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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in Jerusalem in 2002

In 2002  I sent a series of emails to the Association of Hebrew Catholics when I was in Israel doing Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration at the 4th station of the Cross at the Armenian Catholic Church. They were published in one of the Hebrew Catholic magazines that year. Unfortunately there are powerful forces for evil in the Catholic Church who set out to destroy this mission of Perpetual Adoration and we were forced to cease our Adoration under manipulation and deception which was revealed to us after I wrote these emails and I never wrote to the AHC what we discovered.

First Email.
I have arrived safely in Jerusalem. Everyone has been lovely so far but I lost one suitcase on the way. We are starting Perpetual Adoration here on August 15. Please pray for us...

[In a strange way losing the suitcase was a relief as it was my first time in Israel and I had to find my way to the Damascus Gate and then try and find the Armenian monastery and Church. I was wondering how I could lug my old fashioned suitcase and another bag. Instead I just had my carry bag which took some of the pressure off. When I finally found the place the front gate was locked and no one answered my knocking so I had to sit at the Arab pizza shop opposite for a couple of hours until someone came out. It was all a bit overwhelming at first and I was happy to finally get settled into my room and to meet my fellow adorers - one was an older American from New Jersey who was to be ordained as a deacon and then priest in Rome before we left the Holy Land and he traveled with me to Perth and later went to Central America and became a chaplain at a Catholic University, one a younger American from Texas who had been a male fashion model and an Argentinian teacher who was also to become a deacon and priest at this time when we were in Israel and he went to South America where he has been able to open numerous chapels of Perpetual Adoration. We were joined when adoration began on August 15 by a Nigerian nun who did six hours a day with us. I ran into the nun again in 2008 when I was living in Jerusalem (in Nachlaot) and she was going to Bethlehem where some nuns had begun to do Adoration at the Milk Cave Grotto.]

Second Email 

I went to the Hebrew Mass today and it was celebrated by a Hebrew Catholic Jesuit priest. It was a lovely experience. We also had Vespers. This morning we also visited the Sisters of Sion and then met another one at the Hebrew Mass. Not far away from the Mass someone blew themselves up. We are living in the Old City so it is a strange experience. It is stinking hot at the moment here.

[In regards to this bombing I had been told by a friend to go and eat at a certain felafel or kebab shop. I was about to do so when I decided I would go to the Mass first. While I was at Mass someone walked into the shop and blew themselves up and a man came rushing in at the end of Mass to tell us what happened. At this time there were bombings in Jerusalem every few days however when the PEA began on August 15 there were no more bombings for the next four months in the whole of Israel. Even the media was commenting on how unusual it was. Even some Lutherans we met at the Ulpan told us to keep doing the Adoration as they thought it must have something to do with it.]

Third Email
Thanks everyone for your best wishes. I live in the Moslem quarter of the Old City at the Armenian Catholic Church on the Via Dolorosa between the third and fourth stations of the Cross. The Egyptian and Ethiopian monks had a big fight the other day at the Holy Sepulchre and 11 of them were taken off to hospital. [The fight was] all over a monk moving his chair out of the sun into the shade. I am off to the English Mass tonight at the Holy Sepulchre in the Chapel of the Sorrowful Mother so I will lift you all up in the Mass. 

[When I had arrived I had been quickly stamped and had no problems (except my missing suitcase) even though I had arrived via Amman in Jordan. The immigration lady had asked me one friendly question and that was it. When we later went to Immigration to get a year visa through the Latin Patriarchy, the others were in the computer but there was no record of me which surprised the Israeli immigration lady who was very nice to us. And in no time we had our visas. However when I left Israel with Father Robert we were questioned and searched in a very annoying and tedious process.]

Fourth Email
Thanks for your prayers. My suitcase did turn up after a few days so I am very happy. I just came from giving a lecture on the descent of the European Royal Families from the Babylonian Exilarchs to an all-Orthodox Jewish group, with me the lone Catholic as the guest speaker. There is some celebration todayin the Ben Yehuda Mall with heaps of people wearing Rally for Israel tee shirts. Security is everywhere.Thanks 

[Through my connections with this orthodox Jewish group I was to meet a Rabbi who employed me to teach English to Haredi Jewish youths who had been in trouble with the law. He also suggested I do the Discovery Course and then to go and study at a Jewish Yeshiva near the Kotel (Wailing Wall). This I did and did some wonderful Jewish classes taught by Haredi and Chasidic Rabbis. I also was studying Hebrew at the Milah Ulpan with one of our Adoration team. My Hebrew teacher was the wife of a Rabbi and her father was a member of the Rothschild's family.  I would also study in the Yeshiva in 2007 and in 2008 as well as do another Ulpan at Beit Am with my house mate Brian a Messianic Jew from America who had made Aliya to Israel.]

Fifth Email
I am going to start praying to Father Herman Cohen everyday. We have had all day and all night adoration here at the 3rd and 4th stations at the Armenian Catholic Church for the last month here in Jerusalem. We are doing it with 5 people so please pray for us as this city needs all the adoration and we come under intense spiritual attack. We are also doing a Divine Mercy Novena for the intention of starting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in Bethlehem. Please pray for us...

