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Sunday, April 01, 2018

The Blue Moon and the Month of flowers: Don Bosco and 2026

"These things shall inexorably come to pass, all in succession.

"Things follow too slowly upon each other, but the great Queen of Heaven is at hand; the Lord's power is Hers. Like mist She shall scatter Her enemies. She shall vest the Venerable Old Man [Pope] with all his former garments.

"There shall yet come a violent hurricane. Iniquity is at an end, sin shall cease, and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers, the rainbow of peace shall appear on the earth.

"The great Minister shall see the Bride of his King clothed in glory.

"Throughout the world a sun so bright shall shine as was never seen since the flames of the Cenacle until today, nor shall it be seen again until the end of time."Prophecy of St John Bosco in 1870.

This prophecy speaks of a future two moons in one month which is what is known as a blue moon. This year (2018) we had two blue moons in January and March with no new moon in February. The next time we have this will be in 2037. Some people have speculated that the month of flowers is in March others think that the month of flowers refers to May. I personally think May is the likely candidate for the month of flowers in Italy.

The next blue moon that occurs in May is in 2026. It would seem that this month of a blue moons is preceded by a rainbow of peace. Thus it seems to be alluding to the fact that the great hurricane or tribulation and chastisement will be completed before May 2026. However there is also a blue moon in the month of May in 2045 so it could be that date that is the time of the era of peace. The prophecy in the first part speaks of the problems of France and then the rise of the man who will become the Great Monarch and of the Venerable Old Man of Rome (Lazio) who will anoint him as the New Holy Roman Emperor. 

If the seven years of tribulation ends before May 2026 then the first year of the tribulation may be in 2019. Thus if the tribulation year starts with the Jewish festival of Rosh ha Shanah (Jewish New Year) then it may start on the 9th of September 2018. If it begins on the religious new year of Nisan 1 then it will begin on April 6 2019.

Don Bosco states that the war will begin in the south and peace will come from the north. He then moves on to discuss the fate of France and Paris and then Rome. It is after these things that the warrior Prince will arise and become allied with the Pope. The prophecy also alludes to the imprisonment of the Pope. This prophecy also alludes to the Rabbis (Chair of Moses) leading their Jewish flock into better spiritual pastures due to the tribulations occurring with the Catholic bishops (shepherds) and flocks.

"War will come from the south, peace from the north.

"The laws of France no longer recognize the Creator. The Creator will reveal Himself by visiting her three times with the scourge of His wrath. The first time He will destroy her pride by defeat, pillage, and destruction of crops, cattle, and men. On His second visit the great whore of Babylon, which the faithful grievingly call Europe's brothel, shall lose her leader and fall prey to chaos.

"Paris! Paris! Instead of fortifying yourself with the Lord's name, you surround yourself with houses of ill repute. You yourself shall destroy them; your idol, the Pantheon, will be razed to the ground, so that it may truthfully be said that 'iniquity has lied to itself.' [Ps. 26,12] Your enemies will plunge you into anguish, famine, terror, and the contempt for My law, says the Lord.

"On My third visit, you shall fall under the foreign yoke. From afar your enemies will see your palaces in flames, your home in ruins, soaked in the blood of your heroes who are no more.

"But behold, a great warrior from the north appears, a banner in his right hand, his arm bearing this inscription: 'Irresistible is the hand of the Lord.' At that moment the Venerable Old Man of Rome went forward to meet him, wielding a flaming torch. The banner then grew larger and its blackness became white as snow; in its center stood out the name of the Almighty in golden letters.

"The warrior and his followers bowed profoundly to the Venerable Old Man and joined hands with him.

"Now the voice of Heaven is addressed to the Shepherd of Shepherds.  You are in solemn conference with your co-workers but the enemy of good never stands idle. He cunningly plots and sets all his wiles against you. He will sow discord among your helpers and will rear enemies among My sons. The powers of the world shall vomit fire. They would love to smother My words in the throats of the guardians of My law, but they shall not succeed. They shall do much harm, but only to themselves. Hurry! If knots cannot be untied, sever them. Do not halt in the face of difficulties, but go forth until the hydra of error has been beheaded. At this blow earth and hell shall tremble, but he world will be saved and the faithful shall exult. Gather around you only two co-workers, yet wherever you go, carry on the task entrusted to you and bring it to completion. Days go by swiftly and your years are reaching their appointed number, but the great Queen shall always assist you, and, as in the past, She shall always be magnum et singulare in Ecclesia praesidium [the powerful, prodigious defense of the Church].

