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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Y-dna of the 13 Tribes of Israel

The male y-dna descendants of the six sons of Jacob's wife Leah belong to R1b. The male y-dna descendants of the two sons of Joseph belong to R1a. The male y-dna of the descendants of Benjamin are Q. The descendants of Jacob's sons by Bilhah and Zilpah are of NO y-dna.

1. Reuben: R1b U152, R1b M335, R1b Z2118 and may also be found among branches of R1b P312.

2. Simeon: R1b DF27 and may also be found among other branches of R1b P312.

3. Levi: Levite clans are found among  R1b PF7562 (as well as Judah), R1b Z 2103 L277, R1b ZZ337 as well as R1b-V88. 

4. Judah: Clans of Judah are to be found among R1b Z103 Z106, R1b M73 (Zerah Judah), R1b PF7562 (as well as Levi and Benjamin), R1b Y18209 (Davidic), R1b A9063 (Davidic), R1b L21 and R1b S245/Z260 (Davidic House of Nathan). Being a male line descendant of the Tribe of Judah is not the same as being a Jew though some Jews do descend from Judah.

5. Dan: Clans of Dan are to be found among N1c2-L666, N* and P*. Many researchers of the past have confused the paternal descendants of Dan who sailed on ships with the maternal descendants of Dinah who also sailed on ships as the priestesses of Dione or Diana. The ancient Milesian Gaels were guided in their travels by these priestesses.

6. Naphtali: the clans of Naphtali are of N1a1-M46, N1b and N2 ydna.

7. Gad: the clans of Gad belong to O1 and O3.

8. Asher: the clans of Asher belong to O2 ydna.

9. Issachar: R1b DF19, R1b DF100/S2100 and may also be found among branches of R1b P312.

10. Zebulon: R1b U106/S21 (Heloni), R1b L238 (Seredi) and DF99 (Yahleeli)  and may also be found among branches of R1b P312.

11. Ephraim: R1a Z283, R1a YP4141, R1a YP1272, R1a YP1051 and may be found among other branches of R1 and R1a .

12. Benjamin: the clans of Benjamin are Q ydna,
R1b PF7562 (with Judah and Levi) and other R1b3*.

13. Manasseh: the clans of Manasseh are R1a Z93, R1a L664, R1a FGC9988  and among other branches of R1 and R1a.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I think you may definitely be up to something but here I have a couple of thoughts:
1) Shem, Ham and Japhet had the same parents and were all born in the same stable and good conditions from before the Flood. Therefore they might have had the same haplogroup, and all their descendants might have had the same range of them. More clearly they may all have had E for example. That being said, I think some of the haplogroups must have been specific to only one of the lines for example A only to Ham, J only to Shem, D only to Japhet.
2) Jacob and Esau were twins, so it is unlikely they had different haplogroups. In their case as well, their descendants might have shared the same range. Both Israel and Edom might have O for example.
Maybe I'm wrong but the Bible and other traditions seem to clearly attribute the East to Gog and Magog. Therefore haplogroups like O should more likely be the ones of Gog/Edom and Magog, rather than Israel. Maybe Israel too has O but not all of it. Let's say O1 is Israel, O2 is Edom/Gog and O3 is Magog. Or something.
Hope it helps.

Catholic Jew said...

Magog in my opinion belong to the D2 (D-L1366) y-dna haplogroup, Tubal to the D1a (D-Z27276) y-dna haplogroup and Meshech to the D1b (D-M55) y-dna haplogroup. The other sons of Japheth belong to the E haplogroup.

TheNewPossibility said...

How did you come up with this?
This is strange and interesting.
I want to hear more.

Anonymous said...

I like your thinking and I believe you are on the right track. However, when you get time read the whole chapter of Isaiah 28 about the drunkards of Ephraim. In my opinion this description of Ephraim does not describe the tribes of Judah and Levi that you have listed as R1b. The tribe of Judah is modern day Israel. They are not drunkards. Jews in Israel do not drink. There are some Jews that do but the majority of them don't drink. Check out Rabbi Yair Davidiy at Britam. He has some good info.

Catholic Jew said...

In regards to the drunkards of Ephraim I do not believe they are R1b but R1a and are mainly the Russian and other Slavic peoples who are indeed big drinkers especially of vodka.

Unknown said...

Esau and Jacob were twins!! They should have the same Y-DNA. are you kidding me?

Catholic Jew said...

In one sense we all share the y-dna of the first man but over time with mutations they pick up differences. Thus both Esau and Jacob who were fraternal not identical twins may have received mutations differently to each other and certainly their sons may received even more. Thus when for example I propose on the chart that LT is Esau and NOP is Jacob,I am proposing that the y-dna descendants of Esau have received the mutation or mutations that distinguish LT which mutation or mutations were not received by Jacob's descendants. In certain periods especially at times of cataclysm or weather extremes mutations occur more rapidly and may occur across a group rather than just to one individual of the group. Thus the male line descendants of twins can be distinguished from one another by those differing mutations.

Catholic Jew said...

I explain this a bit more in my blog post entitled "Sons of Keturah and y-dna: Abraham's Seed" on my Alternative GenHist blog.

Unknown said...

Esau and Jacob had the same Y-DNA. To say otherwise is a big speculation. Of course Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Jacob all probably had different Y-DNA variations because there's enough span of time between each of them, but Esau and Jacob were conceived at the exact same day. So how do you know if NOP is Esau's or Jacob's? You have to PRESUPPOSE that modern jews descended from Jacob instead of Esau and PRESUPPOSE that arabs must have descended from Esau instead of Jacob.

Catholic Jew said...

I have come to my understanding over time from studying the whole y-dna tree not just one piece with a study of ancient dna and history and archeology. I think it is pretty clear that F,C y-dna is from Shem and that the descendants of Mohamed belong to J1 y-dna who are Ishmaelites. In another post of mine I give other possible interpretations of the y-dna tree. I in fact do not assume that modern Jews paternally descend from Jacob as modern Jews belong to a lot of different y-dna haplogroups. see https://alternativegenhist.blogspot.com/2017/11/y-dna-and-second-temple-jewish-sects.html