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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Y-dna Haplogroup Tree from a Biblical Perspective

Adam and Eve were tall and had golden auburn hair with bronze red skin and green eyes similar to certain red haired bronze skinned modern day Asians and Genghis Khan. Before the Flood mankind had already developed into different racial groups. Firstly, those like Adam with red hair, bronze skin and green eyes which Adan the wife of Japheth brought into the post flood world. Secondly, those like Noah and his family with blonde hair and white skin with blue eyes. Thirdly, those with black hair, eyes and skin like Nahal the wife of Ham. And there were other mixes. Shem's wife Lebab the Tzadika (Sadek) was a close relative of Noah's wife Emzara. Adan and Nahal according to ancient writings were descended from the Cainite House of Isis on different branches. The first three cities after the Flood were named for the wives of Ham, Japheth and Shem. The cities were known as the Black, Red and White cities as they were built from huge Black, Red and White dolerite bricks in a process now lost. The name of Shem's wife Lebab is when reversed Babel as it was the Tower of Lebab that was built at the site of the city named in her honour of white Dolerite bricks (see Genesis 11:3). The terms of Lebab (heart) and Lebana (white) are connected as well as the word used for bricks (Lebenim).

The name Adan means red or judgement, the name Nahal means black or deep and Lebab means white or heart. Japheth means beautiful or bright, Ham means heat or hot and Shem means name or essence. The sons of Japheth (DE) have the gift of aesthetic intelligence, the sons of Ham (AB) have the gift or talent of emotional intelligence and the Sons of Shem (CF) have intellectual intelligence. It would seem that while the daughters of Adan (Neanderthal) have passed on their physical features and genes (autosomal) to humanity the direct maternal line has died out. In the same way the daughters of Nahal (Denisovan) have passed on their physical features and genes (autosomal) to humanity they have also died out in the direct maternal line. 

Today all women descend from the daughters of Lebab on the direct maternal line as far as we know. Lebab descends in a direct maternal line from Azura the wife of Abel. Abel and Azura's daughter Aklia married Seth. Nahal and Adan maternally descend from Luluwa the daughter of Awan the wife of Cain. Adan was descended from Adah one of the wives of Lamech of the House of Cain and Nahal from Naamah the daughter of Zillah another wife of Lamech of the House of Cain. Adah and Zillah were the daughters of Kenan son of Enosh and his wife Isis. Isis was the daughter of Enoch son of Cain and his wife Luluwa.

Pangaea after the Flood but before the Destruction of Babel and the Division of the Earth. Before the Flood the Interior Sea had a large mountain in its midst where the Garden of Eden was located. There may have been another smaller circular sea or well watered valley or depression in the area between India, Cipangu (now under the waters of the Pacific Ocean) and Tibet.

More recent view of the ydna Haplotree now accepted by many in Academia. It is slowly coming to look like my haplotree shown above.

This tree demonstrates that in the past there have been environmental influences including catastrophic events on the formation of mutations in which people of the same dna lineage as a group receive a new mutation rather than just one individual as happens at other times. However when groups move away from the geographical region as the others who share their dna, they group mutate differently to the parent or sibling group.

For example in the days of Jacob his six sons by Leah had a group mutation (probably due to increased radiation). This shared mutation was M343 which they passed to all their direct male descendants. However a group of Reubenites left the other Israelites who were in Egypt and settled in Turkey (Anatolia) where they received a group mutation of M335. The rest of the Reubenites who remained with the other Israelites in Egypt did not share this mutation. Those who remained in Egypt were to share the mutations of L278 and L754 which those now settled in Turkey didn't.