"But you, O Italy, land of blessings, who has plunged you into desolation? Not your enemies, but your own friends. Do you not hear your children begging for the bread of faith, unable to find one to break it for them? What shall I do? I shall strike the shepherds and scatter the sheep so that those who sit upon the chair of Moses may seek better pastures and their flock may gently listen and be fed. 

"But My hand shall be heavy upon both flock and shepherds. Famine, plague, and war shall cause mothers to mourn the blood of their sons and husbands shed on foreign soil. 

"What shall befall you, ungrateful, effeminate, proud Rome? You have reached a point when you seek and admire nought in your sovereign but luxury, forgetting that both your glory and his lies on Golgotha. Now he is old, frail, defenseless, and dispossessed. Nevertheless, though captive, his words cause the whole world to tremble.

"O Rome! Four times shall I come to you! The first time I shall smite your regions and its people. The second time I shall bring slaughter and destruction to your very gates. Should not that make you open your eyes? A third time shall I come, and I will demolish your defenses and defenders. At My Father's command, terror, dismay, and desolation will reign.

"My wise followers flee, but My law is still trod underfoot. Therefore, I shall come a fourth time. Woe to you if My law again shall go unheeded. There shall be defections among both learned and ignorant. Your blood and that of your children shall wipe out your transgressions. 

"War, plague, and famine are the scourges to smite human pride and malice. Where are your magnificent villas and palaces, you people of wealth? They have become the litter of squares and streets!

"And you priests, why are you not prostrate between the vestibule and the altar, weeping and praying that the scourge may cease? Why do you not take up the shield of faith and preach My Word from the rooftops, in the houses, streets, and squares, and even in inaccessible places? Do you not know that this is the terrible two-edged sword which smites My enemies and placates the wrath of God and man?"

Does this prophecy allude to the three wars that will hit France and Italy? The first one referring to World War One and the second to World War Two and the third to World War Three in which France is invaded by the Muslims. It would seem the visitations of Rome also refer to the Three World Wars but Rome has a fourth visitation. The third occurs in the first part of the tribulation period and the fourth in the second period of the tribulation.

It is only after the destruction of Paris by fire in the third visitation  that the Great Monarch will take leadership. It is interesting that Don Bosco refers to the Pope as having a flaming torch. The Jewish term for a Pope is Apifyor which is connected to the concept of one who leads with a flaming torch.

In another prophecy of St John Don Bosco he speaks of great geological changes so that Australia becomes an archipelago of islands. In this vision the Angel of Australia is getting the people to go south. Bosco felt the events of this prophecy could occur about 150-200 years after the vision. While Don Bosco spoke of this dream/vision in 1885 it is not known exactly when he received it but most likely before 1876 but after 1870. Thus these prophesied events could begin any time between 2020 and 2085. Events in Africa and Asia are also part of this same vision or dream. The visions seem to say that the Salesian order will withdraw from Australia and if they remain true to Our Lady, Help of Christians they will return at a future date to evangelise Australia again. Our Lady Help of Christians is the Patroness of Australia. It will be after this time when Australia may become truly that Great South Land of the Holy Spirit possibly 420 years after its proclamation by Pedro Fernandez de Quiros in May1606 when we have the blue moon in the month of flowers in 2026.

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EYK NYC said...

I don't know about the 3rd World War. The Blessed Mother allegedly said in Garabandal that there won't be one, from what I recall reading.....

Catholic Jew said...

This third World conflict is different to WW1 and WW2. In fact Pope Francis has a a few occasions suggested we are already in a Third World War. Some have suggested that this war will last 20 years or more but would have a peak 4 year period. This third World War may have begun with the Death of Pope John Paul II in 2005. It increased in intensity with the abdication of Benedict XVI and the rise of ISIS.