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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Third Temple and the True High Priest: R1b L584

If the Jewish Temple was rebuilt then a High Priest would need to be appointed and they would have to be a true genetic descendant of Aaron. They would also need to have Cohen status in the orthodox Jewish Synagogue. Today many who claim Cohen status have different y-dna such as J1, J2 and E-M215 as well as R1b and R1a and others.

As I have demonstrated elsewhere Cohen J1 and J2 are of Ishmaelite Samaritan ancestry not descended from Aaron in the direct male line. The Muslim prophet Mohammed and his male line are descendants of Abraham's son Ishmael by his Egyptian wife Hagar through his son Kedar (J1 y-dna). J2 are the descendants of Ishmael's son Nabioth. Abraham is the ancestor of all those desended from IJK y-dna. I y-dna haplogroup descend from Ishmael's son Massa and K are the descendants of Abraham's son Isaac by Sarah and his sons by his wife Keturah. E-M215 is of Javanite Samaritan ancestry on the direct male line. E-M215 haplogroup descends from Javan the son of Japheth. In fact the true priestly line that has remained among the Jewish people is R1b L584. There are also many R1b L584 found among the Assyrian and Armenian Christians who descend from the numerous priests who the New Testament states embraced the Christian faith. R1b Z2103 is the marker of the Jews of R1b ancestry of the southern Kingdom of Judah. Thus the three main groups of Z2103 are the Judahites (including some of the Davidic House) of R1b M2106, Levites of R1b L277.1(R-Y4364) and the Cohanim of R1b L584.

Yeshua or Joshua the son of Jehozadak who was the first Jewish High Priest after the Babylonian Exile was most likely the founder and ancestor of R1b Z2103 L584. His son the High Priest Jehoiachim or Joachim was in the time of Judith and the Babylonian King Nabonidus the Assyrian. The last of the Ishmaelite (J1) High Priests of the Samaritans was Hananiah who was replaced by Manasseh (J2) a son or son-in-law of Sanballat the Persian Ruler of Samaria and Hananiah fled Samaria and converted to Judaism in Jerusalem. He married one of the daughters of the High Priestly family of the Jews. He was the founder of the Ishmaelite priests in Judaism. 

A descendant of the Samaritan High Priest Manasseh called Zadoch (descended from Ishmael's son Nabioth) was also a convert to Judaism after the destruction of the Samaritan Temple and the ancestor of the Sadducee priests. Allied with the Ishmaelite priests in Judaism were the Shammai Pharissees. Shammai also being of Samaritan (shamerim) ancestry. Islam was influenced by this rigidly observant version of Ishmaelite Judaism and Mohammed through his ancestor Adnan was descended from this Jewish Ishmaelite lineage that went back to the Samaritan Ishmaelite priests who descended from Ishmael's son Kedar. St Paul in Galatians 4 mentions this legalistic Ishmaelite group within Judaism.

However only a Jewish High Priest (Kohen haGadol) can be selected from those of a lineage in which there have been no marriages with converts, divorcees or gentiles. A High Priest may be appointed by the Sanhedrin and the King or just by the King. Today the authority to appoint a High Priest may lie with the President of Israel who is the ceremonial Head of State. The present President is Reuven Rivlin a descendant of the disciples of the Vilna Gaon who settled in Israel in the early 1800's.

Some believe the third Anti-Christ (possibly of N1c-L666 y-dna of the Tribe of Dan) may rebuild the Temple and appoint a false High- Priest (probably a Cohen claimant of J1 or J2 y-dna). He will be defeated by the Great Monarch of Davidic (R1b L21 y-dna) lineage who may appoint a High Priest for the Jewish people of the true Aaronite lineage of R1b L584 y-dna.

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