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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Donning the Garments of Edom: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

The other day I was doing Eucharistic Adoration when I received an insight connected with the concept found in the Jewish mystical writings and traditions about donning or wearing the garments of Edom. There is a tradition that the skin garments donned by Adam and Eve after the fall, when they were no longer clothed in the light of the Divine Will, were from the skin of the bull unicorn which Adam and Eve sacrificed. 

These skins were taken by Noah in the Ark and eventually were donned by Nimrod which gave him great skill in hunting. They eventually came into the possession of Esau who was also known as Edom and it was these garments or skins that Jacob donned in order to deceive his father Isaac. Besides this more literal account the Zohar and other writings refer to the garments of Edom (which are also seen as the garments of Adam) with a more mystical and spiritual interpretation. Jacob Frank described his conversion and that of his followers who received baptism as those from Jacob (the Jewish people) who donned the garments of Edom (Rome).

This understanding was connected to the journey of returning to the garments of Adam. In order to return to the universal dimension of faith a Jew needed to don the garments of Edom which would then eventually be transformed into the garments of Adam. There were three different garments of Adam and Eve. The skin garments of the bull unicorn which represented reparation and sacrifice, the fig leaf garments (of the tree of knowledge) representing vulnerable nakedness and the garment of the light of the Divine Will and the return to original innocence. In order to restore all mankind back to living in the light of the Divine Will then both Jews and Gentiles must embrace baptism and the donning of the garments of spiritual Esau or Edom (the Holy Roman Catholic Church). 

The angel that Jacob wrestled with was called in this mystical tradition the Archangel of Edom or Esau. It was seen as part of the process of restoring the lost sparks of the Divine Will to its source after the breaking of the vessels.

For the last seven years I have embraced the vocation and calling of a consecrated brother or monacelli (little monk) and have donned the outward garments of a Catholic habit. One part of me has always felt conflicted as I no longer dressed like a religious Jew and my observance while still there in many respects has had to be modified and changed. 

As I sat in the Divine Presence I realised that while my vocation as both a Jew and a Catholic has led to the outward donning of the garments of Edom while in my heart I will always be Jacob and retain my Jewish identity though in a more veiled or hidden manner than other Jewish Catholics who will be called to live out their vocation in a more openly Jewish manner. I do this in order to don the garments of Adam and make reparation for all and unite (devekut) all in the life of the Divine Will. Just as the garments of Judah/Jacob have a deep interior meaning so do the garments of Edom/Adam.

At this time of salvation history there is much interior conflict and confusion for those trying to be true to their double calling as a Jew and as a Catholic but one embraces the way of sacrifice and the cross, offering for all and on behalf of all in union with the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Messiah.This is to live Torah at the level of Atzilut. Some others may have to continue to outwardly don the outward garments of Jacob while in their hearts they don secretly the garments of Edom which are the baptismal garments of grace.

In the 18th century 60,000 religious Jews decided to publicly don the garments of Edom while a much larger number retained the garments of orthodox and Hasidic Judaism while in the secret of their hearts and among fellow believers they embraced the Messiah and only mystically and interiorly embraced the garments of Edom. Those 60,000 were slandered and misunderstood and their message distorted and twisted by all sides forcing them into an ever deeper silence and hiddeness so that they became a leaven that disappeared into the larger body of Edom which was transformed in many hidden ways through the 1st and 2nd Vatican Councils and many Eucharistic, liturgical and Marian renewal movements.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Aron for your spiritually nourishing blog posts which I've just discovered! As a Torah faithful Jew who has only recently embraced the Catholic Church of our Messiah here in Israel, it is so wonderful to meet and learn of others who love our Rebbe, Tzaddik Yesod Olam, haOr Haganuz, with such depth of understanding for His Jewish and universal significance. Yasher Koach, and may you be zoche lehafitz Torato berabim!

Catholic Jew said...

Thank you for your feedback. It is always really encouraging when one gets some positive comments. Welcome to the Universal Kehilla of the Mashiach.

Craig Wallace Williams said...

Nice read...