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Friday, November 10, 2017

Gedmatch, Eurogenes and Shifting Ethnicity


I had my double cousins and my dna tested. We tested with Familytree Dna.  When we had our at-dna examined with them for ethnicity we got very different and strange results eventhough we share all four grandparents. Familytree dna then changed how they read our results for ethnicity three times which drastically changed our ethnicities and their amounts. I also tested the results with My Heritage and Dna.land and again very different results. 

I then joined Gedmatch and at last got results that seemed to make more sense. We got these results for George and I from Eurogenes K13 which seems to give us more similar dna ancestry than the  any other algorithms.  I have 48.50% North Atlantic and George 50.12%; I have 23.42% Baltic and George has 25.89%; I have 12.34% Western Mediterranean and George has 11.57%; I have 7.95% West Asian and George has 4.66%; I have 3.81% Eastern Mediterranean and George has 3.88%; I have Red Sea 1.35% and George has 0.35%; I have 0.58% South Asian and George has 1.24%, I have 1.75% American Indian and George has 1.74%; and I have 0.31 Oceanian and George has 0.56 %. 

I must say that this test is the first that gives George and I similar dna ancestry and seems to confirm our genealogy research and even the rumour of our part Western Australian aboriginal ancestress six or seven generations back with our South Asian result and our possible Tasmanian ancestress with the Oceanian results. The Western Mediterranean and American Indian results confirms our Spanish-Mexican crypto-Jewish ancestry in which one of our ancestors General Diego de Ayala was descended from Montezuma. It also confirms our West Asian or Middle Eastern ancestry from our Syrian Jewish ancestry back about 7 generations. The Baltic results would reflect our Eastern European Jewish ancestry. Our Dutch Jewish and R1b Jewish ancestry would be included in the North Atlantic category along with our Anglo-Gaelic (English, Scottish and Irish) ancestry.

Gedmatch is a wonderful free service and I was able to confirm that in my direct male line that I have no non-paternal events back to 3x great grandfather Edward Bloomer who was born in Tartu Estonia to an Irish soldier family. It also confirmed my descent from Joseph Rose whose descendant shared some dna with me. Gedmatch indicated we were probably related about 5.2 generations ago. This was pretty accurate. Even though my cousin is also genealogically descended from the Rose family he did not share any at-dna with our 5th cousin. However he did share at-dna with another distant cousin who descends from the uncle of our 3x great grandmother Catherine Thompson b.1804 but I didn't. Gedmatch said he shared a common ancestor with this cousin about 4.7 generations ago. I were able to do this because these relatives had their family tree linked which then helped me to identify our connections. 

I also found another relative on my paternal grandmother's side who descends like us from James Nunn and his wife Sarah Wyeth. She shared quite a bit of  at-dna with my cousin and I and our common ancestor was estimated to be 3.4 generations ago. My amount of shared at-dna was 7 cM = 132.5 cM and my cousin 7 cM = 122.8 cM.

In the end I have worked out that my cousin and I, after examining all the dna results and our genealogy, are about 24% English; 12% Irish and Scottish; 12% Dutch Jewish, German and French; 23%  Eastern European (Baltic) Jewish; 12% Spanish Jewish; 8% Middle Eastern Jewish; 4% Italian and Greek Jewish; 2% Egyptian or Arabian; 1% Western Australian Aborigine (south Asian); 1% Native American and 1% Tasmanian Aboriginal (Oceanian).

I did a little counting of the countries where my ancestors were born and they were certainly mobile. All four of my grandparents were born in Australia. Of my eight great-grandparents 3 were born in Australia; 3 in Ireland; 2 in England. Of my 16 2x great-grandparents 2 were born in Australia; 6 in Ireland and 8 in England. Of my 32 3x great-grandparents 1 was born in Australia; 19 in England; 4 in Ireland; 5 in Eastern Europe; 2 in the Carribean and 1 in Palestine. Of my 64 4x great-grandparents 3 were born in Australia; 3 in America; 2 in Germany; 23 in England; 2 in Holland; 2 in Italy; 5 in Barbados; 1 in Scotland; 6 in Ireland and 1 in Syria. Of my 128 5x great-grandparents 4 were born in Australia; 7 in America; 27 in Eastern Europe; 49 in England; 2 in France; 6 in Italy; 2 in Scotland; 5 in Germany; 6 in Holland; 4 in Barbados; 3 in Mexico; 9 in Ireland and 2 in Syria. 

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Maria Booker said...

Excellent work! The discoveries in DNA algorithms and matches have opened wide the door offs of the past in an excellent way. Keep searching, Gilbert.