the first and second days of Creation and manifested through the mouth of Miriam's Well on the sixth day leading into the first Sabbath (see Genesis1). Thus we can say that Miriam's Well represents the mystery or primordial concept of Our Lady in Eternity in Divine Will and the Mouth of Miriam's Well represents the mystery or primordial concept of Luisa in Eternity in Divine Will. 

The concept of the mouth of the well is found in Genesis 29 where Rachel's Well is also called the Well of the Field. Around this well are three flocks waiting to be watered. The three flocks may represent the people of God of the two millennium before the Messiah who seek God's Divine Will, the people of God from the first two millennium after the coming of the Messiah who follow God's Divine Will and the third people of God after 1889 who live in the Divine Will. Or the three flocks could represent the flocks of Judaism, Christianity and Islam or Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism. 

The stone in Rachel's Well in Genesis 29 represents the Stone kingdom in the prophecies of Daniel (see chapter 2) also called the Stone of Israel and Joseph (Genesis 49:24) and the Stone of Jacob (Genesis 28:18). Jacob in the story represents the future Great Monarch and the restoration of the Tribes of Jacob (Jews and Christians). Luisa also was in a stone-like state when she received her revelations. The Stone represents both Luisa and the Kingdom of the Divine Will. She is the Sapphire Stone (Ezekiel 10:1) which is under the feet of the God of Israel (Exodus 24:10) which is the foundation stone of sanctification for the building of the Temple that is the Kingdom of the Divine Will in the third Messianic millennium.

Our Lady is the concept of the Isha (woman/wife) and Imma associated with the 3rd sefirah Binah (feminine Wisdom or Understanding) and Luisa is the concept of Nukvah (female) associated with the 10th sefirah of Malchut/Shekhinah. As there are three mother letters in the Hebrew alphabet is there are three mystical mothers or wombs - aleph א mem מ and shin ש. The Aleph mother represents the uncreated Holy Spirit and the Divinity of God as a womb of Divine Will. The mem mother represents the higher mother (associated with Leah and Elah (Goddess)) who is Our Lady and the shin mother represents the lower mother (associated with Rachel). 

Leah לאה and Goddess אלה are both 36 in Hebrew gematria. 36 is also the gematria for tent (tabernacle) אהל as well as to shine or gleam. Thus Our Lady is associated with the 36 of aleph lamed heh (of the six days of creation and the six sons of Leah) and Luisa with the 36 of lamed vav (with the two days of the sixth day and the Sabbath and the two sons of Rachel).

The concept of the mother is associated with fire and the fire offerings of the Temple and מאש can mean 'from fire'. Rebbe Nachman in the Likutey Moharan writes of the connection of the Imma (mother) who is Isha will the term Aish (fire) and the fire or burnt lifted offering (olah korban). The selfishness of the human will needs to be totally consumed by the fire of God's Divine Will.

Note: One cubit equals 18 inches (45.72 centimetres) and one handbreadth equals 3 inches (7.62 centimetres). The word Canon comes from the word Kaneh (measuring rod) and the Catholic Bible has 72 writings which is 2x36. This represents a double measure. The Sanhedrin had 72 members and Jesus appointed 72 disciples. In the First Testament Period there were the 12 Patriarchs of Israel, in the Second Testament period there were the 12 apostles and in the Kingdom that is coming will be the 12 apostles of the last days. 12+12+12=36.

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