However some branches of the ydna tree are due to a single mutation in an individual. For example Moses received a mutation that his older brother Aaron didn't that we call V88. Both Moses' sons by his white Midianite wife Zipporah and his Black Cushite wife inherited V88. However his white son or sons received the mutation of M18 whereas his black sons didn't and they received their own unique marker Y7777. Of course when I say son or sons I mean genetic sons rather than his immediate son or sons. His black sons had been conceived in Ethiopia whereas his white sons were conceived in Midian in Arabia. The other Israelites who were still slaves in Egypt descended from Jacob and Leah received mutation L388 as a sign of their having gone through the events of the Exodus. In a sense all those men who have L388 today as one of their markers know that their direct male ancestor was in Egypt during the Exodus in the 14th century BC. In the same way Joseph's descendants that were in Egypt had the SRY1532.2 marker of R1a ydna and the Benjaminites of M424 of Q and the Tribes of Jacob from Bilhah and Zilpah have M214 of NO ydna (Naphtali and Dan belong to N and Gad and Asher to O). The main line Naphtali clan is N1c M178 (Siberian) and the main clan of Dan is N1c L666 (Russian). The socalled Kama culture in Russia was the culture of the Tribe of Dan probably after 600 BC.

The clan of Zerah of Judah remained in Egypt and then went to the Hebrew-Egyptian colonies where they received the M73/ M478 marker, whereas the Israelites of the Leah tribes who wandered in the Wilderness have the P297 marker and those of the Joseph tribes received the M17/M198 marker of R1a ydna. The marker M269 is the marker of the Leahites who lived in Israel in the time of the Judges including Boaz and his descendants Jesse and David who belonged to R1b M269 and the Joseph tribes marker was M417 of R1a. Akhenaten and Tutankhamen also belong to this M269 ydna which proves Velikovsky's claims about them living after the time of King David and are in fact his descendants.

At the time of the Assyrian invasion of Israel a large portion of the population was captured and moved by the Assyrians to a place where these Judahites and Levites received the PF7562 marker but not the L23. Whereas those of the Leahites of the Ten Tribes taken into Exile by the Assyrians, the Leahite Jews of the Babylonian Exile, those of the Tribe of Zebulon living in Western Europe and the Davidic House of Nathan living in Australia received the L23 marker due to the celestial and catastrophic events of that time. It would seem that the Judahites taken into Exile by the Assyrians were in an area where they where shielded in some way from the effects that caused L23 in the other Leahites. Or did their new PF7562 marker mean that the effects of the radiation of that time manifested differently in their genetic code than those Leahites that didn't receive that marker?

It would seem that the Jews of Judah received a mutation we call Z2103 before the events that caused L51 and L11/P310 in the other Leahite Israelites of L23 ydna.The Leahite Jews received this marker around 580 BC (around 700 BC in the Accepted Chronology of modern academia) and the other Leahites without Z2103 received L51 around 550 BC and L11 around 530 BC. The Zebulonite clans of Western Europe received their distinct U106 marker around 500 BC as did those clans of Issachar who had moved into the Russian Steppes and their marker was DF100/S1194. These clans of Issachar settled in the Pomerania area of Europe and were known as the Seubi. It would seem that the period around 650-350 was a time of cataclysm that led to many genetic changes in rapid succession to whole groups of people as it had at the time of the Exodus and in the time of Abraham and the Patriarchs of the Hebrews as well as at the time of the fall of the Tower of Babel.

The bulk of the remaining Leahite tribes including the Milesian House of Nathan that had moved to the Near East, Turkey and Egypt received the P312/S116 marker after 500 BC. At this time those of the House of Nathan also received the distinct S245/Z260 marker followed soon after by the L21 marker. This was the last of the group mutations in this lineage and individual mutations would be the general rule of nature from about 400 BC (differing in different groups). The remaining eastern clans of Zebulon, also around this time just after 500 BC, received the L238/S182 marker as they moved into the Russian Steppes.

The remaining Leahite clans in the Middle East from the Tribes of Issachar, Reuben, Simeon and Levi received their Z40481 marker before they went their separate ways. After this these clans of Issachar received the DF19/S232 marker in the Russian Steppes and they were known as the Sacae, Scythians and Saxons. This was to be the last of their group mutations. The remnant of Levi received the ZZ337 marker. The Tribes of Simeon and Reuben that were still in the Middle East received the ZZ11 around 460 BC.  Simeon fled across the sea to Spain where they received the DF27/S250 marker and the remaining clans of Reuben received the U152/S28 marker while still in the Middle East. One group of Reuben went to the south east and and the others west.

