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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Jewish E-M215 y-dna, Rameses III and Alexander the Great

I date E y-dna to about 2300 BC (rather than the evolutionary dating of 45,000 years ago) to the Javanites of Japheth the son of Noah. They originated in the red Japhethic city of Adan in the Southern Hemisphere when the earth was still one land mass. Some of the Japhethites moved into Europe before the splitting of the  continents at the time of the destruction of the Tower of Babel.

E-M215 I date to around 400 BC (rather than 22,000 years ago) with Rameses III Nectanebo I. Jewish E-M123 originated about 2,300 years ago in Palestine during Second Temple Times from the Samaritan illegitimate son of Alexander the Great who was the son of Pharoah Rameses VI Nectanebo II the son of Rameses III (see Velikovsky). Its main subclade E-M34 emerged in the Palestine about 2,100 years ago. Soon afterwards, M34 split into two originally Jewish branches, M84 and Z841 during the diaspora (or just before) and moved into North Africa and Iberia.  L791 and Z21466 have a mostly European distribution today and their ages point toward a diaspora diffusion after 70 AD. The PF6759 subclade seems to have reached Sardinia after the Roman diaspora of 70 AD. The descendants of L791, Y2947 and Y4971, only appeared after the Bar Kokhva rebellion and diaspora of 135 AD. 

The K257 and Y4970 branch emerged around 300 AD and is found in Iran, Armenia, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Italy and France, as well as other places. It spread to Greece and Italy alongside Jewish groups belonging to J2a1 and T1a-P77 haplogroups. Y6923 also emerged around 600 AD, but became almost extinct due to the persecutions of the Jews. Most modern bearers of this y-dna haplogroup descend from a common ancestor who lived 1ess than 800 years ago, and all are Ashkenazi Jews. The descendants of M123 are of Jewish and Samaritan origins some branches remaining Jewish while others converted and assimilated out of the Jewish communities.

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