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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Daughters of Shem: mt-dna Tree

It would seem that all women descend today in their direct female lineage from Lebab the Righteous (Tzedeklebab) the wife of Shem one of the sons of Noah. The direct female lineages of Adan the wife of Japheth (Neanderthal) and Nahal the wife of Ham (Denisovan) would seem to have died out. All humans today descend from the three great-granddaughters of Shem and Lebab - Luba, Medea and Neshema the Queen (Milka). Luba married a black descendant of Ham and Nahal, Medea married a red-yellow skinned red haired descendant of Japheth and Adan and Neshema Milka married a white skinned fair haired descendant of Shem and Lebab.

Luba is the ancestress of L3 mt-dna from whom L0, L1 and L2 mt-dna descend. Medea is the ancestress of M mt-dna from whom C, Z, D, E, G and Q descend. Neshema Milka is the ancestress of N mt-dna from whom S,O, R, A, W, I, X and Y mt-dna descend. The Hebrew Matriarch's Leah and Rachel belong to N mt-dna and the Hebrew Matriarch's Bilhah and Zilpah belong to M mt-dna. Asenath the wife of the Patriarch Joseph (R1a y-dna) was the daughter of Dinah who was the only daughter of Jacob and Leah. From Dinah and Asenath descend the haplogroups of W, I, X, N1b and R mt-dna.
(From MITOMAP: A Human Mitochondrial Genome Database, 2008).
This diagramme makes it easier to see that the African L3 and its descendants L1, L0 and L2  with N and M.  L3 mt-dna Eve  may be the top of the mt-dna tree and she may have not lived in Africa at all but one of her L3 descendants (Luba) moved there from Pangaean Australasia and became the African Matriarch among the Hamites. 
Ruth the Moabite descends maternally from Asenath and is the ancestress of B, F, JT, HV, U and P mt-dna haplogroups. From Ruth is descended on the direct maternal line Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. Her daughter Neferneferauten was a female Pharoah who after fleeing Egypt with her daughter to Jerusalem embraced Judaism and became the ancestress of JT mt-dna haplogroup. Another daughter of Queen Nefertiti was Ankhesenamun who was the ancestress of HV mt-dna haplogroup.

From Neferneferauten's daughter Jecoliah the Queen Mother of Judah (JT) descends Princess Jecoliah of Judah a daughter of King Amon of Judah and Queen Mother Jedidiah. From Princess Jecoliah of Judah's daughter Princess Jerusha of the Libyan Milesians (Ma) comes J mt-dna haplogroup and from her other daughter Nehushta descends the T mt-dna haplogroup.

From Ankesenamun's daughter Nefer Hrere Queen of Kush (HV mt-dna) descends Nekaute Kandake (Nekauba) Queen of Egypt and Kush. Her daughter Hephzibah (Hatshepsut) was the Queen Mother of Judah and the ancestress of H mt-dna, another daughter Maatkare Maloteral the Queen of Kush was the ancestress of V mt-dna through her descendant Kara Maat a Libyan Milesian Princess or Queen.

Hephzibah the Queen Mother of Judah was the H mt-dna ancestress of Tzaddah the last Queen of Judah and Kushi the last Queen of Israel. From Tzaddah's daughter Princess Tamar Tia of Tahpanhes in Egypt descends H1 mt-dna haplogroup and from her other daughter Princess Asenath the Beautiful (Scota/ Istnofret) descends H2 mt-dna. From Kushi descended the Chinese Amazon Queens of Zhou of H7 mt-dna and from the Chinese Amazon Duchesses of Zhou of H6 mt-dna. H6 and H7 entered Europe through the Queens and Princesses of the Turks, Mongols and Khazars.

Queen Esther of Persia is the ancestress of I mt-dna and her ancestresses were the maternal line of Benjaminite Princesses who belonged to N1b mt-dna. The maternal descendants of Queen Esther were Bactrian Princesses also descended from Alexander the Great and one maternal lineage of I1b settled in the Hunza Valley as the mystical religious Jewish Queen-Priestesses of Ultar Sar. 

Ruth of Moab had a daughter Tamar Tjani who married Sobekhotep the Prince of Thebes in Egypt. She is the ancestress of Ursa (Ursula) the Princess of Kush whose daughter Eglah of Atlantean Gatherius in Spain was a wife of King David of Israel. Her daughter Dova (Ursa) was the ancestress of U1 and U5 mt-dna and Eglah's sister Adina was the ancestress of U6 mt-dna. Another daughter of Eglah who married Shaushtatar the King of Mitanni (R1a y-dna) is the ancestress of U2 mt-dna through her daughter who married Eriba- Hadad (I2 y-dna) King of Assyria.

The Chronology used here is based on the insights of Velikovsky and Heifetz and the Jewish Seder Olam. The destruction of the First Temple is dated to 460 BC which is around the time of Nebuchanezzar and Rameses II. Pharoah Akhenaten reigned from 743-726 BC. The Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt occurred in 1350 BC in the time of the13th Dynasty Pharaoh Sobekhotep IV Khaneferre. The Exile of the Lost Tribes began in 600 BC.

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