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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Garabandal Warning in 2022: Two Stars Colliding: Miracle April 13 2023?

I have on this blog written about speculations about when the world wide warning mentioned at Garabandal would occur. I have written about the possibilities for 2018 in the past. I now think it is unlikely that the Warning and Miracle will happen then. Conchita one of the visionaries has said that the warning, “will be like two stars colliding, a lot of noise, a lot of light, but they won’t fall down”. 

In recent reports scientists from Calvin College in the USA have predicted that two stars of a binary system near the Cygnus constellation will collide in Feb/March 2022 or possibly a year either side of this date. Thus this prediction could occur anytime between 2021-2023. One prominent Rabbi in Jerusalem has connected this with the messianic prophecy about the star of Jacob prophecy in the Torah. However originally the scientists thought this event could happen sometime between 2018-2020 but have since updated their prediction of the stellar event to a year either side of early 2022. It is interesting that Conchita spoke about two stars colliding and producing a great light many years before this discovery of the scientists.

I find it interesting that these stars are on the wing of the Celestial Swan and thus allude to both the concept of the wings of the Shekhinah and Revelations 12 where the woman on the wings of the great bird (eagle) is taken into the wilderness for 3 and a half years. Did the Celestial line up of the Woman with the twelve Stars giving birth on September 23 2017 begin the seven years of Jacob's Trouble and does the warning come in the midst of this with a "star of Jacob" event?  If so then this collision could occur around Feb/March in 2021 rather than 2022. Thus the Miracle could occur in 2021 or 2022. Does this mean that the prophecies of a coming Comet (mentioned in some Catholic prophecies) and the two stars colliding event are two different events or are they interconnected in some way?

Tony Kissane writes: "We know that the state of the world before the warning will be in turmoil. The Catholic Church will undergo a terrible trial. The Church will seem to disappear, it will be difficult for priests to say Mass. When asked by the children what this trial was Our Lady said “Communism”. We know that belief in the apparitions of Garabandal before the warning will fall away." Thus if this scenario is correct then the Church in Europe and the West will pass through a terrible crisis in the next few years. I think we all can see that the new politically correct marxism is rapidly taking over the West through the leftist elites controlling the organs of government and the media. Mari Loli another of the Garabandal visionaries said the Warning will come: “when Russia will unexpectedly and suddenly overrun and overwhelm a great part of the free world. God does not want this to happen so quickly. In any case the Warning will come when you will see that Holy Mass cannot be celebrated freely anymore; then it will be that the world will most need the intervention of God.”

The prophet Daniel speaks about the sacrifice being cut off in the midst of the week which would be in this scenario around March-May 2021 which will be when the Mass will go underground and be cut off in the public churches in Europe. Thus the Warning and the Miracle will occur after that. Possibly the Warning with the collision of the stars will occur in either 2022 or 2023 followed by the Miracle in March - May 2023 or 2024. In 2023 April 13th is on a Thursday so would be the most likely date for the Miracle. This is the Thursday between Easter Sunday and Divine Mercy Sunday. The Jewish Passover week in the diaspora concludes at sundown on April 13th 2023. However the Miracle occurs at 8.30 in the evening but sundown in Garabandal is at 8.58 pm on that date so in Spain Passover (week) will not conclude until after the Miracle.

Thus the Warning may occur in 2022 (5782 in the Jewish calendar) as it occurs within 12 months of the Miracle. It is interesting that when we add the number of 5782 it equals 22. It may be in 2020 that the new Pope (possibly Pius XIII) flees Rome. This may be preceded by the first coming of the Comet as a warning with the death of the two Popes on the same night. When the Pope flees Rome a false anti-Pope will be elected who will change the sacrificial nature of the Mass in 2021. Then the new Pope (Pius XIII) will die a cruel death in exile in 2021. It will not be until 2023 that a new valid Pope will be elected in the underground Church who will see the Miracle from wherever he is hiding. Some believe this Pope will be of recent Jewish ancestry or/and background. He may also take the name Francis II.

 Apparently a friend of Marie Loli said that the Warning would be in an even year and others say that Conchita said that the Miracle would be in an odd year. This would fit this scenario if the Warning came in 2022 an even year and the Miracle in 2023 an odd year. As I have said before I think the worst will begin after the deaths of our beloved Queen and the two Popes. Trump and Putin are also in their own ways holding off the total control of the marxist cultural elites over society. Efforts will be made to remove or neutralize them. Both Trump and Putin have been described as Cyrus figures. Is the US the great nation of Manasseh and Russia (with the other slavic nations) the nation and commonwealth of nations of Ephraim the birth right tribe? Great efforts are being made to remove Trump or to make sure he is only a one term President by the elites on both sides of American politics. The next American election for President will take place in November 2020. The next Russian Presidential election is on March 18 2018. On May 19 2018 Prince Harry will be married at Windsor Castle. Prince Harry is a descendant of the Tsars of Russia through his paternal grandfather Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh.

It will be interesting to see what will happen at next year's Russian Election. Will Putin win or will we see a new leader arise in Russia? Already there have been calls to boycott the Elections. Will the Russians' attack on Europe occur in March of 2020 with the Pope fleeing Rome at this time and going into exile? Before this the revolutions or civil wars would need to break out in England, France and Italy if this scenario is correct. The English King would need to be assassinated (according to the prophecy of Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser) and the rest of the royal family flee into exile at the time of the revolution in England. "On account of a terrible war Germany will wail, France will be the cause of all the woe, Germany will be terribly wounded, all will be impoverished. England shall suffer much. The King shall be killed. After desolation has reached its peak in England, peace will be restored and England will return to the Catholic faith with greater fervor than before. The Great Monarch will have the special help of God and be unconquerable."