[We were regularly joined in the programme with three Protestant girls from Switzerland who lived in the Armenian apartments behind the Church. They asked us what we were doing as it was changing all the people around them, after they joined us they said their ministry to the Muslim women and children had taken off and was much more fruitful. When the public Adoration was closed down after 4 months in which all the bombs stopped in Israel they joined us for the next 4 months in private Perpetual Adoration without exposition until such pressure was put on the Bishop that we decided to offer to leave. He was sad but relieved. The Armenian parishioners were also sad to see us leave and were a great support to us at this time.]

Sixth Email 
Please pray for me and my community...as we have had shock news that the Armenian Catholic Patriarch in Lebanon has ordered the Armenian Bishop here to get rid of us and our mission of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration even though we had paid a year ahead. The Bishop is really upset as we get on very well. No reason was given,but I think we all know as Pope Paul VI said that the smoke of Satan has entered in to the very heart of the Church. However we have to move out by November 1st. So pray we can find somewhere to Adore Jesus perpetually. We are the only ones doing this in Israel and the Churches and communities here have no room for our Eucharistic Lord to be adored perpetually just as there was no room for him in Jerusalem. Of course Satan is behind this so please pray pray pray that Jesus may be adored perpetually here in Israel.The Eucharistic Lord has been rejected and we with him...

 [We also went everywhere trying to find a chapel or church in order to re-establish public Perpetual Adoration but were blocked at every turn. Our priests also tried to get permission to go into Iraq to start chapels of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration but they were refused and shortly after we had the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the devastation that was to cause leading to the present horrors in the Middle East. We later found out that the Armenian Patriarch was sent a letter from Rome claiming to come from Cardinal Sodano pressuring the Patriarch- by God's designs the leader of our group happened to be with the Patriarch in Lebanon with a French priest when the letter arrived and the Patriarch was so upset he showed it to them. The Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem denied there was a letter and the Armenian Bishop at first believed that there was no letter but later told us the Patriarch had told him that we were correct there was a letter. They seemed terrified that we knew about the letter and the Apostolic delegate (who was a master of the charming romanita) flew into a rage at the mention of the letter and he revealed his true colours to us after I had sensed the evil spirits surrounding him and interiorly bound them. At first he had pretended to be very supportive and suggesting we go and ask around about doing the Adoration somewhere else. However after he heard about us knowing about the letter he revealed he was actually the one working against us and had already warned all the other Bishops in Israel to not accept our mission. He also revealed his attack on us was because of our Bishop protector in another country. This Bishop was speaking out about Freemasons in the Church to the people and actually introducing his people to authentic spirituality. They later so persecuted the Bishop that he retired early and was then slandered by the clergy in his country. The Armenian Bishop they removed from Jerusalem. For some reason our little group of nobodies who just wanted to adore Jesus were seen as an enemy to be destroyed at all costs.]

Seventh Email
Thanks for your response to my message and thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated. We are trusting that Yeshuah will open the right door for us...I won't even try to tell you about the churches here but will just say I pray for unity and a transformation in the Spirit. It is no wonder that the statues of Mary are weeping all over the world. It seems that the Mystery of the Eucharist is not even comprehended by most Catholics. The Apostasy of the Gentiles is very great and I long for the time of the ingrafting and the Eucharistic Reign of Yeshuah. Father Elias really was a prophet in many ways. I am praying to him as well as to Herman Cohen and the Ratisbonne brothers. We are joining our sufferings here with the Popes in this very dark hour in the Church’s history which will lead to a great time of Light. We are adoring with Miriam (Bitter Sea) at the 4th station as she weeps
with Yeshuah for the Church and the World. I will offer you both up in my holy hours today for a blessing for your generosity of heart towards Our Eucharistic Lord who is so rejected and abandoned in all the locked Churches throughout the world. 

[The good news was that when I returned in 2007 there was day time Adoration in the Church and I was able to help out with the adoration. In 2008 I ran into the Apostolic Delegate in Washington DC at a conference and he was now the Nuncio of the United States. I pray for this man's soul as I knew he and his masters in Rome were Freemasons in the Church and he suddenly died while in office. It was common knowledge among the Armenian Catholics that many of the higher clergy in Jerusalem were Freemasons and many of them had stopped attending Church regularly as a result. In our time many Armenians started to come back to Church and a Armenian youth group was even started. We ended up not moving out in the November but stayed another four months as the Bishop took my hand and begged us not to go as he was so lonely there and he allowed us to continue with private adoration in the Church without exposition. He was a good pastor and a kind man. Our Lady in many Catholic apparitions and locutions has warned us about Freemasonry in the Church but it is one thing to read about it and another to experience it. Of course the number of actual Freemasons is a lot less than the useful fellow travelers that do their bidding. At this time we also studied in a Hebrew language Ulpan with a rather rich and powerful secular French Freemason who was open about it. One day he gave us a bottle of wine and when we went to drink it, it had turned bitter like vinegar and we spat it out. I wondered if God was giving us a sign that the gifts of Masons are in reality bitter wine.]

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Unknown said...

I don't know why God led me here, but for some reason I trust Him even more right now. We must center ourselves back to the Holy Face and Sacred Heart of Jesus, so often neglected in the tabernacles of our churches. Take courage and be prepared for when the smoke gets thicker, and it will, and when the wickedness of hearts are revealed. It is coming sooner than we realize. Preparation comes through even greater surrender to His Will.