Recently I have been reflecting on the latest y-dna charts of R1b L21 of which R1b M222 belongs and the Davidic genealogies which I have been researching and studying for nearly 40 years. Different studies led me to the conclusion that Joseph of Arimathea or his son may have been the founder as well as ancestor of M222 rather than High King Niall of the Nine Hostages of Ireland. However as further research has progressed I think that the original idea that M222 began with Niall or his father or grandfather to be closer to the truth. It is from Niall's ancestor Nuadh or Nathan (Nahori) the Fisher Lord of Glastonbury (b.115 AD d. 171 AD) the son of Rabbi Meir that M222 seems to originate. His son went to Ireland and was known as Mar Eoghan (Ugaine Mor/Johannan/Angus Og) King of Munster and was the founder of the Irish M222 clan and was the ancestor of Niall of the Nine Hostages. The Southern English branch of M222 came from Nuadh's sons who remained in Britain.

St Joseph of Arimathea is the ancestor of R1b L21 DF13 Z39589 y-dna. St Joseph of Arimathea is also the ancestor of those who descend from M222 but he belongs to R1b L21 which is the ydna of the Davidic House of Nathan. St Joseph of Arimathea was the British Jewish Christian Nasi or Exilarch (Rosh Golus) at Glastonbury in Somerset. Niall is a male line descendant of Joseph's great grandson Zerah (Adon Glas) the Lord of Glastonbury (the Glas or Golus Isle) the son of Nathan the Red (Nectan Ruadh/Nuadh Nect) who lived from 30 -90 AD who is recorded as an Irish High King (Ard Ri) but was in reality the Jewish Christian Nasi or Exilarch known as a Rosh Golus (Head of the Exile) or Dayag Adon (Fisher Lord) of Ireland (Erani/ Hibernia). It is thus likely that R1b L21 DF13 DF49 (ancestral or upstream of M222) began with Zerah Adon Glas of what would one day be southern England (south-west Britain). DF 23 may be the branch of L21 descended from Rabbi Meir (Meir Duach/Raibh Dearg) the Dagda (Dayag Adon/Fisher Lord) [b.99 d.162] and famous Rabbi related to Nero. He was not the grandson of Nero as told in Jewish legend but it was his great grandmother Julia Nero that belonged to the same Nero family as the Emperor Nero.

The Royal House of Stuart are also descendants of St Joseph of Arimathea. Through the Dukes and Lords of Brittany the Stuarts trace back to Gabhran the Ruler of Dal Riata and all Britain and Brittany through his great-grandson Hoel Mawr Duke of Brittany. Gabhran or Gadeon was the son of a Jewish British Prince Huna Mar (Cunomor) who became a Babylonian Exilarch in the 6th century. Gabhran's great-grandson Hoel Mawr (son of Eochaidh Buidhe King of Dal Riata the son of King Aedan) was the founder of R1b L21 DF13 CTS658/DF41. All the later Babylonian Exilarchs descend from Huna Mar through Gabhran's brother the famous King Arthur Mor who was King at first of the Pennines and Goddodin before becoming the great British King Emperor.

King Aedan of Dal Riata and High King of Britain's grandson Domnall or Donald Brecc King of Dalriata is most likely the ancestor of R1b L21 L1335 ydna. Through Aedan's son King Eochaidh Buidhe of the Dal Riata Scots descends King Alpin of the Picts the father of Kenneth I Mac Alpin King of Scots and Picts. The MacKinnon and Buchanan Clan founders descend from the two sons of Constantine III (Kyan/ Kinnon) King of Scots (Alba) Anselan O Kyan and Findanus MacKinnon. The Welsh branch of L371 of R1b L21 may descend from King Aedan's son Arthur who was also a King of Gwent as well as a Dal Riatan Prince. This Dal Riatan Arthur and King Arthur Mor have been confused in the legendary tales of King Arthur.