An English version of the Peshitta translates Apocalypse 8:13 as: "And I beheld, and heard an eagle having a tail red as it were blood, flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, by reason of the other sounds of the trumpets of the three angels which are yet to sound!" Thus it seems to link 2021 with the coming of a comet (tail of blood) but also may allude to one who lives in Divine Will at the highest zenith (a certain Eagle) who will become a Cardinal (red tail) in a time of martyrdom of the priests and Pope as foretold by Our Lady in the Third Secret of Fatima. Is this Cardinal one of the four Cardinals that flee Rome over the dead bodies of the priests in the Vatican? Is he the Pope that proclaims the final three Marian dogmas?Is he the Pope who will totally approve and promote the teaching about living in the Divine Will as found in the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta?

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EYK NYC said...

The Warning in 2022? The Great Miracle on April 13, 2023? I think that's a bit far off, but then again, April 13 just happens to be the feast day of St. Hermengild who remains a potential candidate for the Martyr of the Eucharist designation. I guess all we could do is wait, although I still maintain that the "Pope of the Same Name who will flee Rome and subsequently be martyred" in the Pius X vision is none other Pope Benedict XVI AKA Josef Ratzinger who shares the same given name as Pope X AKA Giuseppe Sarto ("Joseph" in Italian).

Anonymous said...

A few more tidbits of information that may add additional insight to your dates of the Warning and Miracle. I have included a link to a youtube interview with a nun, Mother Nieves Garcia, who was connected with the apparitions that happened in Garabandal. In her interview she mentions that Concita was told by the Virgin that there would be a Synod which would take place just prior to the Warning and Miracle. Here is a link to that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V392zrQYwRQ. In addition, here is a link to an article from the National Catholic Register about the Synod to take place in 2019. http://www.ncregister.com/blog/edward-pentin/will-pan-amazonian-synod-result-in-end-to-clerical-celibacy. Thank you for your information...I think you are spot on!

CMM - Vermont

psieve2 said...

I am reading an intriguing book called "The Antichrist is Here" by Daniel Michael Giovanni. He says it is a fictionalized (to not get in trouble making names) true story. One of the protagonists sees a St. Stanislaus as the martyr for the Eucharist, having been killed sometime during the liturgy of the Eucharist. I think it is in 2018 around the time period I think the Warning is prophecied to happen (I get the warning and miracle months mixed up) by by Conchita. I can hope. I did see an image of one land seeing a red sky, but I didn't read further to see if there seemed to have been any explosion beforehand. How far away would it have to have happened from Earth to make the sky red?

Catholic Jew said...

Well the warning and the miracle haven't come in 2018 so I am for now sticking with the ideas here that the Miracle may occur on the evening of April 13 2023.

Avvertimento SecondaVenuta said...

Please visit:


During The Warning our life and our sins will be shown to us.

Info: http://thebookoftruthonline.blogspot.it/p/what-is-warning.html

God bless you.

agp6572 said...

The warning and miracle will happen the same week! If they were too far apart, people would be able to figure them out. Conxhita will announce the miracle before the warning even happens.....

Mark Silverbird said...

I had the warning in December of 1999. It lasted 27 minutes, and 19 years later, I still wait for "The Warning" to happen for the whole world. I believe that it will happen on November 1, on an even year, possibly this year. Mari Loli said that The Warning would happen on an even year, right after the Synod meets, and that is why I believe that it might be this year. The Synod takes place every year in October. I had a very vivid dream that the day of "The Warning" is November 1.

You can only imagine what it is like to experience the warning. I was shown that I was going to hell, even though I believe in Jesus, thinking that I was going to heaven. Well, I was going to hell in how I was living my life.

I can only tell everyone, "Prepare", because when it happens, if a person is not prepared, you might die if your body cannot handle the shock of what you see. In that case, a heart attack could ensue, and I believe that the person might possibly end up in hell, because that person was not prepared.

People who are prepared will come out of it, given the chance to make amends and atonement for sins committed. It is a very serious, but merciful act that God will give us as one last chance to change toward one another. Forgiveness is key, but repentance is necessary, because without repentance, forgiveness is impossible.

Confession, Mass and Sacrifice and good deeds toward one another helps, so God bless and have mercy on us all when "The Warning" occurs.

Catholic Jew said...

thanks for your comments Mark.I don't think the Warning will happen this year but in 2022 which is an even year as I mentioned in this blog post. The day I don't know but think it will be in the later part of the year from September onwards with the Miracle occurring on April 23 2023. Alot of events need to happen before then.

Fr. Kevin J. Hanlon said...

Thank you for your good and deep faith, and your apostolate in sharing it with others. My maternal Irish Catholic granndmother married my non-practicing Jewish grandfather, so I've always felt a kinship with that one-quarter of my heritage. On Thursday of this week, we heard the Gospel from St. Luke, chapter 17, where Our Lord tells us not to run here and there looking for the Kingdom, for it is already among (within) us. Yet, He also sent Our Lady as a Prophetess to Garabandal and other places, so, within reason, I do now and then google the topic, and today your site came up (the search term was "the miracle is in an even year?" and yours was in the top ten results. Keep up the good work! Let us live lives begging the grace of the Lord, asking to be His lights before men.

Catholic Jew said...

Thank you Father Hanlon- it is always wonderful to get feedback. Please keep me in your prayers.

Unknown said...

Why keep spending time and effort guessing the warning date ? Why not just do as Holy Mother expected now as when the time come, it will come as a thief ?