Arthur Mor's son Amr (Mordred/ Nowy) was probably the founder of R1b L21 DF13 S470/Z251. It is from King Arthur Mor through his grandson Mar Ithiel (Ida of Bernicia) of S11556 that the later Babylonian Exilarchs and the Jewish Kings of Septimania in France descend on the direct male line. The Danish Royal House of Oldenburgh descends from him via the Exilarch family that went to Barcelona in the 10th century (of FGC11986). The Norman Kings of England descend from Machir Theodoric the Jewish King of Narbonne through his eldest son Mar Menachem (of Z18092) who was also known as Hernaut and Harald who married the Danish heiress Hilda. These lines also trace back to Nathan the Red of Ireland through his other son Mar Phares of Caledonia who was the first Jewish Christian Nasi or Exilarch (Guleta/ Guletic) of Scotland (Scotti/ Caledonia/ Alba). The Carolingian Kings and Charlemagne are also direct male line descendants of Mar Phares via Angus (Anlach/ St Brychan/ Banlach/ Ban) King of Breicheiniog in Wales the brother of Huna Mar and father of Lancelot. The Welf or Guelf family of Queen Victoria also descends from the Jewish Exilarchic family in Barcelona in the 10th century. Both the House of Oldenburgh and the House of Welf-Este descend from Mar Barzilay of Barcelona on the direct male line. The Spanish Kings of Castile, Aragon and Leon descend from Machir Theodoric the Jewish King of Narbonne through the Counts of Burgundy from his eldest son Mar Menachem (Harald Hildetonn/ Hernaut de Gironde).The Carolingian Kings may be of the Z16500 branch of R1b L21 ydna. The Anglo-Saxon Kings of Kent and Wessex descend from Athelbert King of Kent (d.616) of FGC13899 a grandson of King Arthur Mor. Z16943 descends from another grandson of Arthur Mor who is possibly the ancestor of the House of Savoy. Many of the Welsh kings and princes descend from King Arthur Mor's son Beli (or Cunobelin) who was a King of Calalus after his brother Amr (Mordred). From Beli's son Iago (Jacob) King of Gwynedd came the Gwynedd Welsh Kings and from them branch off R1b L21 L371.

Z16246 comes from the DF 63 branch of Milesian R1b L21 ydna haplogroup. They are a Milesian male line group. It is likely that DF63 are maternal descendants of Breoghan or Brennius who led the combined Gaelic and Celtic forces against the Greeks in the Balkans around 280 BC. It would seem that DF63, from which Z16246 descends, is from a son-in-law of Breoghan (Brennius) who remained in Europe as the leader of a contingent of Milesians that allied with the European Kelts while the other Milesians invaded Ireland and Britain. This was Barbe or Barbetruc a Milesian Prince descended on the direct male line from Allot the Milesian King who descends from Nathaniel of Jerusalem.

FGC11134 haplogroup of R1b L21 is the branch of the Milesians descended from Heber who invaded Ireland with Heremon and settled in the south of Ireland. DF1/L513 is most likely the haplogroup of the Milesians descended from Heremon who invaded Ireland with Heber. ZZ10 is most likely the clan of Ir of the Milesians. The socalled Dalcassians are probably descended from Conmac the son of Fergus MacRoy King of Ulster who has been confused with Cormac Cas the son of Oiliol Olum the King of Munster in the Irish genealogies. Conmac and Fergus descend from Olum Fodla and Ir.

DF 21 haplogroup are most likely the descendants of St Joseph of Arimathea's brother Nathan ben Eli (Nascien/ Tenaufan/ Tasciovanus) King of the Regnoi and Catevaullani. He is the ancestor of many of the early British Kings. FGC5494 may be the descendants of the Beredi or Breoghanites who settled in Britain when the others invaded Ireland.
S1026 may be that of the descendants of St Jude the son of St Joseph's brother Clopas. They are thus one of the closest male lineages to St Joseph.

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